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So this is a little sequel to the movie Little Monsters. I simply LOVE this movie it's been my fav for 6 years or so if not maybe a year more than that. I never get tired of it and I found the movie not too long ago and I have watched it more than 5 times. My dad is pissed at me since I hog the TV to watch the movie XD! Anywho, I was simply compelled to write this fic! I hope you like it! And there are lots of surprises in here! Ha! BTW: I'm not old! just in case you thought I am. I know the movie is from 1989 but I just love it. I mean the movie is 7 years older than me!

On with the story ppls!

So this is in a place called California. It has been 11 years since Maurice left Brian and the gang. Maurice moved on reeking hell into the lives of other children. Many children reminded him of his best bud Brian but not one of them felt the same. He hasn't had another friend other than Brian since then. He had gone to visit him 5 years ago and had seen that Brian had moved away. He found a note on the floor where the bed layed old and abandoned. It read:

Dear Maurice,

I knew you would come for a visit. I moved away as you may see. I insisted my mother to let me keep my old bed here so you could come up and find what you are reading. I am now 16 years old and I bet your older too but haven't changed at all. You were right, Kiersten and I were together for quite a long time. But then she moved away to some dumb old all girl school. Todd stuck around a while longer. He still lives around the neighborhood. Make sure to give him a good scare will you pal? Anyway, my dad moved to New York and my mom is taking us to live in Wisconsin. Eric still remembers you and says Hi! I miss you a whole lot and your still my favorite little monster and don't you forget that! I will never forget you and all our adventures Maurice. I still have your vest and wear it everywhere I go. I have a habit of wearing sun glasses, that are also the ones you gave me. Well I got to go the flight is due in a few hours.

Love, your bud, Brian.

P.S. Keep this note close to your heart Maurice...considering it's the only visual reminder you have of me. Oh and look at the wall Maurice.

Maurice stood up with a sad sigh and looked around. His eyes landed on the wall where Brian had all his baseball cards. There were all the cards Maurice said he needed so many years ago. Above that he found something engraved into the wall. It said:

Maurice+Brian=Buds forever.

Maurice smiled and ripped the cards off the wall carefully. He looked back a the wall and under the cards he removed was something else carved into the wall. It said:







Thank you for everything Maurice!

Maurice felt tears well up in his eyes.

"Now that there is a true bud." He said with a sniff.

Maurice got on the bed and sighed heavily.

"I miss him." He said to the wall.

He took the note and the cards and shoved it into his other vest inside in inner pocket and secured it then he laid back on the bed and it made a cracking sound and a squeak.

"It's been a while since Brian left here." He said clearing a stray tear from his face.

"I wish I could tell him everything that has happened. Like I was named Mayor of my town, nearly gave a kid a heart attack, sent a good for nothin teen to jail and I have prohibited scaring innocent little babies for Brian's sake." He said staring at the roof.

"Well I guess I should be going now." He said as he got uo and lifted the old bed and jump through.

Once he was down he was greeted by some of the monsters. He just gave a quick nod or a wave until one stood in front of him.

"Hey Maurice. Are you ok? Your looking a little down. That is really unlike you." She said.

"Looking a little down you should speak for yourself Luanne." Maurice replied.

Luanne was about 3 feet from the ground. Although in Maurice's opinion she wasn't half bad.

Luanne laughed at his insult.

"Ah there's my favorite Maurice." She said walking past him.

He smiled at her and kept walking his way. Then a group of monsters ran past him. Maurice stopped one.

"Whoa there bud. What's all the comotion?" He asked.

The monster looked up at Maurice looking very jittery and happy.

"Someone is in an abandoned house and we want to check out if there is someone new moving in." He said running off.

Maurice stood there bewildered. Had he heard right? What's so important about a new comer? Maurice pepped up again returning to his old never still fast rhyme speaking self and ran to where all the noise was coming from. He stopped dead in his track when the large group of monsters where piled up at the stairs leading to Brian's old home. It couldn't be that someone knew was moving in so soon. Maurice pushed his way up the the peek of the stair case and whistled loudly to get evryone's attention. Once he had it he cleared his throat.

"Attention all monsters not as good looking as me!" He yelled. Everyone living thing looked his way. He found it so funny how they fell for that all the time. "I, Maurice, will investigate what is going on out here. It is merely 3:00 a.m and whoever arraived there at this time can be dangerous." He said. Everyone started to protest and whine. "Silence!" He yelled. The monsters grew silent in an instant and Maurice laughed. Maurice never took things serious for too long. "I'm gonna go and check like it or not and if you try to come up before I come down I will tie you to a chair and leave you outside until the sun rises and come looking for you whenever I remember your out there." He said with a creepy smile with perfectly pointed teeth flashing.

