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Warning: This story will contain strong sexual themes. You have been warned.

Chapter 1: The Spy

"If you cannot pass as a normal woman, then being a spy will not be possible."

Sakura brushed her hair for the 100th time today. She was nervous. Why? Her orders were to live in a brothel house located directly in the heart of enemy's territory, it's city. The odd shaped towers reached into the gray sky. It rained almost every day. The city was busy both in the daylight hours and it's darkest. The girls made her feel at home, knowing she was under the protection of the Shinobi alliance. Most of them came from there, retiring from the life of a kunoichi and pursuing a more pleasurable venture. Why? The war had shaken even the strongest of hearts; as the great Madara said: war is hell. So those who worked in the brothel lost themselves in pleasure and forgot about the battle scars they acquired over the years. It was the only way to go on living. Sakura didn't understand them, but she had a mission to do. Hissing slightly she added the contacts; clear sky blue. She didn't die her odd pink hair, prizing it too much. Henging into more of a voluptuous woman, she nodded her approval. No longer was she almost flat, but not possessed nice c-cup breasts. Twirling she admired the flare of her hips and shapely thighs. Being a shinobi, she trained hard everyday which lead her to being very thin with lean muscling. Most men found her too boney for their tastes. Sakura always rebutted by sending them flying into next week. The only thing she had going for her was the porcelain skin, high cheek bones, full lips, and doe eyes encased in long pink lashes. In her village she was considered a threat to Tsunade for being the most beautiful.

"Sakura?" A busty woman by the name of Mina stood in her doorway.

"Hai?" She turned.

"It's time to work."

Sakura nodded and followed the woman downstairs and out onto the street.

This is how the women spend their days, standing by the brothel doors and coyly calling any men who would venture close.

Sakura hung back and kept her head down, but demurely looked at every male that came close to inspect the women. Mentally noting their size, skin color, height, and any markings. Sometimes men would inquire about her, but the matron and the ladies who worked along side her protected her by saying she was still in training. The males then would opt for another willing female. Weeks passed by without any incident, until midday one afternoon.

The girls murmured and giggled together, drawing Sakura's attention.

"Do you see that man there?" Mina pointed across the way looking at a vegetable stand.

"Hai." Sakura's eyes landed on the man's back and froze instantly.

The Uchiha crest.

A quiver of excitement-or was it fear raced down her spine.

She swallowed the thump in her throat, "Yes…"

"He always walks by here usually once a month, sometimes more if the vendor gets in fresh tomatoes."

Sakura suppressed a smile.

"Does he… visit the brothel?" Her heart stung, but she needed to know the truth.

"Oh no, everyone has tried to coax him, but he simply walks by us like we are invisible."

Heh, join the club. Sakura answered moodily in her mind.

He turned his head, giving Sakura a good profile. Sasuke was as gorgeous as ever. Now he'd grown to be a lethal lean towering male of eighteen and she was only a few months older than him. Suddenly she wanted to turn and run, hide from him. Silly, she was a spy… and there was no way he'd recognize-

Dark eyes landed on her form.

Oh crap.

Baby blue eyes quickly averted from his and stared at her shoes which she found quite interesting at the moment.

With a bag full of tomatoes in his possession, he slowly walked over to the group of ladies. Most of them fawned and coyly called out to him, but his sights were set on one person alone. She could smell the sandal wood and musk of a pure male drawing closer.

Go away, go away, go away. She chanted.

Closer. Closer.

He stopped in front of her, Sakura could see his shinobi sandals.

Summoning up enough courage, she picked her head up and locked eyes with him.

After a moment of silence, he spoke,

"How much?'

Sakura was drowning in his dark eyes, wanting to spend an eternity there. Those sensual whispers, promises of dark sinful pleasure awaited her there. The world seemed to close in around her and all she saw was him. Memorizing the way his spiky raven-blue hair framed his face, his full but masculine lips set in a straight slightly downward line, the strong jaw that completed his visage. What was he asking again? How much? How much what? Sakura was shocked into silence, so Mina stepped in.

"I'm sorry sir, but she's still in training-"

"I didn't ask you to speak," A dark angry glance to the side to scare Mina back into place before resuming his blank stare upon the girl.

Finding her voice she replied, "Sir, you will have to talk to my mistress, the owner of the brothel for a price; as I am still in training."

How flawless she spoke, despite standing in front of a mass murderer and a former crush.

"Take me to her then," Sasuke's eyes never deviated from hers while speaking.

Nodding stiffly, she led him into the pleasure palace, up the stairs to where the matron resided.

"Ma'm," She knocked before opening the door, "This gentleman would like to speak with you."

Gentleman my arse.

The matron was well aware of Sakura's mission, she knew who he was the moment her speculative brown eyes landed on the Uchiha.

"Leave us."

Sakura bowed respectfully and waited outside.

Time seemed to tick by slowly as the conversation was held inside. She could hear murmurs of quiet talking through the door, wanting to press her ear up against it, but refrained. She needed to get back to her room so she could send out a report right away, there was no time to lose. Sakura wasn't strong enough to fight Sasuke on her own, but if she had back-up, they might have a chance. The door opened and Sasuke strode out.

"Take me to your room."


"Did you not hear me?" Sasuke's reply was sharp and cutting.

Averting her eyes once more, she nodded.

"Of course."

The venture to the room was quiet and quick. Too quick for Sakura's taste. How to stop him if he wished to get sexual?

End chapter