Broken Pieces

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This is my very first fic so please go easy on me if you guys like then let me know R&R this story came to me to a few hours ago and I thought I would be brave and share IF you guys like There is so much in store and it touches on a few topics such as abuse against women and some action and alot of comedy. Terry and Max are my fav pair and I will update often Thanks Hope You Guys Enjoy- LibraDiva83

Hiding The Hurt

It was just another night for Max, who was watching some late night T.V in bed under the covers. It was past 2 am and she was hoping Terry would come by, just so she could see his face before she went to sleep. It was ten minutes into I Love Lucy, one of her favorite shows and she told herself she would not do it again, not tonight sit in bed hoping to see the guy she was head over heels in love with who was also her very best friend in the world. It had to end and it had to end tonight, he would never love her back that way and it was only take the heartache to newer heights at night. The pain was becoming more and more unbearable with each passing night. Ever since high school it was becoming too much, they had just started their last year of college a few months ago and each night was worst than the last. Even thought she never told Terry any of this to even take the chance that he wouldn't feel the same way about her wasn't worth taking to Max. Having enough of her girly feelings going through her head Max jumped up and headed to her bathroom towards the left of her room, which was a nice change from the family's old small two bedroom one bath apartment she shared with her sister. Their parents died right after Max graduated from Hamilton High in a car accident. And Max's sister Melanie moved Metropolis to live with there Aunt Gloria and go to college. Aunt Gloria was one of the richest and most famous celebrity wedding planners in the worlds, she was also crazy about Max and Melanie helping the girls with whatever was needed.

Max put her hello kitty pj's on the bathtub bench and washed her face with her grapefruit face cleanser while Max was in the bathroom she had no idea that Terry had just came in from pro troll through her window. Terry knew she was in the bathroom using her citrus body wash in the shower after having washed her face with her grapefruit cleanser, he loved when she did that it was the best thing for him to smell after running the gritty streets of Gotham. Terry sat on the end of her bed and tried to think of a good excuse for coming by, he didn't have any injury's tonight he thought for a moment he could tell her the truth he wanted to see the face of the woman he was in love with so the past few years. But he wasn't sure how she would react to that, as he stared at the pictures of them on her nightstand to the right they took it in the park under their favorite tree because they met under that tree when they were 5 year's old. Thinking back on the memory like it was yesterday it was there anniversary for being best friends that day for 16 years almost longer than most marriages and Mr. Wayne had given Terry the day off so Terry and Max decided to celebrate by going to their favorite tree. Sitting under their tree Max says

"Okay McGinnis tell me again how Mr. Wayne gave you the day off when you were due to work in a hour"

" He asked me if I had any plans for today and I said kinda it's me and Max's anniversary today, and he said I didn't know the two of you were seeing each other it's about time you two stop dancing around this topic. And I said no, our friendship anniversary we known each other for 16 years today we always go to our tree in Gotham Stare Park. Then he said take the day off and go be with Max it's quite out but leave your phone on in case and here I am"

"Wow McGinnis the old man's got a soft side who knew, so I guess I got you all to myself McGinnis what a lucky girl I am" Max says as she elbows Terry in the stomach, Terry makes a face and says

"I got the time if you got the food, hey where's the food Maxie I gave you the creds don't tell me you pocked it.

"No I didn't even though I could have being as you owe me some creds from two weeks ago when I had to buy us both lunch cause you left your creds at home and if you give me a minute you would see the food is in my bag"

"Slag it Max, I said I would pay you back the creds would you lightin up your gonna ruin my surprise"

"Why did you have me go get the food by myself anyway, and what surprise"

"This surprise you remember when we saw those cool promise rings in the window of that store and you said you wish you could get one but you had no one to get a promise from, well I promise to always be there for you Max" Terry then hands Max a little royal blue box and tells her to open it. Max takes the box and opens it and sees two sliver band rings. Terry then takes them out of the box and says "This one is for you look inside" Max then looks inside the thin ring and it says "Always Your Terry" and then Terry shows Max his ring and she reads "Always My Max" Terry then says I promise we will always have each other no matter what" and Terry slides the ring on Max's right hand and Max says "Terry this is amazing I promise to never take it off" Max then puts Terry ring on his right hand and says "you can only take it off when you are on protroll" Terry says agree and they hug Max says
"say cheese and bleed" and grabs her camera then Terry grabs and holds her and Max snaps a few pictures of them. Then Terry grabs the camera and takes one of them flashing their rings to the camera, and one of him kissing her check and Max's hand on his chest with a smile. Which are the two photos of them on Max's nightstand. Just then Terry is pulled out of his flashback and back to the present by Max's voice

"hey when you come in you need a medkit, I'll go and get it out of the bathroom"

"no Max, I'm fine I just wanted to check on you"

"really no injury tonight, must be a slow night"

"yeah, a real slow night but I got no complaints I get to hang with my Max so what are we doing tonight"

"sleeping I'm bone tried McGinnis, we got classes in the morning"

"geez, your such a dreg Gibson don't you know that today was Friday no classes tomorrow"

"oh, wow Terry your so right Max says as she looks at her alarm clock with the date as well as the time I still gotta study tomorrow" Terry looks at her and says oh well I guess you won't be needing these then showing her her favorite cheddar popcorn and chocolate covered raisin snacks and bag of bottled sweet tea.

"okay McGinnis, now your playin hardball I'll get the movies and we'll eat and pass out like we always do"

"That's what I'm talkin about Maxie let's do this" Terry says as he takes off the suit and stuffs it in his backpack Max walks over to her nightstand bottom draw and pulls out his shorts and Ben 10 t-shirt she got him as a joke he keeps at her place with the other clothes in his draw and tosses them at him. Terry puts them on and gets in the bed and Max's puts on a movie in the DVD player. Terry says "whats on for tonight" Max says "It's classics night Sex and the City of course" Terry jumps up and lays back in the bed and says "okay fine we can go to sleep there's no need to play dirty" Max laughs and falls back on the bed "that's what I thought Terry I can play hardball too" Max then cuts the T.V off and gets in the bed. While next to her in the bed Terry says "Max, you know I would watch whatever you wanted to you know that don't you" Max laying on her right side looks at the pictures on the nightstand of them and takes a deep sigh and says " I know Terry, I know" Inside she was screaming she wished she had the guts to tell him she wanted to stay up with him and watch movies, but if she did she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold out any longer and her feeling would tell on her. It was best to go to sleep and pretend not to be aware that the love of her heart was in the same room let alone laying next to her. She cried herself to sleep as she did every time he stayed over. She was used to it by now, but somehow the pain always seem somewhat fresher than the night before and the tears more like a sink drain just flowing until she was dry. But every night she always knew love just hurts and there is no change in that even with the dark knight.