This fic is based on a thought I had when reading CC, during the scene where Connie is talking with the trustee's about why Kullervo set the chimera on her. Here's that quote to refresh your memories before I start the actual fic, so you know what I'm going on about.

"'But that would mean he's finally given up on turning me to his side,' said Connie. 'Which would mean-'

'Which would mean he found another universal. He not need you,' concluded Mr Chan.

'Revenge now on his mind,' said Jade in a silky voice.

The prospect of Kullervo finding another universal filled all of them with dread. The shadow chamber became obscured by a cold, damp fog as Connie could not contain her bewilderment at the new thought that Kullervo would now stop at nothing to eliminate her. The worst was not the fear for her life but his rejection of her: though she should not want him, he was still her companion. And if they did not find the other universal first, who knew what Kullervo would persuade him or her to do?"

(The Chimera's Curse, page 127-128)

What if Kullervo had found a new universal?