Hey fellas! I have good news… as you can see; I'm back after a long, long time. I had some technical problems with the modem but now is ok. I'm enjoying this interviewer thingy! Today's interview is about: bugs!

Repeat: I'm not the turtles' owner… DAMN YOU NICKELODEON!

Bugs, I hate bugs!

"Oh! And here's my guest: Raphael!"

R: This better be good, girl. Ya killed me on that crazy story of yers and ya had the guts to interview me?

"Easy there, Raph. I said I was sorry, besides… you're still alive! Aren't you?"

R: Hmm… touché… ok, but make this thing quick. I gotta go kick Mikey's shell.

"What happened this time?"

R: He put plastic roaches on my pillow.

"And that's bad because…?"

R: Roaches are bugs! I hate bugs!

"Oh… so you're scared of them"

R: I ain't scared! I just don't like them, that's it.

"Ok… you're scared, it's official"

R: I told ya, I ain't scared! Look, if this is why you called me then I'm outta here!

"Ok… *muttering* but you're scared of them…"

R: Keep it goin' and I'll show ya scared!"

"You know, that's your problem! You think your anger is the solution for your conflicts!

R: Whatcha mean?

"You know what I mean; everyone has at least one thing to be scared for! It's normal! You just can't hide it… you have to face it"

R: And yer point is…?

"… *sigh*… and I thought Mikey was the slow one"

R: What did ya say?

"Nothing, nothing! But, what I'm trying to say is that you have to accept your fear; I know is hard sometimes but… look at Leo! He's afraid of failure and he's not dead just because he accepted it. Now, look at me… I'm scared of butterflies and I'm not ashamed of that"

R: What? Butterflies? But… but that's ridiculous! They're just butterflies, they can't hurt you

Roaches can't either… I know they're gross, with lots of legs and with an ugly color and…

R: Whoa there! Too much info, girl!

"Ups! Now tell me, did you have a bad experience with bugs in your childhood?"

R: Not that I remember…

"Hmmm… that doesn't help so much… then, why do you say you hate them?"

R: They´re gross! With all those extra legs and extra eyes and… yuck! Now I'm grossed out!

"The feeling is the same. That's what I think about butterflies; mom tried to help with this but I just can't stand them! At least if a nasty mutated bug attacks you, you can face the problem… I can't even see a picture of a butterfly!"

R: Too bad… but like I said, I ain't scared… I…

"Don't like them… I know, I know"

R: Well… if they take me by surprise… I admit I'm a little afraid but that's it!

"Well… at least we made some progress"

R: So, we're done or ya have anotha question…

"No, no… it's ok. We're done for now"

R: Ok, now if you excuse me… I gotta go and kick some shell-fer-brains' butt

"Good luck… I guess"

*Mikey enters cheerfully running into me. I accidentally drop my notebook *

"Ouch! Hey!"

M: Ups! Hey Who! How are…you… eh… hehe… hey Raph… eh…"

R: Look who's here! Just tha turtle I wanted to see now"

M: Eh… sorry dudette! Gotta go! AHHHH! *runs for his life*

"Mmm… at least he could lift my notebook … ¬¬"

R: Here, I'll do it.

"Eh, Raph? ... seriously, you don't want to do that!"

R: C'mon! It ain't like I'm gonna break my spine because of a notebook… *looks at the notebook*… … AHHHH! … … *drops it again and runs away*

"… *sigh*… I guess I had to tell him about the tarantula picture on the cover"