One Piece © Eiichiro Oda

"Naaaaamiiiii!" Nami's vein beat in her forehead. She turned around and looked at Luffy who carried a few bags

"Yes?" she replied smoothly.

"Can we please take a break?" he pleaded.

"Please!" pleaded Ace and Sabo also carrying bags.

"SHUT UP YOU TWO! YOU WENT TO BED AFTER WE ARRIVED!" yelled Nami mad. "WHERE WERE YOU TWO BACK AT THE BEACH!" Ace and Sabo looked away with a pout. "Jeez…" Nami sat down on a bench with a sigh. Luffy grinned. He put down the bags. Everyone sat down on a bench and they relaxed. Luffy grabbed his wallet and looked. He smiled and stood up.

"I'll be right back!" he grinned. Everyone looked confused but nodded. Luffy walked away. Ace couldn't help but smirk. He stood up and ran after Luffy. Sabo blinked confused but smiled fast. He also stood up and attacked Luffy from behind. Nami smiled and looked at the three brothers. Sabo ruffled Luffy hair, Luffy scowled and Ace laughed.

"She's sooo in love!" laughed Vivi. Nami looked at Vivi and showed a sweet smile.

"Such a nice smile, mellorine~!" said Sanji in his love state. Nami looked away and looked where the three siblings walked to. They disappeared in the crowd. Nami rubbed her head and thought. What was Luffy going to buy?

Nami looked over at Sanji who swirled around Kaya, Milla and Eve. The three looked with half lidded eyes. Anh decided to sit somewhere else. He sat down next to Zoro with a sigh.

Zoro looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. "Hate flirts?" he asked. Anh nodded slowly and Zoro grinned "Yeah, ditto…"

Milla smiled sweetly to Sanji. Eve looked at her with a cocked eyebrow and half lidded eyes. Kaya stood up and walked to Usopp.

"Your turn." Said Eve, grabbing a cigarette box out of her pocket. Milla smiled and nodded. She looked at Sanji and smiled

"Sanji-kun…" said Milla with a sweet tone. Eve opened the cigarette box with a slight smile.

"Yes, Milla-chwan!"

"Leave me alone or I'll murder you 6 to 7 times~." She said with a sweet smile still plastered on her face. Eve chuckled softly and put a stick in her mouth. Sanji's head dropped.

Sanji glanced at Eve and frowned. "Aren't you going to light that?" Eve looked at Sanji with the stick on her lips.

She smiled and shook her head. "I don't smoke." She said. Sanji really looked confused now. "Ah, sorry. It's a cinnamon stick…" she smiled "I'm addicted to it." She laughed embarrassed.

"Cinnamon?" he asked surprised. Eve grinned and nodded with reddish cheeks.

"Stupid habit of mine…"

"How come?" asked Sanji. Milla looked to Eve. She also was curious.

"Hmm… I love to draw and I always nibble on a pencil, which isn't good… So I used cinnamon sticks instead, but I got addicted to it." She said depressed. "I keep them in a cigarette box… Easy to carry…" Sanji smiled. Such a weird habit…

Luffy, Sabo and Ace finally arrived. Luffy had a huge grin plastered on his face and visable pink cheeks. Nami frowned confused when the three grabbed the bags again without nagging.

"Are we going?" the captain-actor asked. Everyone nodded and slowly stood up. They walked further and looked around. Nami grabbed Luffy's hand when they walked through the streets.

"Rotterdam sure is big." Smiled Nami. Luffy nodded with the same grin he had earlier. Luffy looked at a restaurant and smiled. He pointed at it and Nami looked where he was aiming.

She smiled and turned to the others. "Who wants to go to a restaurant?" she asked. Everyone turned and looked at Luffy, who still pointed at the restaurant. They smiled and nodded. Luffy, Sabo and Ace grinned and ran to the restaurant. Luffy stopped when he had a phone call. He frowned and picked up his phone.

"Yeah?" he said confused.

"YOU ASSHOLE!"Luffy almost dropped his mobile. Everyone looked confused at Luffy.

"U…Uda-san?" (A/N One Piece director, Storyboard, Episode Director.) asked Luffy confused "How late is it there in Japan?"

"THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT!" he yelled through the phone "WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THIS BILL!"

Luffy's eyes widened. Shit… Toei animation paid for everything, so they received a bill.

