Case Closed?

In the sewers beneath Parliament, a man walked stealthily through the corridors to Blackwood's device. He hid in the shadows and took only a small piece from the vast machine, one small yet infinitely more important piece. He then placed it into a satchel symbolized with an "M" on it. "Girl did her job I'll give her that, Sakura Adler off my list" he said.

"Can I help you officer?" came a voice from behind him, it was a police sergeant.

The man turned around, released a small derringer from his right wrist, pointed right point blank between the sergeant's eyes and promptly pulled the trigger.

The Next Day

Shikamaru Watson and Temari Morstan walked toward the crime solving duo's house on Baker Street. "Do you think Naruto's finally come to terms with having to "share" you with me?" Temari playfully asked.

Watson thought for a second, there was no telling with Holmes so he shrugged with shoulders with a smile as they entered the house. Inside, they found Hinata and Neji Lestrade and Tenten Hudson having tea together. "You look happy" Watson said to Tenten.

True, with Holmes' antics she was always a bundle of nerves. Well what young twenty year old girl wouldn't be frazzled while living with someone who sets fire to rooms and randomly shoots guns at walls while practicing the violin at three in the morning? She was in the company of her best friend and the person she had feelings for, guess that would cool any nervous women. She turned to the doctor and smiled, "He's been very quiet today" she explained.

Watson understood this, he then turned to the Lestrades, "And how's your day going?" he asked them. With Lord Orochimaru Blackwood stopped and dead just yesterday all of London was happy. However, Inspector Neji was very busy prosecuting all of Blackwood's followers, including the former Home Secretary Danzō who had tried to kill himself before his public trial. He also had a crash course in realizing his cousin beside him was secretly consorting with Holmes. This week was not a fun week for him. "Excellent!" Hinata answered for them. She then lifted her hand, "Look at the ring Naruto gave me yesterday" she said as Neji quivered into Tenten's shoulder crying quietly.

The two took a rook to see a huge diamond on her finger! Temari was entrance but Watson knew instantly what it was, it was the Maharajah's diamond that Holmes took from Sakura Adler the other day. He had heard that Adler escape before police arrives to collect Blackwood's body. Holmes told him that she was most likely hiding under Ino's flower shop waiting for the heat to die down.

Still a feeling passed through everyone who had helped Holmes on this case, peace. From the moment they began this, ideas of Lucifer, devils, and magic filled their minds. Now that Holmes debunked everything, they finally had a moment to let all those bad feelings disappear. Watson explained to the others about Holmes allowing Watson to be "shared" to their laughter. It was a feeling that they hadn't felt in a while.

Tenten leaned back into her chair and sighed happily, "It is quiet" she smiled. "…Too quiet" she realized. Everyone seemed to grasp this as well and they decided to go up and see what Holmes was doing.

Temari and Watson were in the lead, "We doesn't like sharing" she said to further their suspicions.

As they entered Holmes' room they saw a sight that startled them, Holmes had hung himself! Temari instantly blamed herself for "taking Watson" and demanded that Hinata not enter so she wouldn't see this.

Watson, however, remained calm. "Don't worry, suicide is not in his repertoire" he explained. "HOLMES!" he yelled.

With this, Holmes promptly woke up, "Oh, hi guys" he said as all entered. Before anyone could ask he explained "Just trying to deduce the manner in which Blackwood escaped his hanging execution. Restoring your good name Watson, as it were". "But then my back felt real good so a just well asleep" he further explained. "Can I come down though, I'm loosing feeling in my legs, they're falling asleep and dreaming" he asked.

"Should we let him down?" Tenten asked Neji.

Neji thought for a second, "No, I'd hate to cut him off midstream" he answered gesturing for Holmes to continue.

Holmes was slightly disappointed, but he continued. "Cleverly hidden in the hangman's knot was a hook, fastened to a harness hidden on Blackwood's back. Thus the hooks were attached allowing Blackwood's weight to be distributed to the waist thus leaving the neck intact" Holmes deduced. Suddenly, he stopped, "Oh, my cheeks are falling asleep now, can we continue this on ground level please?" he begged.

Watson got up, "How did you manage it?" he puzzled.

Holmes opened his shirt, "I managed it with suspenders, belts, and a coat hanger" he explained. "Look my tongue is going, I'm going to be no use to you soon, ground me please" Holmes continued to beg.

Watson got the Bambie eyes from Hinata so he took out one of his knives and prepared to cut him down. "None of this explains the lack of pulse though" Watson explained.