Everyone began to scatter away quickly as possible off to find someone else t scare the bejeses out of.

"Now let's see what unfortunate soul will be tortured by me." He mumbled to himself with a slight snicker.

Maurice stuck his head from under the bed careful not to knock over the bricks that Brian had put so he could come up. He looked around and saw no one. He was about to come out when he heard sobbing. He looked around and found a figure of a person in the corner of the room. It had it's head propped on it's knees that were held tight over it's chest. Who ever it was, it wasn't happy at all. Maurice didn't know what to do. If to go up and do what he does best, or try and leave without making a sound. Sadly it was in his nature to do the first option. Maurice lifted the bed silently and came out into the darkness of the room. He crept up to the person.

"Boo." Maurice said.

The person jumped up and nearly landed on it's feet. Maurice looked at the person. It was a girl no more than 14 years old. Her eyes were puffed up and red. She had bags under her eyes and she was breathing heavily.

"W-Who are you?" She said moving as far away as possible from him along the wall only to press her back to the bed.

"Well that's a first. It's usually what are you? not who." He said.

"W-What? W-why would I need to ask t-that?" She said completely alarmed.

Maurice dove down on the floor and quickly crawled up to her. She squinted her eyes to get a good look at him. Once she did, she jumped up on the bed and fell to the other side. Maurice jumped up and landed on the bed belly first. He layed across the bed and placed his head on his hands.

"What the hell are you?" She said firmly.

"Well your not a bright one are you?" Maurice said. "Imma monster silly." He said.

"Monster?" She said curiously.

"Sure am babe! And the names Maurice." He said sitting on the bed. She flinched away. "Don't worry! I'm not gonna hurt you!" He said as he extended an arm to help her up. She took it hesitantly.

"I-I'm Rebecca." She said.

"Oh come on! Stop stutterin hun. You shouldn't be scared of me! I already told you I'm not gonna hurt you." He said as she sat down next to him.

"I'm not scared! I was just..." She trailed off.

"Cryin? I know. I saw you cryin when I came up to scare the living hell outta you." He said laughing. "Why were you cryin anyways Rebecca?" He asked.

"Nothin." She mummbled.

"That's not good enough." He said.

"I had a fight with my mom again." She mumbled again.

"Why'd you come here though?" He asked a little interested.

"I needed to get away from the house, so I ran out and she came after me. I tripped and saw the 'for sale' sign and came in here. I found that the highest room is this one and I locked myself up here to...cry alone..." She explained.

"Well did that affect your father or siblin'?" He asker her.

"My dad and little brother died in a car accident about 2 years ago..." She said looking at the ground. "Since then my mom has been more...agressive to me." She said and a sob escaped.

"Oh...that's not too good." He said in a low voice. "I guess that really hurt you." He said looking her way.

"No shit Sherlock." She said looking at him with a huff of a laugh.

"That's quite a colorful vocabulary you got there little lady." He said with a smirk.

"Yeah...well that's the only way I can speak to my mother to make a point in the house." She said.

"Whoa...the situation is tougher than I thought." He said looking at the ground.

"Yeah it is." She said with a sigh.

"And how does that make you feel?" He said in a mocking tone. He really never took things too seriously.

"Insane! I'm telling all my problems to a complete stranger and a monster never the less." She said with a laugh.

"Ah the sweet sound of laughter!" Maurice said as he jumped off the bed.

"Yeah that's something I thought I would never do that again." She said.

"Oh come on don't be such a negative Nelly! You gotta take a walk on the wild side babe! It's the only way to go!" He said with his caracteristic laugh.

She laughed at his antics.

"Say, let me have a good look at you Maurice." She said as she got off the bed.

"Well I am mighty good lookin." He said standing straight and turning slowly.

"Do all the monsters look like you?" She asked as she studied him carefully.

"Only the good lookin ones babe." He said with his goofy laugh.

She giggled. "You're blue!" She said laughing some more.

"Well actually I'm a very happy monster." He said jumping on the bed.

She laughed hard. "That's not what I meant! I meant you skin is blue!" She said.

"Yep. Charming isn't it?" He said laughing.

"I'll say." She said sarcastically. "Your hair is blue too."