"L…Listen! Just accept it and I will do everything for you!" explained Luffy. Everyone looked confused and Sabo and Ace smiled a bit. Luffy would be in big trouble if Toei Animation didn't accept it… Huge troubles… "Please…?" he pleaded.

"Ok, ok… I'm too tired anyway…" he replied. "Bye."

"Bye!" said Luffy with a grin. He put his mobile in his pocket and pumped his fists into the air "And now! We will eat!"

"Yosh!" yelled Sabo and Ace, running after him. The others also walked after them and entered the restaurant. Nami's wallet already hurt, knowing the three brothers ate enormous amounts. Luckily, Toei Animation paid for everything!


It was late and they walked back to the hotel when they finished eating. Ace and Sabo sung while they were drunk, Kaya carried Usopp with her and Vivi, Brook and Sanji carried Franky. Nami and Luffy walked hand in hand and talked about everything and anything. Robin and Zoro walked next to each other and also talked about different things. The three bodyguards were talking about LuNa stories and Chopper and Sanji talked about different ingredients to make food taste even better.

Luffy yawned and leaned his head on Nami's shoulder. Nami chuckled softly and kissed the top of his head. It was a long day again and it was hot, so it was very easy to get tired. Nami brushed her thumb over his hand and he smiled. Ace and Sabo bumped against Luffy while they sung and Luffy gasped. He frowned mad and ran after them. Everyone laughed when they fell on the ground in unison. Ace over Sabo and Luffy over Ace. Nami laughed and helped them up, walking further again with Luffy. Luffy laughed and Sabo and Ace sung even louder.

They entered the hotel and walked upstairs to their rooms. Luffy lay their bags on the ground and he yawned. Luffy walked towards the bed and he fell face first in it. Nami smiled and walked towards the bathroom, deciding she desirved a long, relaxed bath.

Nami finished her bath and she walked to Luffy, seeing him tired but not asleep. She crept into the bed and smiled, brushing his hair. Luffy opened his eyes slowly and looked at Nami. Nami smiled and lay down, next to him. Luffy smiled back. Luffy lifted himself up and pecked Nami on her lips. Nami smiled and Luffy slowly crept over her. Nami blinked with confusion. Luffy kissed her and parted with a grin.

"I love you." He said.

Nami smiled and brushed his back "I love you too…"

Luffy kissed her again, but this time longer. Both hooded their eyes. Nami opened her mouth slowly and waited for his tongue. Luffy entered her mouth with his tongue and played with hers. They both moaned in ecstacy and addiction. They parted slowly and smiled.

"Fans would scream or squeal if this happened in the anime…" he said. Nami laughed and nodded. They would. They kissed again and the passion grew.


"Tired…" murmured Nami and Luffy at the breakfast table. The acting crew looked at the couple. Quite suspiscious…

"We are going to leave in a couple of hours." Said Eve with a smile. Everyone nodded and Nami and Luffy yawned in response.

"Did you guys have sex?" asked Milla bluntly. Everyone gasped or chocked in their food. Zoro, Sabo and Robin laughed loud.

"N..No!" defended the red cheeked Nami "We only kissed! Nothing more!"

"Really!" defended Luffy too "It only delayed, but we did nothing!"

"Aw, bummer…" sighed Sabo "Why did Oda reserve a honeymoon suite?" Nami and Luffy looked away with half lidded eyes. They only kissed… Really…

"I can't wait to be home again!" said Brook "Playing my own songs and being popular for panties wearing woman! Yohohoho!"

"Mellorines~!" yelled Sanji in happiness. Everyone facepalmed and sighed. The two biggest perverts…

"We have pack our bags soon." Smiled Anh. It already was almost over, which was dissapointing… The crew stood up after they finished eating and they walked upstairs towards their rooms.

"Ok, we have to pack our bags." Said Nami with a smile. She turned but she didn't see Luffy. She frowned and looked around. She smiled when she found his sleeping form on the bed. She walked to him and kissed the top of his bed.

"I guess I can pack two bags…"


"We really have lots of stuff!" laughed Kaya, looking at all their clothes.

Vivi and Robin laughed and they nodded.

