It was tiny, silver and black, and his heart just about melted when he saw it. He knelt down, holding his hand out. "Hey little thing. How'd you get into the building?"

When no one claimed the cat, despite the fliers he put up around Lima, Ohio, he decided to keep her. After all, he had no one to share his apartment with.

She was a sweet little thing, curled up at his feet at night (though he was sure she got kicked a time or two for her efforts, but she never complained.)

When he sat down and watched tv, she would lay on his lap, purring so hard that her tiny body shook with the force of it.

She was his constant companion, a good friend, despite the money he spent on food and cat litter.

It was late, dark and cold, and he woke up to a sound that was once familiar. Who was wandering around his house? "Terri? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Hello William."

He didn't see it coming, but Sue Sylvester punched him in the face.