"Ah yes, the medical mystery, we must restore your good name" Holmes said as he came down. He fixed himself up and began "There is a toxin refined from nectar of the rhododendron ponticum" Holmes began flashing back to the hydrated rhododendron found in Reordan's lab. "It's quite infamous in the region of Turkey bordering the Black Sea for its ability to induce an apparently mortal paralysis" he deduced. "One perfect enough to fool a medical mind as well trained as your own. It's more commonly known there as…" Holmes almost named until Temari interrupted him.

"What's wrong with AJ?" she asked pointing to the seemingly dead three year old on the floor.

Holmes continued "Mad Honey Disease". "AJ is just demonstrating the effects I just explained" he announced to everyone's shock. "Looks like we'll have to check for the neck being broken now after hangings" he ended ignoring the horrified looks.

Watson calmed them, "Oh don't worry, this is nothing compared to what Holmes has done to him before" he chuckled as the boy started waking up.

Almost instantly Clark Lee came running in. "Mr. Holmes, Lord Lestrade asked if you can come with me at once" he announced. Neji asked him what was wrong, "The sergeant that went missing when Holmes stopped Blackwood has just turned up…dead" he explained. "He was the first man on the scene to retrieve Blackwood's device" he further explained. "Sewage worker found him this morning, shot in the head" he ended.

Everyone turned to Holmes as the saw him become uncharacteristically serious. "Was it a small caliber bullet?" he asked. Lee agreed. "Powder burn on the eyebrows indicating point blank range?" he further asked to receive a yes. He got up and looked out the window even more serious.

Watson tried to figure something out, "Where is Blackwood's device now?" he asked.

"Secret Service has it now" Neji said with Lee's agreement. All were turned to the crime solving duo for an answer.

Lee was unsure of his next statement, "They have taken over that case since you closed it" he said. True, Holmes defeated Blackwood, but the criminal ring that he led was still active.

Holmes slightly turned, "I'd wager there's a piece missing though" he rebuked.

Neji and Lee, along with everyone were now certainly confused. "What's going on?" Hinata asked

"Moriarty…Professor Moriarty" Holmes announced sternly and then corrected himself. Neji and Lee wrote that down.

Watson looked puzzled, "Moriarty was never after the cyanide gas to begin with" he realized. "He was after a piece of the machine all along!" he shockingly revealed. "Then what was Sakura after?" he question.

Holmes cursed himself to everyone's shock, "There's nothing more elusive than an obvious fact" he said. "The wire-free invention was the game all along, Sakura was just the diversion" he explained. "He knew she'd make the mistake and he knew I would chase after her thereby leaving the machine accessible". "A technology what that kind would be worth an untold fortune" he elaborated. "Imagine being able to control any device simply by sending a command via radio waves" he stated.

Everyone was in shock at the caliber of this new villain. Neji and Lee stopped writing and were just listening now. There was no way they could combat him themselves.

Watson thought aloud, "Being able to turn on a machine without being right there next to it…it's amazing".

"No…it's the future" Holmes corrected. He turned to see that everyone was leaning in for more. They were enthralled with this case already and it just begun.

"The game's afoot. Case Opened" Holmes announced as he grabbed his coat.


In Tsunade's hospital, one cell belonged to Sasuke, Holmes friend who went insane. He sat on his bed in his straightjacket as the door opened. It was a man whose face was covered in the shadows. "Nice coat" said Sasuke as he prepared to jump him to escape.

"I wouldn't even try that" said the man as a derringer came out of both his sleeves. Sasuke did just that as he saw the guards behind him were dead. Two were still alive, but they were dragging the dead ones away. It was obvious that this man paid them off. The man sat down still covered in the shadows, "How would you like to leave here? Leave here and do whatever you want…as long as you made enough noise for Naruto Holmes to come after you?" he asked.

Sasuke thought for a second, obviously this man was going to use him. But what the hell, freedom is freedom. "Sure, as long as you don't tell me what to do" he answered. He had displeasure about authority and someone telling him what to do was not something he liked. He would rather to continued to rot in that cell than be someone's little grunt.

"Splendid" the man said as he undid Sasuke's straightjacket. He still had his guns out reminding him not to try anything.

Sasuke prepared to leave but he stopped and looked at the man who was leaving the room. "Who are you? Incase I you need some assistance?" he asked. He knew this guy was a pro, someone who could help him combat Naruto Holmes. He could tell that this guy was just as cunning as his old friend, something he was not.

"Moriarty" the man said as he turned. He said as he stepped into the light revealing his face. He had snow white hair yet he was only a few years older than Sasuke. "Professor Kabuto Moriarty" he said as he fixed his glasses up.

The End