Whoa -Paramore

"Isn't it ironic? We ignore the ones who adore us, adore the ones who ignore us & love the ones who hurt us and hurt the ones who love us."-Unknown

Chapter 2- Capture


Ammo wined again, and I pulled into a hotel. "I know, we're stopping." I could hear his tail wag back and forth; I chuckled and parked the car. I stepped out, and was embraced by the cool night air. I shrugged my jacket on, and let Ammo out of the car.

A gust of wind went past me, and I shivered again. Wow, Washington was cold. Only four more hours, and this was only our second stop. I grabbed everything I needed, and went inside, hooking a leash to Ammo, even though he didn't need it. He was a good, friendly dog; I just didn't want him to spend the night in the car.

We walked through the lobby, and I went to the front desk. No one was here. Jeez, what time was it? I glanced at my watch. 4:34 am. Yikes.

I saw a sign that said 'Self Check In.' I walked to the machine and slipped in my driver's license and credit card.

Would you like a:


-Master Suite

-One person room

-Two person room

I hit the 'Suite' button.

Do you have any animals?



I hit yes. Thank god they allowed them. I grabbed my key that popped out of the machine and walked to my room, with Ammo and my suit case in hand. Room suite 2232. I opened the door, and walked inside. Ammo immediately went to the fridge and wined.

I chuckled, "Yeah, I know you're hungry. I am too."

Before unpacking I decided to eat. They surprisingly had dog food, and cat food, in the pantry. I just shrugged, and emptied some into a bowl and put it on the floor. Ammo began to chow down. "Hey. Manners." I scolded him. He looked to me, and ate the food that fell on the floor, and carefully and nicely began to eat the rest in the bowl. I smiled, "Thank you."

What? I decided to teach him tricks. I was a very bored kid.

I got him at 15 when he was born, and now he's only three. But very, very smart.

I began to get stuff out to eat, when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I answered it without looking who it was. "Hello?"

"Eddie!" Alice's small voice rang out. I smiled, "Hey sis,"

"Hey! My dad said you were coming to see us?" She asked excitedly. I shifted my weight on my feet. "Uhhmm. Yes, I am." Carlisle...

"Edward. I already know what it's about. I can help you. I, know her."

I almost dropped the phone.

"NO! Alice, I don't want you in any part of this!"

"Edward, calm down. I know you're not going to harm her. She's my best friend, so I can help you help her not to be scared, and that it's only temporary, and stuff."

I sighed, and leaned my forehead against the fridge. "Alice..."

"Don't 'Alice' me Edward. I'm seventeen. I'm a big girl." She smiled. "I love you Alice. You make this so much easier." I leaned away from the fridge.

"I love you too Eddie. I'll see you tomorrow right?"

I chuckled, "And Ammo." She squealed. "Oh, yay! Okay. See you, and Ammo tomorrow! Bye!"

My sister is such a ditz, I smiled.

I sat on the bed, contemplating on how this would work. Alice had helped in no way anyone could imagine. It makes it so much simpler than telling the girl, I was kidnapping her. Her best friend though? Wouldn't she think that's a little weird? Would Alice go with us? I couldn't let her. I wouldn't let her. That was just too much.

The harsh hotel room lights pounded down on my eyes, and I squinted. I shut off the lights, and curled up into bed. Ammo, crawled right up next to me, and laid his head on my chest. "I know, I don't like this either." I told him and pat his head.

A few minutes later, I fell asleep quickly, exhausted from the day.

The next morning I woke up to Ammo barking at my cell phone. "Jeez! Chill out! It's just a text." I told him, petting his snout. Alice texted me saying she'd meet me half way, to talk about this whole situation. I sighed, and got dressed, and packed hurriedly.

We jumped in the Volvo and we were off. I sped most of the way, faster than normal, because Alice said she'd call to bark at me if I didn't hurry. Well…in my point of view.

I got there in record time, only an hour, instead of two. Ammo was asleep, as usual, so I just walked in. "Hey Alice," I smiled at the tiny pixie sitting in the booth. "Edddieee!" She half screeched. She hugged me tight, and I gladly returned the favor. We sat, and ignored the odd stares.

"Edward Anthony Cullen! I missed you so much!" She smiled cheerfully, reaching to kiss my cheek. I chuckled, "Alice, I missed you too."

She was smaller; if possible. Her hair was a little longer, and the same crow black color, that got the whole family wondering. Well…their family.

"So…Edward. Where in the hell have you been for a half a year?" Her dark blue eyes staring. I smiled, and laid my head on my fists. "Well, I've been with Jasper-"

"Jasper? Jasper Hale!" Her blue eyes went crazed, and she leaned over the table. I smirked. I had forgotten about her crazy love obsession over him. "Edward…I'm not obsessed with him!" She eyed me carefully. "I never said that," I pointed out.

"Yes, but you were thinking it." Her dark eyes rolled as she sat back down in her chair. I sighed, giving up, "Yes Alice, I was with Jasper. But…It's nothing you need to know about." I told her sternly, looking at my menu.

She became serious now. "Edward…" Her voice dropped, "You know I hate what you do, and I know you do too, And, I know it's not your fault, but…I worry. A lot."

"What's done is done Alice." I said absentmindedly. "I know, but…When are you going to stop this nonsense?"

I sighed, and placed my face in my hands. "Whenever I can, Alice. Father said when I turn nineteen, I am my own."

"That's a load of bullshit." Alice scoffed. She also looked worried, "Did he uh…say anything about me?"

