Author's Note:

I can't get over how incredible each and every one of my reviewers is. You guys are all so totally awesome and I feel like such a bitch for not updating for, what, two and a half weeks? (In reality, it's probably one one and a half weeks or something like that. But it feels like forever.)

Because this story means a lot to me in terms of the response it's gotten and the time I've invested into it, I think I owe you guys an explanation.

I'm currently in a flat in London, where my computer belongs to my grandmother and I only get about an hour on it a day. Which seems like a strange excuse, I know, but the truth is that I usually write each chapter in one sitting (I'm stupid like that) and one hour is NOT enough time to produce something of quality for you guys and I can't save anything because of the whole Grandmother's Computer issue.

So, for that, I am so, so sorry.

I get back to Australia in early January, which feels like an age away, I know. But rest assured that I will update as soon as I get back and I will continue until the story is well and truly done and dusted. For those of you who take one look at this A.N. and say, "Fuck this, I'm going to Hogwarts", I can't blame you. I myself lose interest in fics very easily if they fail to update for prolonged periods of time.

But, in the gap between now and then, we have Darren's blossoming career, episodes of Glee and all that general awesomeness to tie us down. So please, please, please do not give up on this story because I love reading all of your reviews, however short/long/spazzy/incomprehensible they are.



P.S. Is anyone else upset that Dalton isn't like infraredphaeton's Spah 'verse? Weak.

P.P.S I have written a few drabbles and stuff, but I've only put them on the kurt_blaine community on Livejournal. My author name there is propaganzaful, so check me out if you want to read crappy ficlets that I've written and posted in under an hour.

P.P.P.S Seriously, if you haven't read Spah 'verse yet, I urge you to go to infrareadphaeton on livejournal and read her stuff. She's a great writer and it's super hilarious!