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CHAPTER 2: I Get Wet and In Trouble

Mount Olympus High School was pretty interesting. It's a private school in Long Island. The campus is massive, and has anything you could ever ask for. There are a bunch of buildings in a large green valley. The main campus has all of the classrooms, labs, and offices, also a huge library that I'll probably never use. East Campus has all of the students' dorm rooms. There are six buildings that house students: freshmen in the smallest, then a sophomore dorm, then a junior dorm, an honors junior dorm, a senior dorm, and an honors senior dorm. West campus has numerous houses were the professor's live. To the north is the cafeteria and gym. There is also a big field filled with greenhouses, where some students grow strawberries. To the south, there are the sports fields: a track, a football field, soccer field, archery range, baseball diamond, and a huge outdoor pool. Immediately south of the fields is the shore that leads out to the Atlantic Ocean. A school with its own private beach is pretty okay in my book.

I sat in class staring out the window. Mr. Poseidon was going on about the digestive system of octopuses, or octopi. Whatever. I have ADHD so I have a hard time focusing for a long period of time. Grover was tapping one pencil on the table while chewing on another. I noticed how Grover looked noticeably older than me. He had curly brown hair and a wispy brown beard. If I just met him, I would think he was a scrawny senior, not a freshman.

Mr. P looked up at the clock. Only two minutes left in Biology class. He straightened his tie and looked out at the class. "Before I forget, time for role call… Silena Beauregard…"

A girl with flowing blond hair raised her arm. I couldn't make out what colors her eyes were, but she was gorgeous. Way out of my league. She's the kind of girl that becomes a famous model or actress.

"Charles Beckendorf…"

The boy next to Silena rose his hand. He was huge! He was easily the tallest in the class. He had brown hair and eyes. I noticed him glancing at Silena like he wanted to talk to her.

Role call continued. Luke and Annabeth had there names called. Some bland students in the back raised there hands as they were called. Percy's name passed. The big girl who was bullying some boy was named "Clarisse". Another few names passed. I had really stopped paying attention by this point.

"Juniper… Mister Nakamura! Put that scalpel down! You're going to poke someone's eye out!"

Role ended when Grover was called. "And I hope to see all of you at the pep rally this evening." Mr. P said as he quickly shuffled out of the class just as the bell rang.

I turned to Grover. "Pep rally?"

Luke answered before Grover even had a chance. "It's pretty awesome. At the end of the week we are having a big football game against Othrys School for Superior Youths, so this afternoon there is this big rally in the gym. Cheerleaders, speeches, general peppiness."

"School for Superior Youths? Really?" I said. "Isn't that a little…arrogant?"

Annabeth responded this time. "Absolutely. They have stricter enrollment, and much more physical training. All that training and boasting, and they still can't compete with us."

"It's true." Luke picked up the conversation when Annabeth started packing up her books. "All these years, and Othrys has never once been able to defeat Olympus." I may have been me, but Luke sounded a little angry when he said that. I shrugged it off.

"So are we just like a million times better than them or what?" I asked.

"Well there was that one time." Grover finally interjected.

"Yeah. It was ten years ago." Annabeth said, throwing her bag over her shoulder. Now that she was standing, I noticed she was a little taller than me. "We call it the Titan War. A little dramatic I admit. Anyway, Othrys' teams, the Titans, somehow got way better. They beat us at almost everything, but when staff and student teamed up in the final Student-Faculty Relay Race, we took the championship. They haven't come close to us since."

We all walked out of class and continued on to our next one. That day I had Music with Mr. Apollo (I have no talent with anything musical, so I got a triangle and some cymbals), followed by gym with the muscle-bound, not to bright Mr. Ares (terrible, he just made us play dodge ball and pitted the bigger kids against the smaller, I think he wanted to see a massacre), then Geography with Mr. Hermes (from the way he talks, it's almost like he has been everywhere) then lunch (terrible, I'll get into that in a minute). Last was Art with total knock-out Mrs. Aphrodite (I really don't know what happened in the class, I couldn't take my eyes off the teacher). My last two classes, English and Algebra were canceled so we could all go to the pep rally.

As I said, lunch was a disaster, and I spent most of it soaking wet in a bathroom. So I was walking to the cafeteria with Annabeth, we had geography together. We had just gotten into the cafeteria building, but who should we run into, the "beautiful, graceful, oh-so wonderful smelling Clarisse". Clarisse had two henchmen standing right behind her. Their arms were crossed and chests puffed out, like they were trying to bigger than they really were.

"Lookie here girls. It's the new kid, Prissy. Look at him, so tiny and dainty." Clarisse said leering down at me. Her two cronies just chuckled. "Any way Prissy time for your official welcome to Olympus High." I hated to admit, but I was small compared to all four of the girls around me.

"Back off Clarisse!" Annabeth stepped in front of me. "He's not going to be another of your perpetual victims."

Right about now I was feeling pretty red in the face. Annabeth and Clarisse were verbally sparring. For some reason I didn't wanna appear weak in front of Annabeth. I figured I should man up.

