Chapter 1

This is a kinda follow up to Time After Time. Although it is set about twelve years later, it's in the same alternate universe. The same stuff happened in Snape's past and all that stuff. He told Harry the same stuff.

Disclaimer: Snape, unfortunately, is not mine. Neither are any of the teachers or Harry Potter or Ginny Weasley. Lily Potter (my one), Hannah Weasley, Jack Andrews, Henry Crabbe, Limus Malfoy, Adam and Anna Potter are mine. And my friend Sparks', she's on here too! Oh yeah so are Hélène and Claudia although you will find out who they are later. God, I don't wanna give the story away in the disclaimer!

Lily Potter. Those were the words on everyone's lips as the new first-years entered the Great Hall for the Sorting. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley's daughter. James Potter's granddaughter. She was at Hogwarts. Thirteen years after Harry had left, his daughter was coming to follow in his footsteps.

Lily stood in the Great Hall, trying to ignore the excited buzz of voices. She was examining a gargoyle on the ceiling in minute detail. Suddenly Hannah Weasley nudged her.

"It's started!" she whispered excitedly.

And it had. "Andrews, Jack!" Professor McGonagall called. A short stubby boy crept to the stool and gingerly placed the hat on his head as if he expected it to bite.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" yelled the hat, and Jack Andrews breathed a sigh of relief as he stumbled to join the cheering Hufflepuff table.

Lily watched the other first-years absently. Her father had mentioned that there would be many people from families she knew in her year. Hannah Weasley, Limus Malfoy. There was even a Henry Crabbe there. She wondered whether they would be in the houses their parents were in. Limus and Henry certainly looked nasty enough for Slytherin. Hannah she was not sure about. Although she had the same bright red hair as the rest of her family, Hannah was quieter and more studious. Lily had an instinctive feeling that the girl would be placed in Ravenclaw.

As she tried to work out the future houses of her peers, she suddenly thought of herself. Would she be in Gryffindor as her parents had been? She knew she did not really want to be in any other house. But was she like her parents, did she have her father's bravery and determination and her mother's honesty and courage? Lily was not sure.

"Potter, Lily!" The Great Hall fell silent. Lily walked apprehensively to the tall stool, and climbed onto it, lifting the hat slowly onto her head.

*Ah, Harry's daughter,* the hat said in her ear. *Yes, I remember when he tried me on. So desperate not to be put in Slytherin. Luckily his fears were misplaced. What with him being the heir of Gryffindor, I could hardly put him in Slytherin, could I?*

Lily tried to muster a weak smile and then realised the hat couldn't see her face, and her smile dropped.

*Now, then, where were we?* the hat asked her. Ah, yes, your house. Well, that's easy.* "GRYFFINDOR!" it bellowed.

Lily silently thanked whatever God she believed in, and hastily shoved the hat on the stool and ran to the Gryffindor table. They seemed to have forgotten to cheer in their urge to observe the daughter of Harry Potter. Professor McGonagall cleared her throat irritably. Immediately the whole table erupted into excited cheers.

As Lily settled down on the bench, she glanced over at the staff table. Most of the teachers were chatting easily with each other. Hannah pointed out all the different teachers to her, as her parents had introduced her to them during the summer. Madame Hooch was watching Professor Flitwick who was showing her a small model broomstick and rider that he had charmed. Dumbledore was leaning across to Hagrid, smiling and chuckling merrily with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

But there was one gaze that caught Lily's attention.

A tall man with lank black hair and pale sallow skin was staring at her. She was terrified by the expression in his fathomless eyes. Surprise, anger, fear and above all a great sadness were mixed together in that stare. Lily tried to avert her eyes from his face, but the intense drawing power of his eyes held hers.

This could only be Severus Snape, Potions Master and Head of Slytherin. Most of Dad's stories about him contained the words 'ugly git,' or 'slimy bastard,' but Lily had a feeling that this was only affectionate banter. And looking at this man, she could tell that there was more to him than just silky nastiness.

Professor Dumbledore tapped Snape on the arm, and slowly Snape turned his head and eyes to look at him. Lily was suddenly able to look away. Hannah Weasley had squeezed in beside her, having in fact been sorted into Gryffindor like Lily. She was ecstatic. The two girls congratulated one another and proceeded to stuff themselves full of the delicious food Hogwarts provided.

When they were contented, and Professor Dumbledore had had his say, Lily and Hannah walked together up to their dormitory, where Hannah fell straight into bed. Lily, however, climbed into bed with ink, quill and parchment and wrote to her father.

Dear Daddy,

I hope that you are ok without me and that Mum is able to cope keep an eye on Adam and Anna. I am in Gryffindor just as you said I would be but I guess that's hardly surprising seeing as you ARE Gryffindor. There are some children of people you know in my year: Hannah Weasley obviously, and also Limus Malfoy and Henry Crabbe. The teachers are more or less the same as they used to be – at least they are from your descriptions of them. I also need to ask you about Professor Snape. Are you and he really on such bad terms? Somehow I don't think so.

                                       Lots of love,

                                                Lily xxx

Lily slid the letter into an envelope and addressed it, still deep in thought. Hannah shifted in her sleep and the sound brought Lily back to reality. Her lamp was flickering violently, protesting its need for oil. She resolved to get some more the next day from Professor McGonagall. The trivial, everyday thoughts sent Lily slowly into a blissful stupor, and fairly soon she was asleep.

Sorry this is quite short. I have written the next chapter but I have to type it up. I hate rereading and editing stuff I've written it's very disappointing. But Chapter 2 coming soon!