After the scenes!
Secret relationships and paparazzi! How will the Mugiwara crew survive after the scenes?

I have no idea how I came up with this story...I hope you'll like it!


A few things:

-The Mugiwara crew don't wear costumes! The world besides One Piece (The show) is just like One Piece. So Chopper and Brook are real XD
-Their personality is the same. Luffy is still the same idiot, although a bit smarter. Sanji is still a ladylover and Zoro and Sanji still fight together.
-They live in a huge villa called thousand Sunny ^^
-Paparazzi's are bitches
-I sometimes (really sometimes) put other characters from other anime's in this story. Mostly from Shounen Jump
-They sometimes give interviews at the end, so you can ask questions with your reviews.

Things about me:

-Updates are slowing down T_T and not only with this story...I'm really sorry, but I still care about you all! I'm NOT on hiatus, but it's slowing down! That's everything!

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Mangawood!

Luffy ran towards the Jump studios, avoiding fangirls and the paparazzi. The crew waited for him to come!


"Later!" yelled Luffy back. Luffy ran further to the Jump studios and ran towards the One Piece section.

"Luffy! You're late!" yelled Sanji mad.

"Yea, sorry..." breathed Luffy sitting on the ground "I had a Shounen Jump photo session with Ichigo and Naruto..."

"Again?" asked Zoro with a frown "When is it our turn?"

"Soon" grinned Luffy "Where are the others?" he asked looking around. Only Sanji and Zoro were prepared.

"In the dressing rooms...Nami-swan kicked me out of her dressing room..."


"Do you wanna fight!"

"Guys, not now!" said Usopp walking to them "Luffy, You have to get dressed..." Luffy looked down at his black Nike sweater, jeans and Hilfiger shoes. Luffy grinned sheepishly.

"Yea, sorry..." grinned Luffy. Luffy ran away to the dressing rooms

"He's such an idiot..." sighed Zoro "Why did he change his clothes after the photo session when he had his clothes already on?"

"No clue" said Usopp and Sanji shrugging their shoulders. Luffy walked to the dressing room seeing Brook, Chopper and Franky.

"Hey!" smiled Franky "You're kinda late..."

"Yea, sorry, photo session" grinned Luffy walking to his clothes

"You have new shoes!" yelled Chopper with stars in his eyes "Suge!"

"Aren't they cool! You can write on them if you want" grinned Luffy

"Write on them! Weren't they expensive!" asked Brook

"Yea, they were...But they are to white..." pouted Luffy

"Idiot..." said the three in unison. Luffy pulled out his jeans and lay in on his chair with his name on it. He put his shorts on and looked into the mirror. He grinned and put his vest on.

"I love these clothes" grinned Luffy

"I don't dare to admit it in public, but I do too" grinned Franky.

"I wouldn't dare too if I were you...You only wear a speedo..." said Chopper. Luffy grinned and turned to his hat. He smiled seeing his precious hat. It even valued to him even though he only wears it for the show. Luffy put it on his head and looked into the mirror again. He saw Nami's and Robin's reflection and grinned.

"'Ey girls" smiled Franky

"Hey" smiled Nami and Robin. Luffy turned and still grinned

"Ne, Luffy..." started Nami "You do know what kind of episode it's going to be...Right?" Luffy turned a bit sad and nodded

"What?" asked Chopper "It isn't real! Right?"

"No, it isn't, but it's a really emotional episode..." said Robin "We're going to be separated after this...In the anime, that is..."

"Yea..." said Luffy "Well...It's not for that long right?" he grinned. Brook shrugged his shoulders

"That's for Oda-sama to decide"

"Yea..." said everyone in unison.

"The show is going to start" said a voice out of the speakers, most likely Rayleighs. They ran towards the stage, seeing Usopp, Zoro and Sanji already.

"Are you ready?" asked Rayleigh

"Yea" they said in unison.

"Camera set in!"


