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The alarm clock went off in exactly six hours. Rebecca paid no attention to it, she was in deep sleep. Shadow on the other hand heard it and started barking. Rebecca heard the barking, "Shadow," She groaned, "shut up." She said, lazily swinging her arm around at the dog.

Shadow got up and wiggled her way to Rebecca's face and started licking her. Rebecca couldn't help but giggle. She pushed Shadow away as she sat up and stretched. She looked at her and smiled, "Well," She hopped off the bed, "let's get ready." She said as she opened her bag with her stuff. She grabbed her things and went into the bathroom, hoping there was still water no matter if it was cold or not.

She pulled on black leather jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, a black biker vest and her worn out combat boots. She put on her favorite liner, mascara and clear lip gloss. To finish it off, she tied her hair into a loose pony tail and then put on the sunglasses Maurice had given her.

"So, Shadow, what do you suggest we do?" She asked her dog who barked happily. "That's right! I remember Maurice saying something about that kid!... But I wonder where he lives..." She wondered as she went downstairs.

Rebecca hesitated at the door, remembering what Maurice had warned her about with the sun. She slowly opened the door and Shadow ran right out happily. She stepped out on the porch and sighed before going out into the sun. Her eyes hurt really badly like when you just wake up and your mom switches the light on only worse.

She waited a moment for it to pass and then walked out to the sidewalk. She heard someone coming to her left and looked. It was a boy, around her age. She smiled at him, "Hey, excuse me," She said when he came close.

He stopped a few feet away and looked at her weirdly, "Yes?" He asked.

"Yeah, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you knew where Todd lives." She said.

He gave her a skeptical look, "What's his last name?" He asked.

"I dunno. My friend said he had glasses, a nerdy fella', 'bout sixteen. He was friends with Brian's little brother... what was his name? Uh..."

"Eric." He said.

"So you know him?" Rebecca asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I know him. Why do you wanna find him? Who are you?" He asked guardedly.

"I need a favor from him. I'm Rebecca, I'm sort of new here but my friend... He uh, told me this Todd character could help me out." She said.

"What's the favor?" He asked.

"Listen kid, you know the guy or not?" She said, slightly irritated.

"I'm sorry." He said, shaking her hand, "I'm Todd. What do you need?" He said curiously.

"You're Todd? What happened with the glasses and the pocket protector get up?" She asked sincerely.

"I hit high school and I needed to get rid of them, I didn't want to be ridiculed for being a nerd anymore." He said simply.

"Well if you say things like 'ridiculed'..." She drifted off the subject and got to business, "So I was wondering if you knew where Brian lives now."

Todd narrowed his eyes in thought, "He's living in Wisconsin. What do you need him for?"

Rebecca looked around making sure no one was around. When the coast was clear, she grabbed Todd's wrist and dragged him into Brian's old house for more privacy.

"Hey, we're not supposed to be in here!" Todd whispered.

"Yeah, yeah, calm down, Todd." She said, sitting on the floor. He sat in front of her and waited for her to speak. "So, Todd, you must be familiar with Maurice, yes?" She asked quizzically.

His eyes widened like saucers and he came closer, "How do you know about Maurice?" He asked firmly but quietly.

"Long stories short, I met him." She said simply, "I need your help to find Brian 'cause I think he's the only one who knows how to help us." She said.

"What's going on? What's wrong?" He asked, alarmed.

"Well, Snick kinda took Boy's place as the bad guy in the monster world and-"

"Snick?" He yelled in fear, "I thought we took care of him years ago! What's going on?" He asked.

"Well that's the thing... He wants me to find Brian and-"

Todd shot to his feet and pointed at her accusingly, "You're working for Snick!" He shouted.

Rebecca slapped his knee, "Keep it down, Toad!" She said, accidentally using his nickname. He noticed the use of the nickname and calmed down slightly. "I'm not working for Snick, I'd never do that. I'm on Maurice's side. I know that since I didn't do the job, he's going to do it himself." She said. Todd sat down again. "I think Brian deserves at least a heads up. Don't you think? Now, I had an encounter with this Snick guy and let me tell ya, he's not one to fool around. He's serious about this." She said.

"I know what you mean. He was one tough cookie to burn. So, what does he want Brian for?"

"I have no idea what so ever, he didn't tell me what he needed him for." She said. "All I know is that I need to find Brian before Snick does or things can get ugly."

"But why do you wanna help Brian? You don't even know him." Todd said.

"Well, I know that he's Maurice's best friend and if anything happens to Brian, Maurice will be hurt and I can't let that happen." She said.

"So you're doing this for Maurice?" He said skeptically.