"Don't worry Annabeth." I stepped around her. "I'm sure anything Clarisse can think of won't be too bad, I mean she doesn't seem like the type of person who can think that hard as it is." Her face turned red this time. I don't think it was from embarrassment. She herded me towards the girl's bathroom. I walked in first, only to come face to face with Silena Beauregard. Her face definitely turned red from embarrassment. Then my face was red from a serious slap to my face before she ran out.

Clarisse sauntered in. "I think you're in need of a good old fashioned swirly." She pointed to the toilet next to me, and began creeping forward. I had to do something, anything. I quickly tossed my bag into the air to distract her as she charged. I felt something in my gut, a pulling sensation in my body, liked I was being lifted up. I didn't know what it was, but I gave in. I pulled as hard as I could, and BOOM, water was flying all over the room. Clarisse's lackeys slipped in the water. She charged me, but I dodged and she slipped on some damp paper towels and took a header into one of the stalls.

I suddenly realized two things. One the water was coming from the ceiling. My backpack was hanging from a damaged water pipe. I must have pulled the rusted pipe open causing the spill. The second was no where near as lucky. It seems Annabeth came in at the last second to help me, only to be standing there soaking wet. She looked very angry. She didn't say anything; she just tensed up and walked away. I guess I blew that relationship before anything happened. Well, it's a big school, with plenty of girls, and Annabeth didn't seem like my type anyway.

I was kind of wiped so I decided to go back to my room. I said goodbye to Grover and headed out. The campus was deserted. Everyone must have been heading to the gym for the rally. I got back to the dorm and passed out right away.

By the time I woke up several hours had already passed. The sun was setting. The pep rally must be over. I headed over to the cafeteria to meet up with Grover for dinner.

The evening faded, and the morning came. I was sitting in Biology listening to Mr. P talk about how squids' ink impacts their environments, when the phone rang.

"Mmm-hmm. Yes sir I understand." He looked very serious. Straight at me. "Perseus Jackson, the headmaster would like to speak with you." I flinched. He used my real name. I never really liked it when my full name was used. It either meant I was meeting someone who tells me what to do, or I was in some sort of trouble. I was usually the latter.

There was a rock in my throat, or at least it felt like it. I could feel all the blood rush to my face as I gathered my stuff and started walking out. Grover patted me on the back, while in the back I heard some snickering as Clarisse hummed a funeral song.

I walked through the halls and up to the top floor. I stepped into the waiting room and saw two doors. The one in the center seemed unnecessarily large and ornate, and a smaller door sat to its left. I assumed it was for the vice-principal. In front of the door was a very attractive woman. Her brown hair tied up in a bun. She wore glasses and had a soft smile. I noticed with her fiddling with a pin on her blouse. It was a rainbow.

"Perseus Jackson?" She smiled at me.

"Yes…" I looked at the name on her desk. "…Miss Iris. I was told the head-master wanted to see me." My hands were stuffed in my pockets, fiddling with some spare change.

She held up her finger, signaling me to hold on. She picked up her phone and punch some buttons. "Hello sir, yes. Percy Jackson, here to see you. Yes sir." She hung up. "Go on in Perseus." She looked at me and smiled, but I feel she looked a little said.

I pushed open one of the large wooden doors. The office was huge. Several podiums lined the left wall, all with various sculptures and vases. A beautiful portrait of an eagle flying over New York City hung above the sculptures. The left wall was covered in numerous pictures and diplomas. The far wall mainly consisted of a large window that overlooked the campus. Staring out it was a large man. He could easily be a body builder, or pro wrestler. He turned and stared at me. He wore a dark blue pinstripe suit, the color of the evening sky. He had black hair with hints of gray that flowed down to shoulders. He had a short bushy beard. Black and gray, like a storm cloud. His face looked weathered, but very stern and proud.

His blue-gray eyes looked me up and down. He out-stretched his arm towards a chair, signaling me to sit. I followed his instructions. He pulled out his chair and sat behind his large wooden desk. He glared at me. His eyes, it was like lighting coursing through my body. I have ADHD, so the good times seem to fly by quicker, and the bad seem even longer than they normally would. I have no idea how long I was sitting there while he glared at me. It would have lasted longer until I found the courage to speak.

"Um…Mister Zeus. Can you tell me why I'm here exactly?" His eye twitched like that was not what he wanted to hear.

"Well, Mister Jackson, I think you know why you're here, but I will indulge you. Do you know what the name of our school team is?"

I wasn't sure where this was leading. "We're the Olympus Eagles, right sir?" He stilled looked a little irritated.

"And you are aware that we have a mascot, correct?"

"Yeah, the eagle, Theseus. I saw him during my orientation tour."

"Yes. Theseus is one my greatest prides. And you know full well why you are here. Every other student and faculty member was at the rally. All the other staff members were seen on one of the video cameras around the school during that time. You are the only person on campus unaccounted for. Perseus Jackson you have stolen the Olympus Eagle."

This was bad.

Thanks for reading. So I was describing Silena, when I realize she has been described three different ways. In Demigod Files, she has black hair and brown eyes. In the Last Olympian she has brown hair and blue eyes. In the Ultimate Guide, she has blonde hair blue eyes. Either this is an oversight, or she takes after her mom with her ever-changing hair and eyes. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed chapter 2. Zeus, Iris, and Clarisse how fun. Please Review. Updating soon.