Here is my first story on Fanfiction. Be nice, be brutal. Any criticism is good criticism. Sorry if it's a little short, but I promise they will be longer.


Look, I never wanted this. If you have been put in the same situation as me, my advice is close this book now. Believe whatever lie your mom or dad told you about growing up, and try to lead a normal life. Being put in this situation is dangerous. It's scary. Most of the time it leaves you scarred for life. If you're a normal kid reading this because it's fiction, great. Read on. I envy you for being able to believe that none of this ever happened. But if you recognize yourself in these pages- if you feel something stirring inside – stop reading immediately. It will make everything worse. Don't say I didn't warn you. My name is Percy Jackson, and I just started high school.

I don't like it when people make the Prologue, chapter 1. Then make chapter 1, chapter 2. And so on and so forth. Therefore I present CHAPTER ONE.

Chapter 1- I Wear a New Orange Jacket

I've been here for a week now. I got kicked out my original high school for…well, let's just say I didn't do anything wrong. Not on purpose anyway. This new school isn't that bad. It's a boarding school in Long Island which isn't too far from Manhattan where mom lives. I kind off only have one friend right now though. Still that's one more then I had at my last school.

Grover Underwood, my roommate, may just be the best friend I've ever had. We talk about everything. He is kind of shaky and nervous, but I've never seen someone run faster to get some enchiladas. He makes me laugh and has made this transition much easier.

All I did during my first week was finish filling out paperwork and go to some orientation-type meetings. Yeah, pretty boring. Met the principal (seemed like a jerk), met most of the teachers (most seemed like jerks), and got settled into my room. It was pretty cool. About as big as the room I have at home, although now its split between my junk and Grover's. I had sea blue sheets on my bed. On my desk, I only have a few pictures. One of my mom and I, one of Montauk where we have a small summer home, and one of my dad who was lost at sea. Grover's side was a little weirder. Crumpled Taco Bell wrappers overflowed from the trash. He had no books on his desk, only numerous potted plants. Above his bed was a poster of a goat grazing in an open meadow. All of the pens and pencils on his desk were almost chewed to pieces. Hanging from the edge of his bed was a pan flute, yeah, I said pan flute. I don't get Grover, but he is never boring.

Today was my first official day of classes. Grover walked me down the hall to Classroom B103.

"You'll do fine Percy." Grover patted me on the back, trying to reassure me.

"I dunno, G-Man," I fidgeted in my new school uniform. The orange blazer did not really work for me. I ran my fingers through my hair trying to keep a cowlick down. I stared at my reflection in the school trophy case. My sea green eyes looked golden in the reflection of the numerous trophies held by this school. Archery, races, music, football, wrestling, you name it this school had a trophy for it.

"Remember what I said," Grover started. "Just don't mess with anyone who looks like they could eat you alive. And whatever you do, don't let Mr. P talk about 'his stories'."

I splashed a little water on my face at the water fountain next to the classroom; water always makes me feel better. I dabbed the water of my face using my fancy new handkerchief and jammed it in my pocket. I took one final breath and opened the door.

Scattered across the science room was the most assorted gang of kids I've ever seen. A butch girl was giving a noogie to a Hispanic boy. Two twins seemed to be slipping what looked like a stink bomb in a pretty girl's purse while she was applying makeup. An Asian kid juggling two scalpels. One was talking to another about making the campus green. There were only two seats left at the lab table in the front. Grover and I took those seats and I stared at the two students across from us.

"Hey guys, dis is my nw roomie. Perfy Jac-son." Grover mumbled as he chewed on a pencil. I could swear he was actually trying to eat it.

"It's Percy Jackson." I extended my hand. I looked at the other students. One was guy, a little taller than me, looked kind off like a surfer. He had sandy brownish-blonde hair and a scar on the left side of his face. The other was a girl. She sat there reading a book with pictures of buildings on the front. She had curly blonde hair, and oddly enough, gray eyes. She was kinda cute I guess. I expected an introduction. I was wrong.

"Grover, stop chewing on your pencil." She glanced and me before her eyes shifted back to her book.

"Hey there Percy. My name is Luke Castellan," the surfer dude started, grabbing hold of my hand and shaking it firmly. "This is Annabeth Chase." He gestured to the girl next to him. "Welcome to school, how've you been settling in?"

"Not bad." Luke seemed like someone I could get along with. "Grover's been showing me the ropes. What is going on at the school?"

Luke was about to answer when the bell wrung and a large man burst into the room.

"NOT LATE!" The large man declared just before the bell stopped. "HA!" He slammed his bags on his desk before looking at the clock. He was pretty tall and had black hair and a neatly trimmed beard. "I had to rush in. Woke up at the crack of dawn to get some quick fishing in. Oh you should have seen this beauty I landed. It was 40 pounds easy." It seemed like he would keep talking about fish until Annabeth cleared her throat rather loudly.

He had a pretty good tan, like he just stepped off the beach. His dark blue tie was covered in little goldfish designs. "Yes. Where are you? There!" His eyes wandered the room and landed on me. "Come on up here." He grabbed me by the sleeve and dragged me up to front of the room. "Everyone meet Perseus Jackson, he transferred here from another school in Manhattan." A few mumbles of greeting rolled across the room. Most students seemed preoccupied with their own business. "Any-who. I will be your Chemistry & Biology teacher, you may call me Mister Poseidon, or Mr. P as some of your classmates have seen fit to name me. It is pleasure to welcome you to your first class at Mount Olympus High School."

There it is. Chapter One. I promise to update promptly. Review for metaphorical prizes.