"Well, mostly, yeah but I'm concerned about this Brian kid, honest I am, he sounds like a swell guy and all." She said honestly. She gave Todd a moment to think to himself. "So will you help me help him?" She asked, crossing her fingers.

"Brian is my friend, I have to help." He said. Rebecca clapped happily. "So what's your plan?" He asked seriously.

"I don't have a plan. I just want to find Brian and then we'll make up a plan to stop Snick. Brian has the brain." She said. "Do you have his phone number or something?" She asked.

"Yeah, he gave me his number before he left to Wiscon-"

"Great! We need to call him right now. We can't waste any time." She said hurriedly.

"Do you have a phone?" He asked.

"No. Don't you?" She asked.

"Not on me, no." He said sheepishly.

Rebecca groaned, "At your house?" She asked.


"Then let's go, Toad!" She said, pulling him outside hurriedly.

"I don't know if mom will let me bring a stranger in the house... specially you." He said, looking away.

Rebecca stopped walking, "What's that supposed to mean?" She asked sharply.

Todd stopped too, "Well, the leather, the black, the attitude..." He said honestly.

Rebecca scoffed, "I'm not a bad person!" She said with a laugh.

"Well, mom will think you are." He said, stopping in front of his house.

"Let me handle that." She said as she followed Todd to the front porch.

"Mom!" He called. His mother walked to the door and stopped to look at Rebecca cautiously.

"Who's she?" She asked with a coy smile, not taking her eyes off Rebecca.

"Mom, this is Rebecca, a friend from school." He lied.

"How come you never told me about her?" She asked, now looking at her son.

"Um..." He started to get nervous.

"Because we met not too long ago. I just came to use the phone if you don't mind. I have to call my mother and tell her I'm alright. I was out at a friends house and I realized on my way home that I left my phone at her house and mom must be worried by now. I'm Rebecca by the way." She lied perfectly and added a sweet smile at the end.

"Oh, how responsible. Of course you can use the phone but I'm currently using the one downstairs. You can go on up to Todd's room and use his." She said before returning to her call at the phone.

Todd led her upstairs and grabbed the phone, dialing Brian's number that was on a piece of paper taped on the table. Rebecca sat next to him on the bed and pressed her ear to the other side of the phone. Todd shot her a look. "What? I need to hear the conversation!" She defended. And just then the phone was answered.

"Hello?" Came a woman's voice.

"Hi, Mrs. Stevenson?" Todd said.

"Yes, this is she. Who is this?" She asked.

"It's Todd." He said with a small smile.

"Oh, Todd, it's so good to hear from you! It's been almost three years, how come you haven't called earlier?" She asked.

"I'm sorry for not calling, Mrs. Stevenson." He said sheepishly.

"That's okay, Todd. You want to talk to Eric?" She asked.

"Um, no, actually. I want to speak with Brian for a minute. Is he around?"

"Oh, yeah, he's watching TV. Let me get him for you."

There was a moment of silence and then the phone was lifted.

"Toad?" Came his voice. It was much deeper than it was three years ago.

"Hey, Bry." He said.

"Hey, what's up, man, it's been a while." He said excitedly.

"Listen, Brian, there isn't time to chat. There's a bit of an emergency going on and we need your help." He said seriously.

"We? Who's we?" He asked curiously.

"Well you see, there's this-" He tried to say but Rebecca snatched the phone from him.

"Hi, Brian. This is Rebecca. We can get to know each other later but right now I have to tell ya what's going down..." She said. She didn't think about how she would bring Maurice up, she didn't know how Brian would take it... but she had to.

"What? What's going on?" He asked when she wouldn't talk.

"So... I met Maurice-"

"Maurice? Maurice? How is he? What's wrong? Tell me everything!" He exploded in a mix of emotions.

"Listen, Brian, I need you to pay attention." She said seriously. "Maurice is fine, better than ever if you ask me. He misses you a whole lot, he told me a lot of great things about you, Brian." She let him know. "Know here's the problem. I had a small encounter with Snick yesterday-"

"I thought we took care of him a few years back!" He said in disbelief.

"I know, Todd said the same. Apparently he's still kickin' and well..." She sighed, "He wants you, Brian. I don't know for what or why but I'm sure it's not for an afternoon tea party. I'm calling to let you know and well, we need help. We can't take him out on our own. Snick is strong and he means business. By the way he spoke about you, I'm thinkin' it's kinda personal?" She said.

"We burned the guy. You're gonna tell me that's not personal?" He scoffed, "How can I help you guys? I'm all the way in Wisconsin." He said sadly.

Rebecca had been thinking about that, "We can take a shortcut to Wisconsin through the monster world."

"Yeah and- Oh but wait. I can't go down there now. I've taken too many hours in there, I might end up a monster." He said.

