When you suddenly know about someone's love, you can't understand why he or she is trying to hide feelings.

"Oh, shit, man, you're a fool..." said Cox. I thought so.

"Yeah, Santorini, why are you hiding that?"

"Judie, and why are you hiding your feelings to Barbie?" Cox... I will send curse on you... Come on, say, that it isn't true!

"I...I..." You're idiot...

"Then shut up, my girl, and listen the grown-up's conversation."

As you say, Perry...

" Vinny, you mustn't break your and her life."

"Cox, girl, go out. I need to talk with them" said Vinny.

"Oh, man, is that so?" asked me Turk when we were in cafe.

"Yes, my chocolate bear." Dr. Cox and I were sitting at the other table against my friends. I heard how Elliot was excited saying that she saw her favorite writer.

"I made friends with her..." when suddenly Ramirez sat to me with Cox.

"Oh, whom I see... The Latino Juliet." Cox, stop it!

" Shut up, Mr. Cox. I don't wanna hear about him."

" Oh my got, your diagnosis is love. Well, there is a tablet which you must drink once in a day." Cox write on paper and gave her.

"Having a sex?" Oh, man, there's volcano waking up in her.

But to my excitement, Turk, Carla and Elliot heard it.

" Yeah, girl, he's right. Only loving people can have crazy sex."



"Yep, he's right. When I fall in love in university the first thing I do..."

"You have sex with him..." said Cox, me,Turk and Carla.

"How did you know?" Well, Elliot, it's not hard to guess.

"Listen, Audrey, when you love someone who you know all your life, you can't hide..."

"Yes, I know..."

Cox was in his "glass box" but when my friends stop talking this, he said:

" Just go to him after they'll leave." Cox, you forget someone...

"Dr. Cox, and what about Mr. Kelso?" asked Carla.

"Don't worry."

In the evening of workday, Cox took me to Santorini's palate and said:

"Ok, listen to me, JD (he called me JD? Hurray!), you must stay near that door and don't listen to what happens there."

"They'll have sex?"Cool...

"Oh, shit, I'd better asked Ghandi to do it."

"Ok, I'll do it. Just tell me what I must do."

"Just when you'll see Kelso, write me on cellphone."

I nodded and then Cox left. Hour later I heard noises... But my eyes were looking on Kelso who was going right to me. He saw me standing near the door and asked:

"JD, let me go, I must speak with..." Oh-oh, that's not good!Perry! Kelso heard behind the door Audrey's phrase:


"Dorian, let me in."

"Oh, Bobo, I need to speak with you." Perry, you saved me!

"Perry, say to Dorian to let me came in..."

"Dr. Kelso, we must speak with you." Carla?

"what do you want?"

"We wanna ask you to do one thing. Say to the mass media that Mr. Santorini is dead after a month laying in coma."

Cox, you're genius!

"I am the boss and I decide what to do or not."

"And if you'll get some money?"

"Nurse Espinosa, your work payment can't let you to pay a bill even in restaurant."

Carla, Carla, calm dawn! Quickly step by step go to Cox and Carla.

"You, an evil's creation, you know what will happen with you if I'll say everybody where were lost 25000 dollars."

What?Kelso took some money from budget?


"And I'm like the older nurse will show you our "respect" , Mr. Kelso."


Three pairs of eyes looked at me like I was idiot. Damn.

"Ok. I'll say. But he as patient of Sacred Heart must pay us in the end of treatment course."

Kelso's gone and we stayed at hospital on night shift.

The next day in hospital was unusual. Santorini paid check for 50000 dollars and Kelso was on the seventh heaven. But also there was a little bit sadness. Cox and I were standing in palate of Italian boy.

"So, that's it. You'll leave us by night ." said Cox.

Well, every in our clinic mark this situation different. Elliot was crying, Carla was glad to repair the relationship with Turk thanks to Vincenzo. And we are... I remembered what he said to me. Every smart person teaches on his own mistakes.

"Yeah...It's over, Perry (How did he...?). Thanks for that month."

Cox stood as usual when suddenly hugged our patient.

"You stink..." said Cox through chattering teath.

"Dynamite and TNT?"

Cox than released Santorini from his hugs. Why doesn't he hug me at all?Why him, not me?

"JD." Vinny shook my hand.

"You can return here at any time. It's your second home" said I.

At this time Kelso was interviewed by journalist and said:

"Mr. Santorini died in coma after operation. I hope that he is in better place." He let his one tear out from the right cheek.

At midnight our little company was on the roof looking how Santorini with Audrey's help went in helicopter.

"Bye, everyone!" When the helicopter was ready to fly away, the engine stopped to make noise and Vincenzo said:

"By the way Kelso, how's your tattoo on your ass? Don't forget Vietnam!"

Kelso said:

"You, old bomb throwing goat, go away quickly until I didn't change my decision!"

The helicopter soon flew away and after a minute of silence Cox asked:

"Bobo, how did ya...?"

"This old goat didn't change since our army years. We called him "Italian boy". Any more questions?"

And Kelso went away.

Not only me and Cox knew about the secret. Bob Kelso was first.

It was June. The last day before summer holidays. Cox stood near nurse's station and looked through the history of illness. I was with Turk. We played "guess my fantasy".

All of us were sitting and just waiting when the clock will show the end of workday.

But suddenly we heard a voice of our boss:

" Well, you five, yes and me, go to the roof! Right now!"

I, Turk, Carla, Cox,Elliot and Bob went on the roof.

"Oh shit..."muttered Cox.

"Guys, don't waste my time. I give you one hour to pack your bags."

"Santorini, you're an idiot..." said Cox.

"Go, go,go!I don't wanna see my fiancée angry!"


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