"Yep everything I have is blue! And I mean EVERYTHING!" He said as he rolled off the bed landing on the floor with a thump only to get back up quickly.

"Oh Maurice I could have gone on my life without knowing that." She mumbled loudly.

"I just knew you were curious." He said laughing.

"Oh yeah Maurice, I was dying to know!" She said sarcastically.

Maurice just laughed.

"Well not everything is blue. My eyes are brown." He said simply.

"I would expect them to be blue though. That's weird." She said. "So your a good looking monster?" She asked.

"Yeah. And your a ugly human." He said laughing. "Just kiddin hun." He laughed. He stopped when he remembered when he first met Brian. Rebecca noticed and sat besides him.

"Are you ok Maurice?" She asked. "Just second ago youy were all happy and now..." She asked looking at him.

Maurice started to explain things to Rebecca about the adventures he had with Brian. He wasn't going to cry about it now. Rebecca listened to every word he said with a lot of attention.

"You miss him a lot..." she said after 3 minutes of silence.

Maurice just stared at the ground.

'He must feel sad being here in his best friends house' She thought to herself. 'I know how he feels...' She thought sadly. Then she hugged him. It took him 5 seconds to respond to the embrace with one of his own.

"Well...don't you think that even if you fought with your mom she will be worried about you?" He said once they stopped hugging.

"Maybe not. Once she threatened to kick me out of the house if I ever called her a stuck up bitch ever again." She said angrily.

"Whoa you called her that?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah. Right after she slapped me." I said with a guilty look on my face.

"Ok well then maybe she is a stuck up bitch" He said and began to laugh. "By any chance do you know what time it is?" He asked getting up from the bed.

"Um it's about 10 minutes till 6." She answered him.

Maurice yelled and jumped right over the bed and landed on the other side of the room where the window was not there.

"What?" She asked alarmed.

"It's just that if I get hit by light I turn into a good for nothing pile of clothes until the light is gone and if I'm out too long then I will burn a die!" He said ducking down. "I really wish I could walk you home kid but like I said...I die!" He said.

"I'm not going home Maurice." I said quickly. He stopped and set the bed down again.

"W-What do ya mean your not going home kid? I mean where are ya gonna go?" He asked her a little shaky.

"I don't really know Maurice. I just know I have my things in the living room until I know where to go." She said taking a step back.

"Well why don't you come down to my place and I'll give you the grand tour!" He said happily.

"So your a monster from under the bed? I thought that was a kid story used to scare them when they are grounded." she said.

"Well it's not a story I'll tell you that. Like I told Brian once long ago. We're the reason kids get locked in their rooms, we're the reason brothers hate their sisters and we're also the reason parents and their kids fight all the time. We're a world that is dedicated in reeping hell into an entire nation of kids!" He said with a laugh.

She laughed. "So how do you get under the bed and where do you come from?" She asked.

"Well I come from under the bed itself. It's monster magic kiddo! Here come and see for yourself!" He said taking my arm and pulling me to the bed. (A/N: Sounds weird huh? Gives me ideas...lol u think i should make them do that? XD)

He lifted the bed and he took my hand in his and stuck it on the floor to her amazement her hand went through the floor! "Holy crud!" she yelled.

"Pretty neat trick huh kid?" He said with a chuckle.

"Hell Yeah!" she said.

"But remember only a monster can pull you through otherwise you'll crack your head open tryin...at least for now..."he said. Rebecca was about to ask but decided otherwise. "Oh and it can only be under a bed. Any bed! As long as it's a bed! It could be a couch used for sleepin if only it were lifted at least a foot off the ground!" He said laughing. "So you ready kid?" He asked taking his hand out waiting for hers.

She didn't hesitate. "Maurice I was born ready." She said taking his hand. His face saddend. 'I think I just reminded him of Brian' She thought to herself.

"K then hang tight kiddo." He said as soon as he recovered. He jumped through the floor dragging her along with him.

"Maurice!" she yelled as she fell to the ground with a thump. "ohhh" she groaned.

"Sorry bout that kiddo." He said lifting her off the ground quickly. Damn he's strong.

She looked around and gasped "This place is amazing Maurice!" She yelled looking around some more.

"Yeah! Hell sweet Hell! Come on! I'll give you the grand tour!" He said walking off.


To be continued! This is not over yet hahaha! Next chaper will be interesting...not boring like this one...but this was just to let you know how they get along and shit like that! XD luv u all mah readers!