Of Hunters and Agents

By Night Flame Miko

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When Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo woke up, it was not as immediately obvious as it would be for most people. His position didn't change, his eyes remained closed and his breathing was still regular. This was largely in part because Tony was aware that waking up with your back to a wall, held upright by your hands cuffed over your head was not his usual way of returning to consciousness. Granted, it wasn't that unusual either, but he was fairly certain he hadn't been to any parties lately.

Cautiously opening his eyes when there was no sound of movement nearby, Tony glanced around the bare concrete room only to be pulled up short at the sight of his boss hanging in a similar position a few feet to Tony's left, and on the opposite wall another guy was obviously still out cold. There was something familiar about him, but at that moment Tony had more pressing things to worry about then his fellow prisoner.

"Dinozzo. Report."

Starting, Tony looked back at his boss only to be greeted by hard eyes and a stern frown. Gulping and wondering how long Gibbs had been awake and watching him scan the room Tony's mouth kicked in automatically whilst his brain caught up.

"Judging by our circumstances I believe we've been kidnapped by the copycat serial killer we've been trying to put away, Boss. From what we know, the killer nabs people who are physically fit and more often than not they have some form of defensive training; he then gives his victims roughly 7 hours to escape from an elaborate survival course he has set up somewhere underground." Tony paused a moment, thinking about what was known on the killer before continuing,

"If the victim doesn't manage to escape then their body is found sometime the next day, usually asphyxiated, but it is not unknown for them to have been stabbed. The killer lets his victims keep whatever they have on them, unless it's a gun, and they also have use of their mobiles although the signal is scrambled so it can't be tracked. The same for any GPS locators."

Tony briefly let his eyes drift around the room, noting the continued unconsciousness of the guy across from them as well as the location of a closed door along one wall. Presumably they were expected to begin through there.

"At some point the signal will cut off, this is apparently done so as to lower the victims morale and cause distress in any family the victim may have contacted during that time. There is no set limit for how long the signal will last, there have been varying reports ranging from 30 minutes up to 4 hours. Usually strangers are chosen and it can be 3-4 victims picked at any one time...it's actually all pretty Saw-ish though hopefully we'll come out of it better than..."

Seeing Gibbs' look, Tony trailed off and gave a slightly nervous chuckle, "I'll just shut up now."

Gibbs didn't acknowledge that, instead scanning the room himself before he focussed on the guy opposite them. His eyes narrowed for a moment as he took in who exactly shared their underground prison with them.

"Looks like things just got worse Dinozzo."

Tony blinked, having been briefly distracted with tugging at the cuffs, he had tried looking up at them but the angle was awkward and he had nothing to even attempt at pick-locking it.

"What is it Boss?" Looking over at Gibbs, he followed his line of sight to the guy hanging opposite them.

"It seems we've been trapped with Dean Winchester."

Tony paused, tried to run that sentence through his head again, but got the same answer. Suddenly his vague familiarity with the guy got a lot more sinister.

"Wait, wait...what? As in...but I thought he was dead?"

All government personnel were required to know the bio's of those who made it into the FBI's 'Top Ten Most Wanted', Dean Winchester and his brother had been more memorable than most not only because of their rather wide-ranged MO's but also because they lasted far longer than the average perps, managing to escape the FBI and all their known and unknown affiliates for roughly a year before apparently dying in a helicopter explosion. Or at least they were supposed to be dead, it was rather a given that if Dean was alive, then his younger brother was as well.

"So what do we do?"

It was bad enough that they had been caught by the copycat serial killer, but to be trapped in what was essentially an underground maze with an infamous psychopath? Fuuuck.

"Stay focused Dinozzo. First, can you escape from your cuffs?" At Tony's headshake Gibbs grimaced. "Me neither. Winchester, on the other hand, is a known escape artist. He will undoubtedly be able to escape fairly quickly. We will have to rely on him to get us outta them."

Tony could only blink at that.

"Why would he help us? We're NCIS Agents, and it's well known he hates cops of any kind."

Gibbs gave Tony the look that meant he was being especially thick and he would like him to start thinking for himself sometime within the next few seconds. "Then we don't tell him we're cops Dinozzo. I'm a retired marine, you're my nephew and came to visit me from Baltimore where you just made it into the Police Academy. That way any slip ups in terminology and experience can be explained without Winchester getting suspicious or violent. As much as I hate to admit it, Winchester is well known for his survival skills and could be very useful in escaping this hell hole."

Tony barely thought about it before agreeing, he trusted Gibbs judgement in situations like these...make that pretty much all situations actually.

"Got it Boss." They were quiet for a short while before Tony couldn't help the smirk,

"You finally get your dream Boss. To be unofficially related to me."

Gibbs looked like he sorely wanted to hit Tony, and was making note of this moment so he could do so when they weren't...tied up. Tony winced but that didn't stop the smirk forming into a grin at the lack of outright denial.

They were silent a few minutes before a thought came to Tony and Gibbs pretty much instantly focussed his attention on him in that intense way of his, by now Tony was used to it and simply explained his idea.

"Maybe we should pretend to still be unconscious. If he's as good as they say he is he'll probably escape pretty quickly and he could reveal something that would be useful."

