Allen: Hey everyone! This profile will be about Angelo, My Other OC. This was kind of hard to figure out about his past, but I managed to pull it out in the end though. Enjoy!

Name: Angelo


Age: Around 10 years old.

Birthdate: April 7th

Gender: Male

Blood Type: AB

Eye Color: Dark-Green Emerald

Hair Color: Scarlet Red

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Unusual features: Have two "egos" (meaning, he has two personalities)

Personal Status

Martial Status: Single (but has a complicated relationship with Mimi)

Relatives: Raki (Father), Teresa (Mother, deceased), Rebecca (twin sister)

Alias: Pervert Baka (by Ichigo)

Physical Appearance

Angelo's most prominent features is his spiked in back style, crimson red hair. He has light gray, mixed with light colored eyes and has one scar that is located one his forehead, that is covered by his hair.


Angelo wears casual clothes most of the time. In special cases, he wears elegant clothing to impressed and make girls around him attractive and love struck. His does this to make Mimi to noticed him, his crush. But due to Mimi having feelings for Ichigo, this always fails.


For the most part, Angelo has two personalities. His Light side of his personality is that he's kind, caring, always willing to help others around him. His Negative side of his personality is that he's short tempered, cunning, selfish and a pervert.

Most of the time in his life, his Negative side of his personality takes hold of his Light side. This is because of what happened in his past that was involved with his mother and sister. Even though he has conflicted with his inner self, he has yet spoken word about his past, fearing that upon telling them would cause his friends to turned back on him, just like his father.

While Angelo is selfish, pervert, arrogant, and cunning most of the time. However, deep down, he is really hurt and heartbroken about what happened to his family. While tend to be nice and get rid of his old bad habits, his negative side always win his Light side over him.

However, Angelo's is currently doing his best to "rid" his perverted nature and try to bond with his friends.


Angelo had a normal and happy life with his parents and his twin sister Rebecca. However, one day when Angelo was five years old, his happy life came to an end when his father came home, high and addicted to drugs and brought another woman (possibly a hooker or a striper), revealing that he was cheating on his mother. When Angelo saw this, he went upstairs to informed his mother. However, his father came and blocked the way and started assaulting Angelo. After he was beaten, his father grabbed a knife and cut his forehead. Angelo never got it looked at, thus, giving birth of the scar that he has of his forehead. Angelo then was taken by his father to a nearby strip club and was forced to watched "disturbing" and disgusting" stuff involving between his father and his new "girlfriend". What happened or what Angelo witness is unknown, but whatever it was, had "traumatized" him and this was the incident that gave "birth" of his dark "ego". After coming home, still traumatized, Angelo's mother and his father got into a major fight. Rebecca then comforted Angelo, with little success. However, things turned for the worse when Angelo started to have an heart attack. Later, it was revealed that Angelo has cocaine in his body, due to being injected by his father while being knocked out from the assault. Angelo's mother then abandoned the argument and took him and her daughter to a nearby hospital to save her son's life. Angelo's father, who was still high and anger, went after his wife and his two kids. Angelo's father and mother engaged in car chased and it caught attention of the police. Before reaching the hospital, Angelo's father then mortally wounded his wife and the car crashed. Angelo's mother, who was still alive from the gun wound that she received, took Angelo and Rebecca and using every inch of her life, took her kids to the hospital. Before Angelo's father prepare his gun to kill his wife, he was however, arrested from the police. Angelo's mother managed to reached the hospital and managed to save Angelo's live, though upon arriving there she collapsed from the massive lost of blood and died. Even the doctors did their best efforts to save her, but it was no good. When Angelo regained his health back and awoke, Rebecca told the news about what happened to their mother. Heartbroken by his mother death and sacrifice to save his life, his brought a deep hatred towards his father. With his mother gone, and his father being arrested and possibly spending his life in prison(what sentence or punishment that his father received for his crimes is unclear, but given how he killed his wife, nearly killed Angelo, and possibly wanted the motive to kill Rebecca as well, combined with assault, child abuse and drug charges, it is likely that Angelo's father is facing, or will be facing life in prison, or facing the death penalty, currently on death row),and with Rebecca is the only family member that he has left, Angelo and Rebecca lived together in sadness and grief, but managed to get by due to them getting closer and closer with each other, from time to time. At some point, he met Chibisuke and Ichigo and it was this incident that changed the outlook of his life and was truly happy with his friends. However, just as he was enjoying his carefree life with Chibisuke and Ichigo, Rebecca then fell ill and was taken by a nearby hospital. It was later revealed that Rebecca has caught an unknown illness. The only way to cure her was to find an organ donor with the same blood type as Rebecca to save her, as her illness was damaging her organs. Angelo, upon hearing the news about her sister, was grief stricken upon his sister's fate. But, as all hope was lost, the doctors managed to find an organ donor and managed to save Rebecca. However, there was a catch. Although her life was saved, she was still weak for to move around on a regular day basis, due to the her illness had plagued her with mobility problems on her legs. Despite the news of her legs, Angelo promised Rebecca to come see her and mail her letters whenever he get the chance. With one final hug they share, Angelo went his separate ways and moved closer to his friends, Ichigo and Chibisuke. During Chibisuke absence(with the latter of being with Felicia after his mother died), It is likely that he build his new house with the help of Ichigo and was present when Chibisuke came back. He, along with his friends, has enrolled themselves in school and met Mimi, Amanda and Kim and have living in peace with his friends ever since.



