World's Greatest Detective

London, 1891, 19th Century

A carriage starts to race down the streets in the dead of night; they are defiantly in a hurry. Inside there are a few police officers including an inspector and what appears to be a civilian since he is not in uniform. However, this civilian is prepared for a fight as he brandishes a revolver and checks two brass knuckles with blades on them. Despite their speed, a lone young man runs through the streets faster than them. He jumps fences, turns corners and finally leaps out of the shadows in front of a crypt. He is young but has a firm and experienced look on his face to go with his striking blue eyes and blonde spiky hair. "Brilliant landing Holmes" he said to himself as he kicked the crypt's door down and raced inside. He darts in and suddenly spots a lone guard looking around. Holmes darts behind a corner and starts to evaluate his attack pattern.

"Cocked head to the left suggests partial deafness in left ear. First point of attack: Box ear in. Second, got to be heavy drinker, punch to the liver. Third, paralyze vocal cords to stop screaming. Finally, dragging left leg, fist to patella. In summary, consciousness regained in 90 seconds, crippled, full recovery: unlikely" Holmes said as he hid himself in the darkness. The guard passes him and Holmes deploys everything he planned on him perfectly and steals his hat and lantern in the process. He darts further into the crypt and stops as he gets to the "party". He spots a satanic ritual being performed. A man in a large hooded black robe preaches as a young girl with red hair begins to seizure on a sacrificial table. Holmes checks the number of guards as he sees another hooded man appear.

However, another guard jumps Holmes and as he silently fights him off, the civilian from the carriage arrives and grabs the guard's head and mouth while Holmes holds his nose to force the man to pass out. "I like the hat" the civilian says.

"Thanks, I just picked it up" Holmes replies.

"You remember your revolver?" the civilian asks.

"Knew I forgot something" Holmes replies still holding the man's nose. "I thought I left the stove on" he said as he looked at the man to check if he passed out yet. He seemed more surprised two 19 year olds were beating him up.

"You did" the dark haired civilian said as he gives Holmes a revolver.

Holmes looks at the man as he finally passes out. "That's enough, you should know. You are a doctor after all" he said as the doctor checked himself and put the man on the ground. "Always good to have you around Watson" Holmes said as the two prepared for a fight. "Where's the inspector?" he asked but he give a sigh when he hears the inspector is lining his troops up. "That could take all day" is Holmes's answer as the duo move towards the guards.

As they near, they jump out and attack the four with their fists. Holmes quickly picked up two clubs from one of the guards and promptly beat the crap out of him. Watson pulled out his knifed brass knuckles and broke a man's jaw. As this was happening the cloaked man gave a signal to the other cloaked man and he left. The girl's seizures increased and she picked up a knife as if she had no control over her body and prepared to stab herself with it. "Karin!" Holmes yelled as he grabbed the knife and stopped her just in time.

The man then looked at Holmes "Naruto Holmes" is all he said as the two stare each other down. "And his loyal dog, Shikamaru Watson. Tell me doctor, have you enjoyed my work?" he asked Watson suggesting this attempted murder was not his first. Shikamaru brandished his trench knives and moved closer to show him how much he did "love" his work.

"Shikamaru, NO WAIT!" Holmes yells as he stops his friend just in time. "Observe" he said as he pointed out there was a sharp glass blade in the man's hand aimed right at Shikamaru.

"How'd you see that Naruto?" Shikamaru asks as Naruto destroys the glass blade. His only reply was that he was looking for it. Right away, the two turned there attention to the man and removed his hood, revealing a ghastly pale man with long black hair and snake like eyes. "Lord Orochimaru Blackwood" Watson said giving the man a name.

"You seem surprised" Orochimaru said making it clear that it wasn't unusual to see him doing something like this.

"I think Karin deserves your attention more than he does" Naruto Holmes replied as Shikamaru passed Orochimaru and hit him in the face to check on Karin. She looked as if whatever drug that she was given was finally losing its effect on her.

Suddenly, police officers entered the fray arresting everyone. "Impeccable timing Neji Lestrade" Naruto said to the inspector. "We've got one for the doctor and one for the rope" Naruto explained as Shikamaru said that Karin needed a hospital now.

Neji looked at Orochimaru "Clark Lee, get this man out of my sight" he said as Lee moved to handcuff the man. However, it was obvious that everyone feared this man as they twitched every time he moved.

"If you don't mind Constable" Orochimaru said to Lee as he led himself out of the crypt to the paddy wagon. Naruto disliked and loved that term. Being Irish in London led him to be prejudiced his whole life but he respected how the English did have a secret respect for the rumble tumble antics of his people. Why, some believed Naruto had a devilish fox within his soul. The trait had always stuck with him and he didn't really mind being the mischievous fox he was.

However the inspector turned his attention to Holmes "You were supposed to wait for my orders Naruto" he said trying to establish his authority over the world's greatest detective.

Naruto breathed in, "Well, if I had, you'd be cleaning up a corpse and chasing a rumor. Besides, your uncle hired me to find our friend Karin so that was more important to me than your orders. Why your uncle thought you needed any assistance is beyond me" Holmes replied to poke fun at Neji. Neji become inspector at this young age of 20 for his leadership, and overall skill. However, solving complex cases wasn't truly his forte and this led the Yard to hire Holmes a lot to solve said crimes. This of course led Naruto to always poke fun at his friend trying to get the emotionless ice cube to lighten up.

"Well London shall breathe a sigh of relief then" Neji said commenting that Orochimaru had killed others and it was somewhat of the talk of the town.

"Bravo Inspector" Shikamaru said for it was his turn to insult Neji.

"Have a cigar" Naruto said giving Neji one. None of them smoked but hey, you never know and cigars are like diamonds in prison if cigarettes were dollars.

"Gentlemen" the three heard as they turned and found Shiho of the press staring at them with her camera. "Cheese" she said happily as she took the picture. Naruto quickly covered his face though as fame was never his objective. But everyone knew him all over the world especially with what Shiho put in as the headline for the paper.

"World's greatest detective stops Satanic Madman"