"Ah, shit! I have to ask Nami something!" she said in realisation. Robin and Kaya laughed. Vivi exited the room and she walked towards the honeymoon suite upstairs. She knocked and the door opened softly, showing a curious Nami. Nami smiled and put her indexfinger on her lips, telling to be quiet. Vivi nodded with a smile and entered the room. She looked around with a huge smile. Such a beautiful room!

Her eyes travelled towards the huge bed and her expression turned into a smile. She saw Luffy sleeping on the bed, on his belly. She looked at Nami and Nami was searching something in her bag. Maybe she already knew why Vivi came to her room. Nami smiled and grabbed a wallet out of her bag. She gave it to Vivi and Vivi smiled. So she did knew. Vivi had given Nami her wallet for she didn't have a bag with her.

Vivi looked at Luffy and frowned sad "Imagine…" she whispered. Nami looked at her with a cocked eyebrow. "You are married with Luffy, and we still are busy with the anime and you turn pregnant… What are you going to do?" she asked. She looked at Nami and Nami looked with slightly wide eyes.

"Euhm…" she whispered, rubbing her head. Things like pregnancy is the last thing she thought about. "I don't know…" she whispered honest. Nami looked at Luffy with a slight sad look. "I really don't know…"

Vivi frowned and nodded "Sorry for the weird question…"

"I don't mind." She smiled. Vivi smiled too and she left the room after saying bye.

Nami frowned and folded a shirt. She looked at Luffy and she put the shirt down. She walked to him and sat on the bed. He looked so peacefully… Nami brushed his back and he gave a grunty response. She smiled softly. She really wished to have a child with him… But how? Sometimes she wished she wasn't an animestar… Nami lay down next to him and enjoyed his peacefully sleeping.


The airplane landed and the crew stepped out of it. Luffy carried Nami already the whole time. He didn't care. He actually enjoyed it. He smiled and walked over to the bags, like everyone else. He wanted to grab his bags but Nami was on his back. He pouted.

"Let me help you, Mugiwara!" said Franky, grabbing his bags.

Brook grabbed Nami's bags "And I will help Nami-san! Yohohoho!" he laughed.

Luffy smiled sweetly and nodded "Thanks guys." He said. Everyone exited the airport.

Kaya looked around and laughed. "I finally read something I understand." She said, looking at all the signs.

"It's now 4 pm." said Eve "Be careful for the paparazzi." The crew nodded. They gulped and left the airport. The doors opened slowly and they already met flashlight from cameras. They pinched their eyes closed and protected their eyes with their arms.

"How was the Netherlands!"

"Have Zoro and Robin a relationship now!"

"Is Nami pregnant?"

"Are Sanji and Zoro married?"

The whole crew, and three bodyguards, looked with half lidded expressionless eyes. They sighed and answered.

"It was awesome."



"Hell no."

A woman walked to Luffy with a microphone.

"Could you tell more about your trip?" she asked.

Luffy looked at the mic and smiled. "Sure. It took 12 hours for us to come here, and we are tired now. We will tell more if you guys leave us alone and let us sleep at home." He said with the same sweet innocent smile. The crew and three bodyguards looked with wide eyes. Luffy never talked like this.

"S…So… You want to sleep now…?" the paparazzi woman asked again.

Luffy nodded and looked at Nami on his back "My cutie is sleeping right now, and I think she would like her bed better, so we are going right now. Ask tomorrow more." Luffy walked through the paparazzi and the crew walked behind him.

The paparazzi looked with wide eyes at Luffy "Did you hear that! He said 'Cutie'!" they yelled excited. "'My cutie'!" Luffy couldn't help but slip a little 'Shishishi'.


"Are you guys leaving already?" asked Vivi with a sad frown.

The three bodyguards nodded with a smile. "We have to go straight to the Weekly Shonen studio. We have to protect Fairy Tail now." Milla explained with a smile.

"Lots of people are NaLu fans…" Murmured Eve.

"Yeah, we understand." Said Sabo, Zoro and Robin with a nod. The Mugiwara crew looked at them with half lidded eyes. LuNa fans and NaLu fans?

"But us included!" said Anh with a grin. The crew smiled. They understood that too. "We are going!" the three said. The crew smiled and waved them goodbye.


Everyone was awake but it was the middle of the night. They all got bored and sat in the living room. Luffy sighed and turned the television on. The crew also sighed and looked at the television. Luffy frowned when he saw the Jump Studio News, mid night edition.

