Pokemon Altoshipping: Star-cross lovers(ash x latias)
This is my first attempt on a fanfic! Forgive me if my story suck.
After watching Pokemon Heroes and reading a few altoshipping fanfics, i decided to try my own. I thought the idea of Ash and Latias together was quite cute. I will try to finish it as soon as possible and I plan to make this story stay 'T' rated. Also my english and writing skills aren't good but don't hate me just because of that. It's my first try.

Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon or the characters in it.

Latias laid motionless on a tree branch in the secret garden. The moon shone brightly reviewing her ever lovely face.

"Ash, where are you now? Do you still remember me?" Latias thought to herself. It has been 5 months since the death of her elder brother Latios, and Ash had left her shortly after that. Since the day that boy had left, she felt totally empty inside. She love that human deeply and will give anything just to see him again.

Latias had a heavy crush on Ash the very first moment she had laid eyes on him. Their first meeting was during the Tour de Alto mare, where the cap-wearing trainer had overshot at a turn and had to be saved by the dragoness. However, she was invisible at that moment, so she remained unbeknownst to him. He had stared confusedly at the spot where he had bounced off. During that brief moment when Latias's eyes met with his eyes, she thought that Ash had the prettiest eyes in the world. Those dark brown eyes were so promising and full of passion and she felt that her heart would melt at the mere sight of them. She had even picked up the teather handle of Ash's totodile to help him in the race, not caring that it was cheating.

However, Latios disapproved of her action and in normal overprotective brother fashion, pulled her away, which caused Ash to take a wrong turn and be disqualified from the race. Her crush on Ash grew deeper after he saved her from an assault by those crazy humans, Annie and Oakley. She had brought him to the garden in an act of gratitude. Latios was initially hostile towards Ash but he soon accepted him as a friend. When Latias was with Ash, she felt happier than she had ever felt before. Her infatuation for Ash grew into full blown love when Ash rescued Latios, Bianca and Lorenzo from the villians, Annie and Oakley. Her happiness was not to last though, as Latios then sacrificed himself to save Alto mare from destruction and as a result, became the new Soul dew. She would have been a lot more depressed had Ash not stayed to comfort her.

Before she knew it, the aspiring pokemon trainer would be leaving Alto Mare to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pokemon master. Before he left, she handed him a drawing that she had requested Bianca to draw for her. It was a drawing of him with pikachu perched on his shoulder. She also gave him a second gift, which was a kiss on his cheek. She remembered the whole incident vividly, like as though it had just happened a moment ago. Thinking about the kiss, it caused her white cheeks to blush a deep red. The warm and sweet taste of his skin on her lips was just heavenly.

As she thought about her love, she was overwhelmed by a sense of extreme loneliness. Ash had left, Bianca was always preoccupied with something, and Latios had passed. Tears began flowing uncontrollably from her golden eyes, dripping off her face and falling into the soft soil. She love Ash more than she ever thought was possible and their separation had brought her immense pain. She would cry herself to sleep every night, wondering when he could visit, if that was even possible. Just then she heard footsteps coming towards her. She wiped away her tears then looked at the source of the sound. It was Bianca, her best friend, and the form that she would take whenever she shapeshifted into a human form. Bianca was the only person who knew about her love for Ash and had spent much of her time searching for any news of him.

"Still thinking about him?" Bianca asked with concern.

"Yes, I miss him so much and I can't get him out of my mind, no matter how hard I try." Latias admitted sadly.

Latias had been practicing telepathy diligently ever since Ash had left Alto mare so as she would be able communicate with humans and maybe one day even confess her love to Ash.

Even though Bianca knew that Ash would probably never look at Latias the way she did, she still kept her hopes high. It was unacceptable in society for a human to love a pokemon in such a way, even for Latias who could shapeshift into a human. If Ash were to be with Latias, he would be thrown out of society and his dream of becoming a Pokemon master would be shattered. However Bianca had not told Latias yet about the consequences of her love out of the fear that Latias could be driven into even further depression..

Bianca spoke in a cheery tone. "Remember when Ash told us that he would come back to revisit Alto mare after competing in the Silver Conference?"

Latias immediately brightened up at that. "Of course I do! What about it?"

"Ash made it to the top 8. Unfortunately, he was defeated by a trainer named Harrison and was eliminated."

Latias could feel her heart beat faster. She felt as if her heart was literally going to jump out of her chest any moment. "So he's coming to visit us!" Latias cried in excitement.

"Bingo. I just received a message from Ash saying that he would reach Alto mare by ferry at 10am tomorrow."

"Please don't tell me this a joke!" She stated, gazing at her human friend with stern eyes.

Bianca smiled and shook her head. "It isn't."

The Eon Twin squealed in happiness as she delivered a bone crushing hug to Bianca.

"Hey, mind letting me breathe a little?" Gasped Bianca as she struggled to break Latias' unintentionally deadly embrace.

"I will never joke with you about Ash" She said firmly as Latias released her.

"I just can't wait for tomorrow!" Latias exclaimed as she began doing excited twirls in the air, feeling incredibly happy. Bianca smiled as she left the garden.

That night, Latias stayed up all night, thinking about Ash. She lay on her favourite spot on the tree branch, wondering what his reaction might be when they met once again.

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