"I must insist that you eat something, it's been nearly a week since your last meal." I said to him gaining a perturbed look in return. "And I mean a proper meal not some crude sandwich you just threw together." I stood my ground, my hands on my hips.
"I am not hungry." Sherlock simply replied.
"I did not ask you whether you where hungry or not, I'm telling you we are leaving right now and having a proper dinner, even if I have to tie you down."
"That might cause quite a stir." Sherlock smirked, and I couldn't help but chuckle a bit.
"Hopefully I won't have to resort to that." Said I. "Shall we?" I asked donning my jacket. Sherlock's nimble fingers darting across the keyboard of his, or was that my, laptop before shutting it with a snap.
"Very well then." He rouse putting on his scarf and coat. "No use arguing."
"Right." Said I, and we made our way out to streets to dine.
We went to another restaurant where Sherlock was known for helping someone or other out with their brush with crime and we hardly had to wait before our food arrived. I kept a close eye on Sherlock making sure he ate. That's when I saw the odd discoloration in my food. I picked it a bit, but it was an odd sort of green and put me off my food entirely.
"Who's not eating now?"He asked eyeing me.
"There's something off with my food." I replied hushed. He quickly eyed my plate, his sharp eyes instantly noticing the questionable content.
"That's quite unfortunate." He said. "Send it back."
"No, no, I'm done any way."
"Really John, you ordered something you should not have to worry about its content, unless of course it was poisoned." He mused.
"That's a pleasant thought, but really I don't want to be rude."
"It is not rude to get what you want, I assure you." At that moment, the waitress walked by and Sherlock grabbed her attention.
"There is clearly something wrong with my friends meal." He said motioning to my plate.
"Oh," She replied. "That's probably just from the grill, do you want me to have them remake it for you?"
"No, I'm done." I said.
"It really is just from the grill." She reiterated.
"Even if you could produce indisputable proof of such a fact, if we can really call it that, my friend here is clearly put off from his meal."
"I'm terribly sorry," she said clearing up my plate.
When we asked for the check we where please to discover that she did indeed remove my meal from the bill.
"See," Sherlock smiled wrapping his scarf about him. "The service you expected was not met and therefore you where compensated for their mistake."
"I suppose." Said I, before my phone went off.
It was a text from Sarah:
You free Friday? oh and is your mate free as well?

I decided to wait till we returned to 221 B before inquiring about Sherlock's plans for Friday. I figured it would be best to ask him in a more familiar environment. We made our way up the steps and I took up my spot in the chair after removing my jacket. Sherlock tossed his coat and scarf haphazardly across the back of another chair before plopping down on the couch, is long form spread out. We fell into a comfortable silence before I decided to take the chance, I cleared my throat.
"So, any plans this weekend?"
"Not unless a case crops up." He sighed picking up a magazine. "I do hope so, I could do with a really clever murder or robbery right now."
"Well, if nothing arises would you be up for a little social engagement?" I asked feigning nonchalant.
"Sounds dull." He replied. "I suppose Sarah has some involvement in this, then?"
I knew better to be shocked by this, but all the same I also knew it was useless to lie to him.
"She was just wondering if we were both free on Friday, that's all."
"Hardly," He scoffed tossing the magazine and sitting up to face me. "It's a set up."
"Now really, not everyone is out to get you." I rolled my eyes.
"No, no, you misunderstand me. A friend of hers, who must be desperate by the looks of it, is looking for something and Sarah knows that I would be the most likely to be free on such a short notice."
"Nonsense." said I, even though part of me knew it was true. "Perhaps her friend is a nice bloke." I jested as Sherlock glared at me.
"I'm not available." He finally said.
"Come on now, Sherlock." Said I. "I know this sort of thing isn't your cup of tea, but really, you might get at least a shag out of it."
"Trivial." He said. "That's suppose to entice me then?" He said sardonically.
"Well, come on, you need to get laid." Said I.
"That's your professional opinion, then." He glared at me.
"What, yes, yes it is." There was silence. "Can you at least do this for me, or is that too much to ask?"
"We'll see." He replied.
"Great, I'll call Sarah and let her know." I rouse pulling out my cell and finding her number. I could feel is sharp eyes on me through out.
"Hullo Sarah, yes yes how are you? I'm just fine. Yep Friday, definitely love to. Ran it by him, he'll come along. Yes well, it's Sherlock. Right see you then, bye."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Sherlock quirked an eyebrow at me as I turned to face him.
"Nothing...I love you!" I smirked at him. His eyes narrowed.
"I don't believe you."

Friday finally crept up and much to Sherlock's dismay no new cases came up to deter tonight's plans.
"You about ready?" I asked pulling my jumper over my button down and walking into the sitting room. Sherlock sat stoically, fingers clasped under his chin, his form bent upon the desk his long feet resting on the chair below.
"You even going to bother freshening up a bit?" I asked, his head turning towards me, regarding me airily with a quirked eyebrow. He rose upon the chair buttoning his blazer as he stepped down to the ground.
"I am merely doing this as a favor to you, so you can "get off" as you say." Sherlock picked up his wool coat and shrugged into it before fastening his scarf. "Besides there is nothing wrong with my appearance."
"Of course not." I rolled my eyes, grabbing my jacket and following him out to the street.
Sherlock briskly hailed a cab and we were on our way. I had found out earlier in the day from Sarah that we were to meet at the concert hall and then have dinner. I assumed that at least Sherlock would get some enjoyment out of the concert, A Tribute to Mahler. We arrived a little later then I had anticipated and where quietly ushered to our seats. Sarah and what I assumed was her friend where all ready sitting I mouthed an apology and she silently introduced us to her mate Astell; a larger woman, not necessarily obese, but on the bigger side with overly dyed dark auburn hair and bulgy eyes. Sherlock simply gave a curt nod before the music commenced.
I must admit that I couldn't recall ever seeing Sherlock in such a state. He was utterly transfixed, his eye lids drawn, but by no means sleeping. It was as if he was listening at higher level of consciousness that us mere mortals aren't capable of. Sarah had grabbed my hand a while back and simply smiled at me warmly when I turned towards her direction. Her friend was quite asleep next her, her mouth slack.
This is going to me an interesting night I thought before focusing once again on the concert.
The concert drew to an end and Sherlock sprang up with an enthused applaud rivaling the rest and startling Astell out of her slumber.
"Brilliant," he smirked looking down at us in our seats. "I mean naturally Mahler is one of my favorites, but that young soloist. I dare say has quite the promising career ahead of her."
"Yes it was quite good." I said rising, Sarah nodding in agreement.
"It's actually over, then." Astell yawned.
Sherlock's sharp eyes narrowing as he regarded her appalling "Quite."
"Right, dinner, then." I interjected hoping to break the ice that I knew Sherlock's cold gaze could precipitate.
The short cab ride to the restaurant seemed to last ages, and whether it was nerves or lack of experience Sarah's mate just would not stop babbling.
"So I told him, I was like I dunno what ya hopping to get out of this mate, but I am not that sort of lady. By any means... ya know?" She giggled obnoxiously.
We all just silently nodded, Sarah had a semi worried expression on her face and Sherlock's face was clearly pained. This really was going to be interesting.