Teresa is Angelo's mother. Angelo loved his mother very dearly and wanted be with her always. Teresa, likewise, loved Angelo and in fact, her love was so great, that after getting shot and injured by her husband, Raki, she used the remaining of her life to save Angelo when his was dying from the drugs that was injected from his father. Although she managed to reach the hospital, thus saving her son's life, this was her last act that she did, as she died due to massive blood loss and fatigue. Angelo was grief-stricken upon her death and sacrifice.

He missed his mother deeply and wanted to see her again.


Raki is Angelo's cold-hearted father. It is understood that Angelo loved his father before he went mad and became addicted to drugs. Now after traumatized and nearly being killed by him, and in addition of losing his mother at the hands of his father, Angelo now hates him more than anything in his life. Even though that it was the last time that Angelo saw his father on that fateful night that he lost his mother and nearly died, he still harbors hatred feelings at his father and he once said that "he deserves to die for what he did".

According to Angelo himself, should he ever meet his father again, he will kill his father make him pay for what he has done to his family.


Rebecca is Angelo's beloved twin sister. Before that fateful night, Angelo was close with his sister and love her very dearly. Rebecca, like wise, also was close with his brother and loved Angelo very much. After they became orphans, they grew closer and lived in peace, supporting each other. When Rebecca had fallen ill, Angelo visited her everyday in the hospital and when she was cured by her illness, Angelo was relived and stated that he will keep his promise of visiting her and sending her letter while he is away.

Angelo and Rebecca love each other very deeply.


Although there are somewhat little reaction between the two, but it is safe to say that they are good terms with each other despite Chibisuke's dismayed by Angelo's perverted nature. Angelo can acted very perverted and rude at times, but deep down, he does care for Chibisuke's well being, as he agrees to help Ichigo build a house for him and comforted Chibisuke when he lost his mother, Masaka. Chibisuke looks up to Angelo as an older brother also, but due to his perverted behavior, he doesn't look as an older brother as much as he does with Ichigo though. But nevertheless, he does care for Angelo's well being.

Seeing how Chibisuke's sadness kind of reminds Angelo when he was younger, when lost his mother. As such, he made a promise that he will look after Chibisuke and will protect him, showing how much he cares Chibisuke as his "younger brother".


Angelo met Ichigo around the same time when Chibisuke met Ichigo and Angelo himself. Angelo cared Ichigo at some degree, though he has a rivalry with him, mainly because that Mimi has feelings for Ichigo, his "beloved" as he called it. Ichigo is constantly annoyed by Angelo's behavior as a pervert and his selfishness. However, he does care for Angelo and look after him.

Despite many conflicts that they have in the past, it is implied that deep down, they deeply care for each other and will work together if the situation calls for it.


Angelo sees Mimi as his "beloved" as he called it, but they are in somewhat good terms with each other. Angelo tries constantly to impress and make Mimi fall for him and returned his feelings. Mimi, likewise, sees Angelo as a good friend, but clueless about Angelo's feelings.

However, it was later reveled that she don't feel the same way as Angelo and has feelings for Ichigo, much to his dismay. Despite this, the two seems to be still good friends.


Little is known about the relationship between the two. However, it has shown that Angelo are friends with Amanda and knows about her crush on Chibisuke and he sometimes teased her about hit. Like wise, Amanda sees Angelo as her friend, but she is a little, if not somewhat afraid of him, due to his perverted nature.


Angelo has a "love and hate" relationship with Kim. Angelo's perverted nature annoys Kim to no end and he enjoys it too as well. Despite this, they seem to care for each and it is hinted that Kim may have feelings for Angelo, although never show it because of Angelo's perverted behavior.

Pikachu(From Pokemon, but in his human form)

Little is known about Angelo's relationship with Pikachu. However, given by that they are getting along so far in the story, they appears in good friendly terms.

Buneary(From Pokemon, but in her human form)

Little is known about Angelo's relationship with Buneary. However given by that they are getting along so in the story, they are in good terms.

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