"And that's all about Naruto with his stomach aches, caused by Ramen."

"Hehheh… Sucker." Laughed Ace softly. Sabo also chuckled. Both were tired but they couldn't sleep. Their sleeping places was the couch. Luffy eyes widened when the Shonen Jump news came to One Piece as subject, seeing a photo of Luffy carrying Nami.

"And now some news! Luffy called Nami 'My cutie'! How did this relationship evolve? What did they do in the Netherlands? Are they married and is she pregnant? We will tell you more after the commercials!"

Everyone's heads turned to Luffy, who looked with a bewildered expression at the television and at Nami, who turned into a twin of a tomato.

"I'm going to make some popcorn…" said Sanji leaving to the kitchen. Brook, Franky and Usopp followed him.

"What did you call me?" she asked softly and slowly. Luffy scratched his cheek and looked away. "And when?"

"Hmm…" he hummed "When you were sleeping and when I carried you…"

"What did you call me?" she asked again

Luffy gulped and looked at Sabo and Ace. His two brothers only were smirking. "My cutie! That was all!" Luffy said, looking at Nami again.

Nami looked at Luffy. Luffy already sat ready with his eyes pinched, waiting for the punch. Luffy eyes shot open when he received a hug from Nami. Luffy grinned and hugged her back. Sabo and Ace also smiled and took another bite of their midnight sandwich.

"You never called me that." She whispered with a smile. Luffy smiled and smelled her hair while they while cuddling. The others came back with the popcorn. Nami grabbed Luffy's hand and she dragged him upstairs. The others looked with confusion and Luffy's siblings still looked at the television, laughing when they heard Sanji gave Zoro a sexual disease.

"Where are Luffy-san and Nami-san going?" asked Brook

Ace and Sabo fought over the last piece of sandwich. They stopped and answered Brook when Zoro ate the last piece of sandwich. "Making out…" they said with half lidded eyes, looking at the last-piece-of-sandwich-killing Zoro.

The crew sighed with a smile. Of course they did…


Luffy woke up and blinked a few times. He rubbed his eyes and looked at Nami. He smiled and kissed the top of her head. He went out of the bed and he pulled of his pyjama. He changed into his sport outfit. He closed the door softly and walked downstairs. It really was quiet, but it was 5 in the morning, so everyone was still sleeping. Luffy walked to the kitchen and made a sandwich for himself. He ate it fast and left the house. He smiled when he saw two familiar persons. Sabo and Ace. They both stood in their jogging outfits and they grinned the equal brothers smile.

"Are you ready?" Luffy smiled and nodded. They left the garden and jogged over the street. They sighed when they saw a few people, also known as 'paparazzi'. They ran further but the paparazzi ran with them.

"Did you have sex with Nami?" asked someone, almost pushing her microphone into Luffy's nose.

"No." said Luffy.

"Is she pregnant?" a man asked.

Ace laughed a bit and Sabo sighed. "Luffy is annoying, but he is no wizard." Retorted Sabo for him.

"Why are you three jogging this early?"

"We have to stay sexy." Smirked Ace. The two brothers laughed.

Someone pointed his microphone to Ace "Do you still have a jetlag?"

The three brothers yawned in unison and they both answered in unison "Does that answer your question?"

"Could you tell more about your trip?" They already needed oxygen, but the three actors didn't have any problems.

"Pfft… Where to begin…" said Ace thinking

Sabo and Luffy also thought "Hmm… Such a long story…"

"Ah look!" the three brothers all pointed at a place in the middle of nowhere "Zoro and Sanji making out!" the paparazzi gasped and looked at the pointed place. They all frowned confused and turned back to the brothers… But they already were gone.

"SUCKERS!" yelled Ace with a laugh. The other two laughed too and ran as fast as they could. Like hell they were going to tell about the trip!


Luffy, Sabo and Ace entered the villa again while they laughed. They had a laughing fit the whole time. They walked into the living room but their laughter died fast after they saw the other actors with pale faces, looking at the ground. The three frowned confused and walked towards them.

"Where's breakfast?" asked Luffy. Everyone glared daggers at him and Ace and Sabo snickered.

"That's the least thing you have to be worried about!" said Nami mad.

"Odachi wants us to do a little live show before we air the newest episode after the 3d2y…" said Zoro with a slight sigh. "With our new costumes."

