Jethro Gibbs woke up at the same time every morning. Usually he got straight up, worked for a while on the boat, showered, made his wife coffee and woke her up.

This morning, he decided to stay where he was.

Kate Gibbs was curled up around his body, her head resting on his chest, her body gloriously nude. She was six months pregnant now, the swell of her belly more noticeable.

And Gibbs thought she was never sexier.

"You're watching me again, aren't you?"

He looked down at her, grinning when he saw her eyes were still closed. He ran his hand down her back. "You're beautiful."

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "You know, if everyone knew how sweet you really were…"

"It'd ruin my reputation."

They kissed gently and he ran his hand down her body.

"God, it's tempting to just…"

"Behave. You have work. I need coffee. And then I'm getting a massage."

"A massage?" He got out of bed and put on his boxers. "I can give you a massage."

She chuckled. "Yeah, not that type of massage, Jethro."

He leant over and kissed her deeply. Kate moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck. She arched her body towards his.

"How much…don't stop…time do we have before you go to work…" Kate's eyes fluttered closed as Gibbs kissed her neck.

"Don't know. Don't care." He felt her fingers dip beneath his boxer shorts. "And apparently you don't either."

"Stop talking and just take me," she whispered, kissing him again. "Then you can get to work sooner."

He chuckled. "Ever the practical one. Why don't you just suggest I take you in the shower?"

"Not so easy lately with the extra cargo," she whispered, moaning as he ran his fingers up her inner thighs. "Jethro please…I need…"

"Shh," he whispered, kissing her and urging her onto her knees. "I know."

Kate felt him leave the bed. "You better be just getting rid of those boxers Jethro, or I'm going to kill you. Never mess with a pregnant woman."

Gibbs smirked and got back on the bed, his hands running down her back. "Relax, Katie. I've never let you down before."

With one deep thrust he was inside her and Kate moaned at the sensation of them finally being joined.

"God…that never stops being so good."

Gibbs bent down and pressed a kiss to the small of her back as his hands held tightly to her hips. Sometimes he wondered what they did to each other's bodies during the night – they were always so turned on by each other. One hand moved to cup her right breast, rolling the sensitive nipple between his fingers.

Kate let out a long groan of his name, pushing her body back against his. He quickened his thrusts, one hand holding her tight and the other trailing down from her breasts to flick against her clit.


"Come on, sweetheart." He kissed her back once more. "Let go."

She cried out as he rubbed her clit hard, and her body shuddered with the force of her climax. Gibbs thrust twice more before groaning her name and spilling inside her.

He held her gently, easing her back down onto the bed.

Kate lay on her back, looking up at him with a smirk. "Well. That was one heck of a wake-up call."

Gibbs chuckled and kissed her tenderly. "You better rest before your massage. I don't want you to try to go out on wobbly legs."

"You have such an ego," she muttered, rolling her eyes.

Gibbs bent down and kissed her once more. "Love you, Katie."

"Love you too." She swatted his butt. "Now go get into your shower or you'll be late."

"Yes, ma'am!"

Things had been slow at NCIS headquarters that morning, so when lunchtime came Gibbs decided to call his wife and ask her how she was – and maybe tease her just a little. But after two hours and multiple calls that went straight to voicemail, he started to get an uneasy feeling in his gut.

Luckily for him he remembered the name of the spa, and dialled it up, moving away from the team so they couldn't hear his call. "I was wondering if I could talk to Kate Gibbs, please."

"Who is calling?"

"Her husband. Jethro."

"Oh, Mr Gibbs. Mrs Gibbs didn't come in."


"She missed her appointment. I thought that maybe she got tired with the baby – although it is unlike her not to call…"

Gibbs didn't even let the woman finish talking before he snapped his phone shut. He walked back to his desk and stared at the phone for a moment. Ziva, Tony and McGee all noticed, exchanging glances as they wondered what was going on.

Then his phone rang.


"Ah, Agent Gibbs. I assume that by know you know Caitlin did not make her massage appointment."

Gibbs' hand tightened around the phone. "Ari."

It was said loud enough for the rest of the team to here. And Ziva was beside him in a second. Gibbs pushed her away. Tony indicated that McGee should start a trace.

"Very good, Gibbs. Although I would have thought you would be more surprised to hear my voice."

"Where is she?"

Ari laughed. "Surely you don't expect the game to end that easily."