"I still have a tear on my cheek" said Luffy walking out of the studio. He kept the door open for the other crew members. "I hate Kuma...Stupid Oda-sama..." They all have different clothes on. Luffy his clothes he had after the photo session. Zoro had a thick vest with an easy pants and Nike shoes, Sanji had a white sweater on with a black tie, a not to tight black pants and classy shoes. Chopper had cute clothes on, just the clothes he always wore. Brook wore a black sweater, a black pant and classy black shoes, same branch as Sanji's. Nami wore a red sweater with a short black skirt and a black legging and brown shoes. Robin wore a tight pants and a green long sweater. Franky wore long pants, sandals and a blue sweater...Yes, its winter. They also wore sunglasses and wigs...For the paparazzi and fangirls.

"I don't wanna do the interview!" whined Chopper. He always hated interviews!

"It's over soon" said Usopp patting Chopper's head.

The crew walked past a bookstore. Zoro turned and looked between the magazine's

"Hey, Ero-idiot, we're gay again" Sanji looked over Zoro's shoulder and slapped Zoro behind his back for the 'Ero-idiot'

"Again? I thought we had a love-fight..." He said lighting his cigarette.

"Nami!" yelled Luffy "We're married!" He yelled reading the magazine "Did I miss something!"

"Really? Again? Weren't we divorced...?" The crew felt some kind of presence and turned looking at the presence

"Luffy-sama! Nami-sama! Are you two dating!" asked someone from another magazine

"NO!" said Luffy and Nami getting tired about the question. "We never dated, we aren't married, we don't have children and we don't cheat on each other, which is impossible!" said Nami mad. Luffy nodded reading the magazine further. Luffy laughed hard showing a page to Robin

"Read!" said Luffy ignoring the paparazzi.

"Zoro cheated on Robin?" read Robin loud "A rumour has been told. Zoro has a relationship with Sanji and officially cheats Robin..." Robin laughed hard and Zoro and Sanji glared.

"Are you two going out!" asked the paparazzi again to Sanji and Zoro.

"Ask it again if you want to kill yourself...We help" They said with a devilish glare.










The crew's eyes widened and put of their wigs and sunglasses. It's time to run again for the fangirls and fanboys.

"Why am I running?" asked Sanji being pulled by Zoro

"It's going to be your dead!" yelled Zoro. Zoro let go of Sanji and looked at him "Yea...Why are you running?" he asked again

"Hurry!" yelled Usopp. They ran to their villa with a huge grin...The thousand Sunny!

-Kawaii Magazine interview-

1. Hello, Mugiwara crew! Question 1: Do you guys also play the manga or only the anime?

We only play the anime. Eiichiro Oda makes the manga and we play it like it's been drawn in the manga.

2. How come that you all just look like the characters in the manga and even have the same name?

-Euhm...Coincidence? We all have one thing the characters in the manga don't have...For example...I don't have the scar Luffy in the manga has
-I don't actually have a real tattoo...I'm considering putting one, though.
-I don't smoke that many cigarettes a day...And yes, I am a ladylover, but not that much as Sanji in the manga...
-I don't have three earrings in my ear...I wish I could, but it's dangerous with the fighting scenes in the anime...It's not like I care, I think I'm getting them though.
-The Robin in the manga has brown eyes and I have blue eyes
-I don't have star tattoos. I'm considering going with Nami together to a tattooshop! That would be super!
-I actually have a brown nose instead of blue...*blush*
-I'm...Tone deaf...Skull joke! I don't like panties, I like bra's more! Yohohoho
-I'm actually very bad at lying, but I'm getting better!

3. What do you like the most?

We all like the most that the people, who play the Mugiwara crew members, also have the same personality! Luffy is a bit smarter, but still really stupid!

4. What do you think of paparazzi?

We hate them. They know more about us then we know about ourselves...Zoro and Sanji already would have 20 children, god may know how, and me and Luffy would be married six times and divorced 20 times...

5. Last question: What exactly is thousand sunny?

It's our villa! The whole Mugiwara crew lives in it. Vivi and Kaya also live there. It's one huge villa with a cinema for the anime, a karaoke room (we love karaoke). The One Piece studio gave it to us and still pays the rent!


GnaGna! I hope you liked it! I did! =D I love this story already =P and its original!

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