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Chapter 3: How Far We've Come

Lois's mind came back to the present, as she opened her eyes and realized Clark had returned and he was standing at the foot of the bed staring at her with a very serious look on his face. She sat up and pushed her hair out of eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Just admiring the view," he smiled then as he came to sit beside her.

She pulled the cape up to the chest. "Nothing you haven't seen before."

"I know, but …" He stopped as he stroked her hair.

"But what …?" Lois asked realizing Clark was in a strange mood.

He sighed as he pulled her close. "This feels so normal, but … it's not."

"Yeah, I know." She hugged him close. "It almost feels … surreal."

"Everything has changed, but I hope you know I'm not taking anything for granted. I want this to work more than anything," he said as he kissed her forehead.

"So do I Clark." Lois stared at him trying to read his face. "Smallville, what brought on this mood?"

Clark thought about it for a moment. "I know we've been living together for a few weeks, but there was something about this morning … it felt different … special."

Lois smiled then realizing she felt the same way. "Well, we are engaged, is that it?"

"That's a big part of it, yes."

"I still can't believe it, we're engaged." She held up the ring admiring it yet again.

"I could pinch you, if you'd like?"

Smiling, she held him close but then she sobered suddenly, realizing it would be hard for him to hear this, but she wanted him to know. "Clark, when I woke up this morning and you weren't here, at first I had forgotten for a moment where you could be, but then I remembered where you were, out into world saving people, helping people, my heart slowed down and I knew you would be alright."


"I know it was silly, but then I opened my eyes and you were standing there and I realized something." She touched his cheek. "Everything I've always wanted for years, I finally have it."

He stroked her hair. "It wasn't silly at all; I'm here now," he whispered and then he pulled her closer and kissed her ever so sweetly. It brought tears to her eyes, how sweet and tender Clark could be.

Then, the cape fell away, as Lois helped him remove his clothes slowly, kissing and stroking him as she admired his body, his strong arms and wide chest, powerful thighs, shapely calves, large feet and hands. She couldn't believe sometimes how handsome he was, and he really had no idea how gorgeous he was, but he's mine, all mine.

Clark couldn't help but notice how strangely she was looking at him and decided to tease her a little. "You like what you see?"

In answer to him, her lips travelled south and just before she took him into her mouth, she replied, "I intend to prove that you really are the man of steel."

Clark moaned at those words, closed his eyes and waited. She smiled at his expression, then she touched her lips and her tongue to the tip of his erection and it twitched against her lips, as she became bolder stroking him with her tongue and hand. He moaned again louder this time and moved his hips in time with her hand. He was in heaven; it felt so good, but he was fast approaching the edge and he wanted to be inside of her before that happened.

He stilled her hand, pulled her head up and kissed her hard thrusting his tongue inside her mouth. Lois couldn't think about anything, Clark was in control of her body and she wanted him to do whatever he wanted with her.

Clark was living his sweetest fantasies, as he entered her then with a smooth glide and clutched her tighter against him, pushing and thrusting inside. She lifted her legs and arms pulling him closer, as she began to move restlessly beneath him and Clark set a pace, stroking in and out of her lush body with full, deep strokes. He cradled her head in his hands and kissed her deeply, his tongue moving in time with his movements inside her.

All too soon, he felt her walls grip him, heard her cry his name as she shouted her pleasure and his orgasm rushed to meet him, and he buried his face in her neck as he pulsed repeatedly inside of her.

Lois blinked to clear the spots before her eyes, now realizing she had no idea how much she had been missing all these years. Her farm boy was so full of surprises, as she smiled, reached up to smooth his hair away from his forehead.

"I love you, Lois," he whispered kissing her temple and holding her tight.

"I love you too, Clark," she whispered snuggling against his heat.


Later at breakfast:

Clark had breakfast on the table and wondered what was keeping Lois. He looked up and she stood at the entrance to the kitchen wearing the cape again!

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Lois, come on, you made your point, besides you could catch cold wearing that thing down here."

"Just a reminder of what we're trying to achieve."

"I don't need a reminder, Lois, I know what I have to do, what I've always done … help people."

"But, Clark?"

"And if my father can't see that, then I don't know what else I can do," he stated strongly and then turned from her, as he took a deep breath to calm down.

