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Chapter Nine

The water trickled through her thick curls, getting rid of the stickiness which seemed to have come from nowhere. Asha vaguely wondered whether it was chocolate sauce, and then asked herself if she'd eaten any chocolate sauce. And then asked herself when she'd got into the shower. And why she was fully clothed.

Images flickered behind her closed eyes as she lay curled in a ball on the bathroom floor, soaked-

Asha blinked, staring around the tiled walls of the shower. That was weird. For a moment she'd thought she was somewhere el-

She was lying in a puddle of water and something else. Slowly she raised her head to look up the mirror-

Asha opened her eyes with a jerk. It had happened again. What was going on? She was just having a normal shower-

The men had laughed when the saw that she had the knife. They'd taunted her, egging her on, daring her to do it. They'd stopped laughing after a while. She'd shown them. She'd-

Asha stared around, her face ashen. Something weird was going on, something...why couldn't she remember? How had she got into the shower? She'd been walking home from school...

Their screams filled her with exhilaration. The blood had been so beautiful, a deep crimson, running down their chests-

She sank down to the floor of the shower, her eyes frantic. Nonono! What was she remembering? Why was she remembering this? Surely it was just a dream? A nightmare?

As she twisted the knife they had screamed-


She could hear someone crying out, screaming, and she wasn't sure if it was real or happening in her own head-

She slowly got up from the wet bathroom floor, which wasn't her bathroom floor at all. It was a hall of smashed mirrors...

And she finally realised that the sticky substance that covered most of her body and clothes was a deep red-

As she walked up to the mirror with her hand outstretched and the girl smiled and raised her own hand to meet her-


She could hear her mother's voice outside of the door.

She reached out, her fingers centimetres away from the crack-

The bathroom window shattered and darkness poured inside-

Her fingers met the cool glass of the mirror and for a moment the she and the girl seemed to almost touch-

The screams intensified and she finally realised that the person screaming was her.

The glass of the mirror shivered slightly, and suddenly shattered-


The dark waved that flowed from the space where the glass had been knocked Asha off of her feet. She screamed, going under the dark substance, and was unable to resurface. The girl in the mirror stepped out, tentatively at first, but her confidence grew with every step. She reached out a hand and pulled Asha to the surface, tilting her chin up.

"You really didn't have a clue, did you?" she said, her dark eyes gleaming, and Asha suddenly realised why she was so familiar.



Asha's reflection laughed and suddenly moved forwards. Her arms reached out and wrapped around Asha. Asha had one last moment of consciousness before the girl merged into her.

The girl with a darker, more beautiful version of Asha McBrides face, stood, with the darkness flowing around her, and laughed.

"Let's go companion." She said softly, her eyes glittering. "We have lots of work to do."