Chapter 1

"Alex sweetheart it's time to wake up," Olivia softly said to her lover, when she didn't receive a response she began to gently shake the blonde however the ever stubborn ADA still refused wake. Lord, Olivia thought, My Alex can really sleep but she really has to get up. Then a idea hit Olivia.

Alex Cabot was in the middle of a delightful dream it concerned a certain brown haired detective and container full of luke-warm melted chocolate, when a familiar scent intruded into her dream forcing her too open her eyes. When Alex opened her eyes she saw her two favourite things; the first thing being the brown haired detective who was in fact holding her second favourite thing, coffee. Alex reached for it with both hands but Olivia moved the cup just out of reach at the last second. Alex fell back against the pillows and pouted at the detective some times Olivia was such a… meanie.

"I'm sorry Miss Cabot, but this offer comes at a price" Olivia stated

"How much?" Alex asked while maintaining the pout

"One kiss councillor" Olivia answered with her trade mark grin.

Alex pretended to think about it then she climbed out of bed and walked purposely towards her girlfriend, she slipped her hands over Olivia's neck and brought her lips to Olivia's. This kiss started off slow and gentle but it soon developed into one of passion and lasted several minutes. After the intense make out session the detective gave Alex her reward and returned to finish breakfast Alex quickly dawned a robe and followed her girlfriend.

"What ya making?" Alex asked from behind her coffee.

"Scrambled eggs with toast and some fresh fruit" Olivia told the blonde.

"Yum" Alex added as she walked towards the table to sit down.

As Olivia was buttering the toast she heard a loud 'OW' she simply smiled and mounted the full plates on to the tray and went into the dining room to join Alex.

"Liv" Alex whined "my bottom is still really red and sore"

"Then you shouldn't have been naughty" Olivia replied "Come and eat your breakfast we are going to meet Serena and Casey soon"

"Okay" Alex pouted.

Alex walked past the seat she had previously pulled out and sat in Olivia's lap, Olivia raised her eyebrows slightly.

"This seat is comfier " Alex said effectively answering Olivia's silent question.

Olivia simply laughed and hugged Alex before turning to her own breakfast. Alex and Olivia finished their breakfast and then went to get changed, the pair had a lunch appointment at Madame Clarissa's.

On the other side of the city Casey and Serena were also getting ready for Madame Clarissa's and Casey was not happy.

"I don't want to go!" Casey shouted.

"Well you are going sweetheart" Serena gently chastised "We promised Alex and Olivia"

"But Madame always teases me saying by bottom matches my hair" Casey explained a few tears making there way down her cheeks.

"Oh sweetheart come here" Serena gently pulled Casey towards her and into a massive hug, Serena turned Casey around.

"Hmm… No your hair is just slightly redder" Serena stated

Casey turned back around so that she was facing Serena

"Oh your so funny" Casey said sarcastically adding in an eye roll for effect.

"Careful little girl I can always try to match those two shades a little better" Serena warned while she patted Casey's bottom through her panties.

"NO. I'll be good!" Casey quickly replied and moved Serena's hand to her hips.

" Oh for how lon-" Serena couldn't finish her comment as Casey's lips were securely attached to hers.

Madame Clarissa's was a god sent to Olivia and Serena, it was a high end restaurant that had a wide range of dishes and it created a very romantic atmosphere. The main advantage was the fact that spanking was approved in the restaurant so if Casey, Alex or both of them got out of hand they could be dealt with. Madame Clarissa was indebted to Olivia after the detective caught the man responsible for raping one the Madame's waitresses, the Madame loved teasing the two bottoms and watching there cheeks become nearly as red as there bottoms.

So what do you think so I continue? I know its been a while.