My lip began to quiver. "Alice, that's nothing to worry about."

"Edward. I…had another," She came closer across the table, "'Vision'"

I became curious. "I saw, what your father said about me,"

"In a dream or, in plain view?"

"In plain view, right after Carlisle told me you were coming. And I suppose that was a day before you left." I sighed, and slammed my fist on the table; thankfully no one noticed.

"She's in danger isn't she?"

I nodded slowly, staring at the table. "Everyone wants her. Dead or alive."

"But what makes her so important? It's not fair. She didn't do shit wrong!" Alice complained.

"I know, and I don't know. He didn't tell me."

I revved the engine, and we were off. "We're only about half an hour away. Any game plan?" Alice asked me, looking up from her phone. I sighed. "No."

"I could just…tell her-"

"No. Its bad enough you're involved. I don't want-"

I was cut off by my cell phone ringing. I rolled my eyes, and quickly answered it.


"Edward, bad news, your dad knows you're with Alice, he's mad. Really mad. He knows you've told her."

"Shit!" Alice stared at me worriedly.

"Is he looking for me?" I growled, my hand tightening on the steering wheel. "Yeah, Emmett just said that he was, he's not too happy either. He's contacting Carlisle. Where are you?"

"On my way to Carlisle's."

"Okay, I'll be there in a sec,"

"Kay thanks Jasper," I hung up, and Alice screamed. "Ahh! Jasper. Hale? He's coming to my house?" Alice flipped. She turned apple red, and smiled. "I can't wait."

I pulled up the driveway, to the house I actually called home. Esme, came running out the door as soon as she saw my Volvo pull up. "Edward Anthony Masen! Is that you!" I blushed, as I stepped toward her for a hug. She was so small, just like Alice. But she had caramel hair, and brown eyes. "Good to see you again Esme." I smiled, and I heard a bark.

Ammo ran up and gently licked Esme's hand. "Awe, yes, I love you too Ammo."

"Hope I'm not intruding," I awkwardly stuffed my hands in my pockets. Her eyes went wide. "Never! No, no. You're like a son to me Edward; never a burden." Her heartwarming smile made my heart flutter.

"Mom! Have you seen-?"

My eyes landed on a tall blonde, with blue eyes. "Rosalie," I smirked.

Her face lit up, "Edward!" She ran toward me in her platform boots, and threw her arms around me. "Oh my gosh, Edward. It's been way too long." She smiled, and kissed my cheek. "I missed you too Rose."

Alice and Rosalie, are sisters, and Rosalie was yet, like another sister too me. Carlisle finally walked out. "Edward, I've been expecting you." He smiled, greeting me warmly. "To long Carlisle."

"Yes, boy, it has. Let's go inside, it's starting to snow." Just as I looked up, I see small white flakes falling from the sky. "Hmm…" I mused.

A white sedan pulled in the driveway at that exact moment. Jasper stepped out, and smiled toward me. "Edward," He said slamming his door. Alice squealed. "Carlisle," Jasper said shaking his hand, "Good to see you again sir," Carlisle nodded, knowing he had things he needed to tell us.

"We'd better head in," I said, and we walked inside. I heard Alice talking to Jasper.

"Nice to see you again Jasper," She blushed,

He chuckled, "Good to see you Alice, you're more beautiful than the last time I've seen you." Alice giggled. I rolled my eyes. Jasper secretly has a crush on Alice, but I'd never tell…ha.

"But why would he angry over this? Because of the threat?" I asked, Carlisle, as he placed his face in his hands. "All, I know is, now Alice is in danger. I can't have that."

I sighed. "How does he know this?" I flipped. "He didn't say. Emmett just said that he knew." Jasper confessed.

"Edward," Carlisle looked to me seriously. "I want you and Jasper to take Alice, somewhere far away. Keep her safe."

"What about Isabella?" I asked, "She's in danger too."

Carlisle nodded, "Her too. I'll deal with Edward sr." I shuddered, but nodded. "When would you like us to leave?" I asked, and he sighed, thinking.

"Tomorrow would be perfect."

We've discussed everything with Alice, and she looked more excited than scared. Jasper and I didn't mention the counter's we'd run into.

She told us she'd get Isabella to stay with her, and explain everything. This would be done tonight.

"Alice, this is insanely dangerous, you realize that right?" I asked her as I watched her pack her things. "Yes, Edward. I realize. My dad's the leader of a mafia clan; I've been going through this my whole life. I know what I'm doing."

The doorbell made me jump. "Shit, that's her." She ran down the stairs. We hadn't even had any idea how we were going to tell this girl, but Alice said she thought something was off when her father was acting scarce.

I quietly walked down the stairs, and I heard voices. I landed on the last step when my eyes landed on her. She was an angel. She was even more gorgeous in person. Her chestnut hair was long, and slightly curly, and she was rather small.

Her chocolate brown eyes landed on me, and her jaw slightly dropped. I was leaning against the wall, at the end of the stairs, staring back.

"Bella, this is Edward." She blinked furiously, as if she was trying to wake up from a dream. I stepped off the stair, and walked toward her. "I'm Edward Masen. Amazing to finally meet you Bella."

She nodded, and grabbed my hand. A small spark of electricity flew through our bodies, but also a warming comfort. "Like wise." She smiled, slightly and blushed a deep pink. It was beautiful.

"Bella, this is who we're going on our vacation with." Alice smiled. Vacation? What? I just went with it.

"Oh, awesome." She laughed.

Just wait until she finds out what's really going on…