Lois felt contrite and she hadn't meant to upset him, as she went to him and took his hand. "I'm an idiot, please forgive me."

He kissed her hand. "Of course and I'm sorry I snapped."

"He will see it, Clark; I believe he will in time."

Clark sighed pulling her into his arms, as thoughts of his father never understanding him, how he felt about his life, and how he had finally accepted his calling. "I hope so, go on now, go change, breakfast is getting cold."

She kissed his cheek. "I'll be right back."

Clark watched her go and then went to stand by the window deep in thought. She's right you know, there is hope now and if I hadn't seen him with my mother the other night, I would have given up all hope of Jor-El accepting me and how I wanted to live my life, and I have Lois to thank for that.

"Let's eat," Lois said as she came back and sat down at the table. "I'm starved."

"We do tend to work up an appetite," Clark said and smiled teasing her.

Lois smiled back, and a few minutes passed as they ate. "So, do you want to wait to tell everyone the good news or let the pieces fall where they may?" Lois asked curious.

"I've been thinking about that."

"We could put an announcement in the Planet … again," she said and smiled remembering the last time.

"No announcement; a few phone calls are sufficient, I think. You call your family and I'll call Mom."

"What about … Jor-El?"

"I don't think I'm ready for that yet," he replied head down as he stared at his food.

Lois frowned at that remark; she had hoped Clark had softened his stance with his father, but she didn't want to push. "Alright, if you're sure."

Clark raised his head. "I'm very sure," he finally said but then he felt bad because it wasn't her fault at all. "Lois, I wanted to thank you."

Lois was confused. "Thank me, for what?"

"Well, for one thing, for accepting my proposal, and for the other night … my parents."

"You know I want this Clark," she assured him again. "Marriage is a big step but I'm in it for the long haul, you and me together as a team, no matter what. I've thought of us that way for a long time now and making it official, well, I can go along with that, and the other thing, you know why I did it."

"I think I need to hear it again," he said with a hopeful look on his face.

"Because I love you and I want you to be happy, not insecure or doubtful about anything. I want you to stand up for everything you believe in, because I believe in you, Clark, always have."

There it was. How did I get so lucky? "Get over here," he said and stood up and held out his arms.

Lois went into them without hesitation. They both sighed as Clark held her close. "Do you know the moment I fell in love with you?" He asked wondering if she knew when it was.

Lois pulled back and looked into his eyes. "No, but do tell," she replied smiling.

He pulled her close again. "Looking back at it now, I didn't know it was love at the time, but now there were lots of moments when I fell deeper in love with you, but there was one moment that stood out from all the others?"

Lois was getting excited. "Go on, hurry up."

"You really have no idea?"

"Well, like you said, there were lots of times when I suspected you … liked me more than you hated me, but love?"

"Lois, I never hated you."

"Hate is a bit strong; you … tolerated me, how's that?"

"Yeah, you could say that, but we're getting off topic; I'm talking about love here."

"Oh, sorry go on," she said and smiled pulling him close.

"Well, there were times when you were hurt, and I felt terrible that I hadn't been there to save you, but it had to be when you disappeared and I thought I had lost you for forever."

Lois pulled back and stared at him, as she wracked her brain trying to remember. "I remember the times in the hospital, but my trip to the future, you meant that time?"

"Yeah, you had disappeared for several weeks; I felt lost without you, then I saw you in the train car, my heart slammed into my ribs, my breath left my lungs, and I couldn't ignore those feelings, not anymore."

"Oh, Clark, that's so sweet. I just wish I could have seen that look."

"You know I wasn't ready to admit it and I don't think you were either." Clark sighed, as everything seemed to be falling into place now. "But you did care for me back then?" he said and then he raised her chin.

"Clark, you know my feelings for you were confusing back then, but you were sweet, attentive and handsome, I was drawn to you in spite of myself, and I wanted to be with you all the time, and when I wasn't … I missed you." She admitted as she stroked his chest.

One word stood out in Clark's brain after that speech. "Handsome, you thought I was handsome?"

Lois rolled her eyes. "Come on, Clark, you know you're adorable."

"I'm adorable?"

"Oh, will you please just shut up and kiss me?" She raised her arms around his neck to pull him close.

He smiled back. "With pleasure."

The end!


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