The young Night fury let out a dissaproving snort.
His little human had been spending time with that blonde haired girl for a week now. When was his human going to take him flying? Or just atleast spend time with him.

Toothless was currently sunning on a rock. All the past week, he had just been napping and eating fish. He let out another angry snort. When was his human going to visit him? He had never liked that Astrid, and this week, he had just been loathing her. The night fury didn't want to admit, but he was indeed jealous. Hiccup was HIS.

Those green toxic eyes suddenly shined with an idea. After meeting and befriending Hiccup, he vowed to never hurt any other humans. But his rage and jealous was to the point of bubbling over. What if he hurt the blonde girl? Much less, killed her. His young hatchling would never forgive him...would he?

Yes, he was sure that Hiccup wouldn't forgive him. His human loved that girl.
But, what about Toothless' feelings? Didn't they matter? The dragon let out an angry growl. He was sick of this. Sick of being ignored. Sick of that blonde girl.

The night fury wasn't sure if something inside him snapped. But his mind was set on one decision. He was going to get rid of that Astrid. But what if he killed her? What would he do with the body? Dump it in the ocean, maybe?

An idea dawned onto him, something that Hiccup had said along time ago.
"Be glad that you don't eat humans Bud," he joked, "Every viking around here is tough and tasteless."
Toothless scowled how his stomach growled at that memory. He had never thought about eating a human. In his past, he only ate sheep and fish.

What did humans taste like? Were they really tough and tasteless? Toothless doubted it. But...maybe he could give them a try? Yes. He decided what he was going to do.
With that, he stood up from his sunning rock and jumped off, running into the forest, following the scent that lead him to his human.

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