... .:prologue:...

In Saint Morning, the capital of the large island, things had been busy lately. More and more people were moving to the island, and the city had been forced to grow. Some didn't mind, but for some people it was a change that wasn't welcome.
In the last few years people had been changing some other things as well. People of the same class started to group together to form strong guilds that stood above the others, the so-called 'Elite Guilds'. There was the Knight guild, the Blade guild, the Ranger guild, the Jester guild, the Ringmaster guild.. Each for each of the classes. It became ones biggest goal to join one of these guilds. And each of these guilds had a leader, a strong person that sometimes was feared. Few people knew these people personally, and even fewer wanted to stay close to them.

Why, people never really thought about.

In this particular story, I want to focus on an Elementor named Nathan, the leader of the Elementor Guild. He has been the leader for a long time, and his story is one that is important in Roika. Also, I want to tell you the story of Caitlyn, a young Assist. She's a hard worker, so works hard to reach her goal, to join the Ringmaster Guild one day. She lives with some other first class people in a large mansion in Pumpkin village.