Summary: Lois has her own methods of persuasion.

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Beneath the Cape

After seeing Lucy and the general off, Lois was upstairs in Clark's room hoping to find some old shirts or boxers to wear to bed because all her possessions were destroyed by the explosion at the Talon. An entirely new wardrobe was not in her budget, but Clark was very happy to help her in anyway that he could and she was very grateful to him.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Lois muttered after finding a large piece of red cloth in one of Clark's dresser drawers, reminding her of the 'technicolor' costume also with a large red cloth, but she knew it wasn't 'the cape,' because Clark had told her about his father in the Arctic and that he had no intention of releasing to it to him until he fulfilled all his 'requirements' to his satisfaction. Lois hated to think of Clark and his father at odds, but what could she do about it? Then an idea came to her and maybe it would stir Clark in more ways than one.

"Lois, what are doing up here? I thought ..." Clark opened the door to his bedroom, his words dying in his throat. Lois turned around with a come hither smile, her hair flowing long and soft about her face and bare shoulders, and wearing what, he didn't know, but then he remembered the cape from years ago given to him as a gift for one of his many rescues, but the look on her face sent a stirring to his loins a feeling he recognized clearly and succinctly for what it was and he couldn't ignore those feelings anymore, Lois was his now in every way, and he wanted her so badly, it was like a physical ache in every part of his body.

"You like what you see?" Lois smiled seductively at his expression and slowly walked toward him, the cape flowing about her long shapely legs and Clark couldn't help the way his eyes wandered up and down her body wanting to rip it off and make love to her. "I found this in the dresser, and I thought a bit of persuasion wouldn't hurt."

Clark finally found his voice. "Persuasion?" He squeaked, not comprehending her words.

"It's time, Clark, time to do what needs to be done," Lois replied, but Clark thought she meant something else entirely, as he pulled her tightly to him, kissing her like a starving man, the cape fell from her shoulders and it was just as he thought, Lois was completely naked and waiting for him. "Oh, yes," Lois murmured against his throat thinking she couldn't get close enough to him. She helped him with the buttons on his shirt and the belt buckle that refused to open, frustrating her.

"Let me," Clark said as he pulled the belt from his pants and Lois pulled his pants and boxers down around his legs. She had to have him now, realizing they hadn't done this type of lovemaking before but everything was new and fresh for them and Clark was like any warm bloodied male, as she kissed her way down his torso admiring his bulging arms and wide chest.

"You don't have to," Clark muttered realizing where she was headed, but then her lips were on his erection kissing and pulling the tip and he closed his eyes and his mind shut down as all his thoughts went to her hot and warm mouth pleasuring his body. It felt like heaven.

Lois's moans were fueling his own desire as he smoothed her hair away from her face watching her hot mouth move up and down his shaft and then she took him all the way inside and he knew he was going to come at any moment. "Lois?" He managed to say as she moved her mouth furiously against his erection, moving faster and faster.

Clark moaned loudly then and so did she, as his mind realized she wanted him to come and then he thought no more as his hot sperm flowed down her throat. Lois swallowed it all lapping it up, licking her lips as if starved for it. He pulled her off the floor kissing her hard, as her arms came around his neck pulling him closer not wanting to let go, and then he picked her up laid her gently on the bed, as his mind and heart burst with love and blinding desire for this woman.

Lois held up her arms and then he pulled her tightly against him, kissing and caressing every part of her luscious body that his lips and hands could reach. "You're so lovely; you take my breath away." Clark whispered hoarsely against her ear while caressing her breast, as he kissed his way down her throat, kissed and stroked her nipples, and then he touched her there where she was so warm and ready for him. He kissed his way down her torso, and then his searching mouth was there between her thighs, as a jolt of desire shot clear to her toes, the feeling so strong it made her gasp, and he slid one long finger inside, marveling how hot and wet she was. She pushed against his hand. "Oh, Clark … oh!" Lois gasped as her legs opened wider to welcome him.

She tasted like heaven to him as he thought just a few more minutes, and then it happened. Lois shuddered with release but Clark would not relent until she was utterly and completely spent. He finally raised his head and smiled at her teasing eyes. "Two can play, you know," and then he pulled her close and kissed her sweet mouth and then he moved on top of her careful to hold himself up and then he was deep inside of her warm body and tried to exert some control. "Yes, Clark, don't stop, please," she begged, as she lifted her hips to fully accommodate him. He pushed deeper and she wrapped her arms and legs around him aching for him to give it to her.

Clark moved faster and faster and then he finally surrendered to any conscious thought and gave in to the woman of his heart, the love of his life, as she clung to him acting out of instinct, love and their mutual need for each other, as they both climbed higher and higher to reach that peak, and then Clark felt Lois come again and then he held her close and shuddered with the spasms of life-giving release.

Sated at last, he withdrew from her, kissed her thoroughly, and lay with his head against her chest listening to her heartbeat. Finally able to speak he whispered, "You're up to something, aren't you?"

"You know me to well," she replied as she stroked his hair thinking about how to bring up the subject of his father.

Several minutes passed as Lois thought he may have fallen asleep, but then he sighed and kissed her breast. She smiled and stroked his hair again, but felt the need to get it out and they should be able to talk about these things, no matter how painful.


"Uh, hum."

"You know, there was another reason I was wearing the cape."


"Yes, your father?"

"My father is dead Lois, he died five years ago," he replied not wanting to talk about Jor-El, as he rolled over and lay with his head on the pillow.

Lois felt cold without his warmth beside her and then she sighed and laid her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around him. "I know."

"He hates me you know."

"I don't believe that Clark, not for a minute."

"You didn't hear the things he said to me."

"All I know is that you two need to stop hurting each other. You need him and he needs you."

"Lois, he's a machine, he doesn't need me nor does he understand me."

"No, Clark, he's not."

"Of course he is."

Lois leaned up on her elbow and tried to explain to him what she knew about AIs and how they could evolve and change, but that change would not happen not without confrontation and emotion from the one person the AI needs to sustain itself.

"You really believe that?" Clark asked amazed at her thinking.

"Yes I do." She touched his chin and turned him to face her. "He needs you, Clark. Please, I love you too much to see this distance between you, and you may not show it, but I know how much this is hurting you, Clark. Please think about it."

He knew her words were true and it was just too hard to face his father, and he didn't know he could do it and endure that kind of pain again, but the truth was staring him in the face, because if he truly believed that his father was a machine, then it wouldn't matter so much to him, his approval and acceptance wouldn't matter, but the truth is it meant everything. He sighed into her hair and closed his eyes determined to do what was best for him and his father.

"You win, I'll go see him."

Lois's eyes filled with tears, she was so happy. "Thank you," she said and smiled at him. She kissed him then relieved beyond measure.

He kissed her back loving her so much because she knew him and what was best for him. He pulled back after a moment and those words came into his mind again, as he touched her cheek. "I love you." Three words, spoken with such heartfelt desire and emotion as they brought even more tears to her eyes.

Lois smiled never tiring of those words. "I love you too."

Clark pulled her tightly to his chest and prayed to all the gods in heaven that everything would work out with his father and for bringing such an amazing and beautiful woman into his life and for her love that brought such joy and hope into this life, he felt truly blessed to have found Lois Lane.

The end!


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