Hi there, everyone. I know I have severely neglected this category, but I wanted to finished off my other fics before I started, as I don't want to be juggling more than two regular fics at once, especially as I'm now entering my final year of school and will have to face the dreaded A-Level. DUN DUN DAAAAAH! Plus, I need to do loads of work to catch up next year, as I didn't get the grades I needed this year. In fact, I got a B in English. I actually got a C in the exam. A C. Yup. In the ONE subject I definitely need to get an A in, in order to go to the Universities I want. AGH! Luckily, I got full marks in the coursework, so it's not a low B (like I have in Drama :S). In fact, there may be a chance my grades will go up due to remarks and stuff, as my teacher thinks there must have been a mistake (I really, really hope there's been a mistake...) but in any case, I really have to pull my socks up. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I will be continuing this fic, and 'Insert An Interesting Title here' (which I do want to call 'Eyes Of The Elves', thanks to a wonderful suggestion by Auburn Waves :D), later this year, once I've polished off my fics 'High Tides' and 'I Am Number Five'. I'm not sure how long this will take, but be warned, continuation will hopefully happen! Also, I'll be re-writing some chapters of 'Forests of the Fey', and I'll be jiggling around some chapters of this fic too. You have been warned. :P

Much love, and thank all so much for every single review, because they all mean so much to me.