People tended to spout potentially useful things when waking up in situations like these, like if Winchester was already awake (God forbid), then he would know that they knew not only who he was and that he's alive, but also that they were cops. Casting a nervous glance at the unconscious figure he seriously hoped that the guy was still out of it.

"Good work Dinozzo. Start now; we probably won't know when he wakes up."

Nodding, Tony let himself relax despite the cuffs digging into his sore wrists, dropping his head to his chest he watched Gibbs do the same before closing his eyes and preparing himself for a potentially long wait.


28 minutes later


Like Gibbs said, there was nothing to warn them that Winchester had woken up. One second the guys apparently dead to the world, the next there's a short sharp, "Fuck!" and the sound of some movement.

Cracking his eyes open slightly, Tony watched as Winchester eyed his surroundings before twisting his head up to get a look at his cuffs.

"Shit. Sammy's going to be sooo pissed. 'Way to go Dean. Look what you managed to do Dean. Looks like you're catching up Dean.' I'll show you who gets kidnapped more often ya little..."

Tony was almost tempted to crack a grin at the little diatribe, especially when Winchester spoke in a high voice, obviously imitating his brothers 'whining'. That temptation was rapidly lost as Winchester pulled himself up, fished a piece of metal out of the seam along his jacket sleeve and picked the lock on his cuffs in less than 15 seconds.

Winchester dropped and rubbing his wrists he glanced at Tony and Gibbs, almost causing Tony to forget to breathe. He felt incredibly helpless, which was actually quite understandable considering he was cuffed and defenceless with a psychopath known for torture in the room.

But Winchester only gave them a cursory look before swearing once more and pulling out his mobile phone. After tapping in a few numbers he raised it to his ear. They could hear it ring before it picked up and an agitated voice on the other end exclaimed 'Dean!'.

Winchester chuckled sheepishly; rubbing the back of his head he began what became a rather interesting conversation.

"Hey Sammy. You'll never guess what happened."

'You got kidnapped.' The voice was rather deadpan before 'Sammy' chuckled. 'Looks like you're catching up Dean, what's that make it? 10 to my 15?'

Winchester grumbled to himself before pausing, "Hey waddya mean 15? It was 17 the last time I looked Sammy-boy."

The younger Winchester sounded amused as he answered, "Dean, if you don't have to count hell as getting 'taken against your will', then I don't have to count the rabbit's foot or the Wraith. Both of those were 'extenuating circumstances' as well."

Tony mentally paused at the contents of the conversation before remembering that both Winchesters had been described as intensely delusional, to the point of being mentally unstable. Internally wincing at the realisation that he was trapped and restrained with a psychopathic and crazy person in the room he re-focussed as Winchester continued.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. So what's happening?" Tony watched through slit eyes as Winchester patted his sides and his pockets, obviously checking that he still had everything before pausing, a grimace crossing his face. "Dude, that asshole took my gun!"

There was a deep sigh on the other end before the younger Winchester continued, "Dean you know that our guy takes any firearms. It's one of his rules. But you should have everything else. Also the phones will probably work for another hour or two. At least that was the average anyway. Look do you have any idea as to where you are? What does it look like, and can you get out?"

Winchester glanced around again, his eyes lighting on Tony and Gibbs before narrowing. Tony almost let himself react to the look, but managed to catch himself just in time. "Nah Sammy. I'm definitely underground and this place is emptier then solitary, though there's two guys here with me." Then Winchester was moving towards them and Tony forced himself to completely close his eyes and relax just before his pockets were riffled through and his wallet found. Thank God he had left his badge at home; it was the weekend and they were forced to take a day off after working on this case solidly for two months. It figured they would get nabbed on their one day off.

"I've got two civ's here Sammy. One...Anthony Dinozzo. And the other guy is...Leroy Jethro Gibbs." Winchester snickered before putting both their wallets back where he found them. Presumably Gibbs wasn't wearing his badge either, small mercies. Though being referred to as a civilian was a novel experience for Tony.

"What kind of name is 'Leroy'. His parents must've hated him."

There was another sigh but 'Sammy' persevered. "Focus Dean. How long do you have before your time runs out?"

A pause and then; "5 hours and 15 minutes."

"Ok. That should be enough time for you to get out of there. Just...be careful Dean. If you die again, I'm going to be pissed."

Winchester chuckled, looking vaguely amused; though to be honest that wasn't what Tony was feeling. He was getting more and more worried about the state of their fellow prisoner's (potential attackers) mental health by the minute.

"Sure Sammy."

Winchester paused before a grin crossed his face that was pure mischief.


Clearly his brother knew that tone as his reply was wary, "Yeah Dean?"

"I bet 20 bucks you can't find me in 2 hours."

There was a moment of silence before the younger replied.

"You want me to find you in an underground lair that the police haven't managed to discover despite the extensive searches conducted over the past 50 years?" Winchester just waited, his grin growing wider. "40 bucks says I can find you and our guy in 3."

"Haha. You're on Sammy-boy. Later."

Ending the call Winchester turned back to them, the amusement having left his features as he regarded both Tony and his boss before finally letting out a sigh.

"Well this sucks. What'm I gonna do with you guys."


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