Rebecca didn't quite understand what he meant but figured he couldn't risk it. "Then what can we do? We can't let Snick take over the monster world." She said worriedly.

"Yeah, I know, it'd be Boy all over again and that wasn't fun the first time. I really don't know what to do and I really wanna help." He said. "We can't go for the same attack, he's already expecting it and besides, it wasn't too efficient the first time anyway."

There was a thick silence as everyone worked their brains for an idea on how to take Snick down or at least get Brian to help.

"Maybe we have to lure Snick out to Brian?" Todd suggested.

Rebecca thought about it, "Though it sounds hard, it might work as our last hope." She said.

"What? I need to be filled in here!" Brian said.

"Todd suggested we lure Snick to you... but it's risky. What if he gets a hold of you? What if we can't win? He'd already have you in his hands." She said.

"Yeah, it's a risk... But maybe it's a risk we'll have to take. I can just leave all the lights on." He said.

"If you leave the lights on, he won't come get you."

"That's true. Damn, there's always a dead end to this." He groaned. "And he wouldn't come up during the day either."

"So far the only advantage we have is that he doesn't know where you are." Rebecca said with a sigh. "God, I'm so blocked here!"

"Hey, how is it you know this? What did Snick tell you?" Brian asked.

"Well, he found out Maurice had another human, he kidnapped me and told me I had to find you and bring you to him. I told him I wouldn't and that's how I know he's gonna come after you himself, he knows I'm not giving in."

"So Snick personally asked you to do this. Maybe... Just maybe, we can trick him into thinking you'll do the job of getting me there and we'll trap him!" He said excitedly.

"Not a bad idea but how exactly are you planning to trap him?" She asked.

"Well..." He thought about it, "You can tell him that I'm waiting for him somewhere where the sun is already up, you show him your watch which is a few hours behind so he won't see it coming and then, if we time it just right, the portals back down will close and he'll be left in a pile of clothes forever 'cause if we can't be down there a certain period of time before we turn into monsters, I'm sure the monsters can't stay out in the sunlight for more than an hour before dying."

"I... I don't know if that'll work. It's a good idea but we only have that one theory and if we're wrong, we'll only be making him angry and then we're in for it for sure."

"Well that's true but so far it's the best idea we have." He said.

"True." Rebecca said.

"Hey, maybe we can get a hold of Kirsten and she'll help us. She's brainy too." Todd said.

Rebecca raised an eyebrow, "Who's she?" She asked.

"I'm still here! Who's who?"

"Kirsten." She told him. "Todd said we should try and get her help too. She helped you guys last time?" She asked. "Maurice didn't mention her."

"Yeah, Kirsten helped us take them down. She was our friend and then she was my girlfriend. But now she's at an all girls school and I don't know where it is." Brian said.

"The only all girls school I know of is Mrs. Pinfeather's School for Girls. It's more of an academy if you ask me." She said.

"That's it! That's the school! You know where it is?" Todd said excitedly.

"Yeah, it's in the next town, a few miles in." Rebecca said.

"That's great! We can go look for her during the week and see if she'll help us!" Todd exclaimed happily.

Brian groaned, "It'll be awkward." He whined.

"Oh, you'll get over it. I think this is too important to dwell on a past relationship and I mean, it happened when you were twelve, it wasn't a serious kind of relationship when you have to worry about what you say and how you look and stuff." She said.

"I guess but it'll still be awkward, granted." He said.

There was a knock on the door and Todd's mom came in, "Honey, it's four o' clock, time to wash up for dinner." She looked over at Rebecca, "Do you wish to stay for dinner sweet heart?"

Rebecca deadpanned, "Eh, no, thank you. I don't wanna impose." She said, handing the phone over to Todd.

"Oh, it'll be my pleasure to have you over. Please." She said, "That is if your mother doesn't mind." She added.

"Well, if you insis-"

"Oh, I insist! Besides, it's just me and Todd. Todd's father is working late tonight." She said, leaving to prepare the table.

Todd picked up the phone, "You heard?" He asked.

"Yeah. I'll call you if I think of something." He said.


Rebecca took the phone, "Brian, be careful, he can show up at any moment, be prepared. Oh, and I love what you did with the lights in your room. We'll talk about that later."

"How did you- But-"

"Bye!" She said before ending the call.

"Having a stranger over for dinner. What has this world come to?" Todd said jokingly.

"Oh, shut up, Toad, I'm not a stranger anymore." She said with a laugh.

So they washed up and waited to be called for dinner meanwhile their heads were filled with questions as to how they could handle the situation that was going on in the monster world. Rebecca wondered how Maurice was doing, she missed him a lot already.