"And you, Mugiwara, have to film everything." Said Franky.

Luffy's eyes widened and he pointed at himself. "I have to film everything?"

Everyone nodded "So don't screw this up like a shitty idiot." Said Sanji, taking a long drag. Luffy looked with a determined expression and nodded. Everyone smiled too.


"And cut!" yelled Rayleigh. The crew cheered. They acted again after such a long time.

"Nami-swan! Robin-chwan! Long hair looks beautiful on you!" yelled Sanji in happiness. Sanji snapped in anger when he heard laughter from behind him, AGAIN. Sanji turned and frowned when he looked at Zoro.

"AMAZING! What seriously happened with your eyebrow? It twisted different!" Sanji seethed and fought with Zoro.

Nami and Robin looked at each other's hair and complimented each other. Everyone smiled when they saw Chopper. He looked soooo cute! Usopp looked really strong with his new muscles and Franky… Franky looked ridiculously big! Brook sat depressed in a corner. He didn't change at all…

Everyone looked around when they couldn't find Luffy.

"Don't worry! Rayleigh is telling him how the camera works! The live show starts in 10 minutes." Explained Usopp. Everyone nodded excited.

Nami thought a bit "So first, we have the live show and the new episode will be aired after that?" asked Nami.

Usopp nodded "Something like that. But Luffy is going to everyone's dressing rooms and he is going to ask questions and such. Nothing special actually."

"So we have to go to our dressing rooms now and Luffy is going around with the camera's?" asked Zoro. Everyone nodded. "Well then, I'm going." He said, standing up. He walked towards his dressing room. Everyone looked at him and nodded. They were going to do the same thing. They all stood up and walked to their dressing rooms, waiting for Luffy.


"Is it working?" asked Luffy. "Ah yes, there it is…" Luffy walked back and looked into the camera with a goofy expression. A grin turned on his face

"Yo! Mugiwara no Luffy here! This is the live show for One Piece Shippuuden!" he said with a peace sign "I'm kidding! We're still are One Piece, Shishishi! I'm going to film every One Piece actor from the Mugiwara crew! And it's live, so I hope this will be good, shishi!"

Luffy grabbed the camera again and looked around. "Ok! Let's go to… Zoro! We are going to look how he looks now!" Luffy walked towards Zoro's dressing room. He opened the door and Zoro was busy with his scar.

He turned towards the door and looked straight in the camera. "You couldn't help but just walk into my room, can you?"

"Shishi." Laughed Luffy. Zoro smiled and put down his make-up for his scar. "Zoro, why are you wearing make-up?" Luffy asked "That's not cool!"

"Says you! You wear five kilo make-up on your chest!" said Zoro lightly irritated


"Shishishi, you are right!"


"Zoro, what do you think about the newest chapters? And your appearance?"

"My appearance… I like it, really. I look kinda badass, I guess… And the new chapters are also cool. They never get bored."

"Boring answer!"

"You are boring!" yelled Zoro. Luffy laughed and left his dressing room after saying bye.

"And now…" Luffy looked at a door with the camera "Brook!" Luffy opened the door and Brook was practicing his notes.

He turned and looked at Luffy. "Yohohoho! Luffy-san! How are you?"

"I ask the questions! Captains order! Shishishi!"




"Brook! What do you wish what is going to happen in the future chapters?"

"I wish I can see Nami's panties! Yohohoho!"

"Shishishi, not going to happen in your life!"

"Oh…" said Brook depressed "Well, I hope I still can see Laboon when you are the pirate king!" he laughed. Luffy chuckled. He nodded, but the camera automatically nodded with him.

"Well, I'm going further. I will see you soon! Now, it's time for Usopp!" Brook nodded and Luffy left, going to Usopp's room. Luffy opened the door but he got met by Chopper and Usopp.

"Hi! Usopp and Chopper!" said Luffy enthusiastic.

"Hi Luffy!" said both happy.

"I can't wait until we reach fisherman island! What about you guys!" asked Luffy

Usopp's and Chopper's eyes turned into stars "It's going to be awesome!" they yelled

"I know right!" The three laughed loud and happy. "And what do you think about your new appearance?" asked Luffy.