"This is not a game, Ari! Tell me where she is!"

"Perhaps I shall call back when you are in a better mood."


Gibbs slammed the phone down and stared at McGee.

"Uh…nothing, boss. Only that he's in Washington."

Ziva once again moved up to Gibbs. "Ari is alive?"

"Get Ducky and Abby. We're going to talk to the Director."

"So," Ari said, his eyes running over Kate's body, "you are pregnant. How many months are you?"

Kate said nothing, but she moved her hand protectively over her belly. One of Ari's henchmen slapped her in the face andAri instantly put the gun to the man's head.

"You never hit this woman. Understand?"


"Don't make me kill you. Now leave us." When the man had gone, Ari got some ice in a cloth and handed it to Kate.

She wordlessly put it to her split lip.

"I apologise for his stupidity. It's impossible to get good help these days." Ari sat back down opposite her. "Now, aren't you going to fill me in on the happy event? I'm sure it's Gibbs'. I've seen you with him."

Kate's eyes flew up to look at Ari. He grinned at her.

"You're disgusting," she told him.

"How many months, Caitlin?"


"And you are married."

Kate said nothing again, but her eyes dropping to her wedding ring gave the obvious answer.

"You haven't asked me why I brought you here."

"I know why."

He seemed amused. "Really? Enlighten me."

"You want Gibbs."

"True." He smiled. "But it's such a pleasure to have you here as well."

Kate ignored him.

"You and Gibbs really thought that you could fool me? You should have left, Caitlin. Never come back. But then again, you couldn't help yourself, could you? Such a slave to your emotions." Ari tutted. "Now of course, you've made everything worse."

"Go to hell." Kate glared at him. "You're not going to get Gibbs. The United States Government does not…"

"…negotiate with terrorists. Yes, I know. Of course, I think Gibbs would make an exception for you. Then again, I have men watching him – I have to hope they won't get trigger happy." Ari stood up. "Hungry?"

Gibbs pushed open the door to Jenny Shepherd's office, with McGee, Ziva, Tony, Ducky and Abby following him. "You tell them. You tell them what you did to Kate and then you tell me how in hell you screwed up!"

"Agent Gibbs!"

"You tell them! Because my wife is missing and I know who has her!"

"What is he talking about?" Ducky asked the Director.

She sighed and realised that she had no choice. She stood up. "Four months ago, we realised that Ari had gone rogue and his plan was to torture Agent Gibbs. And, at that time, Agent Todd came to us and told us that she wanted us to draw Ari out. It was then that we decided to fake Agent Todd's death."

"You mean Kate's alive?" Abby said, turning to Gibbs.

He nodded.

"At the time, the intention was to keep all agents of NCIS uninformed but Agent Todd refused to do the operation unless she could tell Agent Gibbs."

Gibbs flexed his hand. "Tell them the rest."

"Why? That part has nothing to do with me."

"Tell them the rest of the story."

Jenny sighed. "We also offered Agent Todd another position, but she turned it down, saying that she had to return here to Washington and to Agent Gibbs. And that in a few months she would be unable to be in the field as she was pregnant."

Ducky turned to Gibbs. "Caitlin is pregnant?"

"Six months." Gibbs turned back to Jenny. "Tell them the rest. About Ari."


"Tell them!"

"Gibbs, at the time we thought it was perfectly acceptable that the FBI take custody of the body and…"

"Well obviously someone screwed up! Because that sick bastard has my wife!"

Jenny sighed and sat down. "We'll have to coordinate with the…"

"No. No coordination. My team will do this."

"Agent Gibbs…"

"No!" Gibbs slammed his fist on her desk. "I'm not letting this get screwed up. You promised me the last time that Kate would be fine and that Ari was gone. This time, I'm going to make sure."

Jenny took a deep breath. "Agent Gibbs…"

"How long have you known?"

"Known what?"

"Known that Ari wasn't really dead."

Jenny glanced at the group around her but said nothing.

"How long!" Gibbs paused. "You've known since Kate went undercover, haven't you?"


"You would have told us that she was okay, we didn't need to pretend she was dead…"

Ziva looked at the director incredulously. "You've known Ari was alive for six months?"

"The FBI assured me…"

"The FBI assured you that he was dead!" Gibbs took a menacing step towards Jenny. "If ANYTHING happens to Kate…"

Ducky put a hand on Gibbs' shoulder. "Jethro. We need to find her. Let's start now."