It had happened awhile ago. Back before the missus had become the missus, and before there was the clear divide of sheriff and deputy. It had been after a few beers had been tossed back, a few laughs had been had. Horsing around had been involved. Some playing, before playing turned to something more primal, something more base. Lips were against his before he knew it.

Deep and rough and tainted heavily with the taste of beer, but he'd been able to pick out the taste that was uniquely the other's too. Hands had roughly grasped and fondled, torn between pushing each other away and pulling their bodies closer to drink in more of that heat, more friction. It felt like it had gone on forever and not long enough. As soon as the first needy groan was heard, the contact was ended so abruptly, it left his head spinning, his body protesting the loss of contact.

Somehow, he'd remained where he was sprawled on the ground panting, the other sitting just a little ways away from him.

"That wasn't so bad," He'd drawled out huskily, lustful little grin that was bordering on hopeful before it was met with an uneasy look and an even more uncomfortable laugh.

"Yeah..." A hesitant pause, like the agreement tasted foul on his tongue. "Don't like how the mustache chafes, if we're being honest here, Russ."

Awkward silence had passed well into the night with both of them eventually drifting off. Side by side, but no touching, plenty of distance between them.

It never happened again, never spoken of, or thought about. Everything else fell into place like it was now. He was the loyal deputy, the other was the sheriff, the missus was there now too. Sometimes he missed that night, wondered what if, but it was a fool's hope. He knew it. They'd both moved on from whatever that had been.

But sometimes.

Well, sometimes he wondered what if it happened again.

One had moved on and one had only thought he had. Some days, it was more of a bother than others. Recently, it hadn't been the biggest concern at all. He had a feeling he wouldn't be in his right mind long enough to enjoy it even if it did happen one more time.

Knew he was probably going to end up like that poor son of a bitch, Rory, sooner or later.