"I don't look strong… and older. I'm supposed to be 17 now, but I don't see a difference." Said Chopper thoughtful

"I look stronger! I even have more muscles than you!" said Usopp, pointing at Luffy

Luffy chuckled softly "I still am stronger." Usopp looked with half lidded eyes. Yeah, he was right…

"Well, I'm going to Sanji. I only have a few minutes left." Said Luffy. Usopp and Chopper nodded with a smile. Luffy left and walked towards Sanji's room, while humming 'we are'. He opened the door and Sanji was busy with his hair.

He looked at Luffy and smiled. "Hey, captain."

"Hi Sanji! When is dinner ready?"


"Ok, ok… Do you have your period?"

Sanji face palmed and a beating vein was visible on his forehead. "Next question."

"Ok, ok… What do you think about your hair?" Luffy asked.

Sanji blinked in surprise. He thought really hard. "It's different and I like it. I finally have a new look, and I bet more people love this look."

"I don't."


Luffy ran out of Sanji's room. "Hmm… Robin's next." Said Luffy. He already walked to her dressing room. He opened the door but found no one. Luffy closed the door and sighed. "She's not here… I bet she's at Nami…" Luffy walked further and stood before the next room. He opened the door and Luffy saw Franky with his new costume.

"Yooo Franky!" said Luffy happy. He still had to get used to Franky's appearance.

"Yoo, Mugiwara!" he said just as happy.

"Sooo, what do you think about your costume? Do you like it or is it too big?"

"I think it's ok. It's quite big, but I will survive. Also a shame it's so big. I can't really move fast in this. The nipple lights are made brilliantly!"

"I'm glad to hear that! Who do you think our next crewmember is going to be?" Luffy asked again and very curious.

Franky thought for a second and he put his sunglasses off. He really looked cool "I have no idea…" That's not cool!

"Why! Ok, who do you want to be our new crewmember?" asked Luffy.

He looked cool again… Let's hope he has something good to say… "Kokoro-san…"





"Ok… I'm going again." Said Luffy with a smile. Franky nodded and Luffy left. Luffy walked through the hallway, towards Nami's dressing room. He knocked and opened the door. Nami and Robin both looked at Luffy with a smile.

"Hello ladies!" he said.

"Hello, Luffy."

"I really like your long hair! I love extensions! What do you think about it?" asked Luffy curious. Luffy tilted his head, so the camera went automatically with it.

"I like it… It's something different. I miss my old hairdo though." Smiled Robin "I'm glad I didn't change any further, like Franky for instance."

"I love it! It looks beautiful. I always wanted to have long hair." Explained Nami with a sweet smile.

"Robin! Next question! Could you carry the camera for a minute?" he asked. Robin looked confused but nodded. She took over the camera and both Luffy and Nami were now looking into the camera.

"I think this will work…" said Luffy. Nami frowned confused and Luffy smiled. He looked around in his pants pocket and smiled when he found it again. Nami frowned confused and curious. "Ok, Nami! Next question for you!" Nami cocked an eyebrow but nodded.

Luffy grinned and went on one knee. Nami's eyes slightly widened. Luffy showed a black box and opened it before her. Robin's chin lay on the ground. This was live, right?

"Will you marry me?" he asked with a grin plastered on his face. Nami gasped and her hands flew to her mouth.

Everyone in the anime world looked with wide eyes and their chins lay on the ground. Even the Mugiwara crew was surprised. Ace and Sabo high fived. They bought the ring with Luffy and Toei Animation had to pay for it.

"Oh Luffy…" she whispered. Tears slowly formed in her eyes. She never expected this. No one did. Nami trembled a bit. She murmured something

"Sorry? I didn't catch that?" he said.

"Yes! Yes I will!" she said, hugging all the oxygen out of his body. Nami and Luffy still cuddled and Robin put the camera so that she could be seen.

"Well, this was the live show. We hope you will enjoy the new episode, coming now! So stay tuned!" the camera went off and the new episode aired. Robin looked at Luffy and Nami and both kissed.

"Congratulation." She said. Luffy looked at Robin and grinned. Nami still cried and hugged Luffy. She looked at her new ring with a huge smile plastered on her face. The whole crew stormed into the dressing room and congratulated the new engaged couple. Nami and Luffy laughed and Nami showed her ring to everyone. They couldn't be happier. And believe it or not, but the paparazzi finally left them alone.

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