Here we go…last chapter

As Alex and Olivia entered the bathroom they were greeted with the sight of Serena gently washing the food off of Casey, as the pair entered Casey glanced up and gulped. Olivia led Alex to the sink and gently lifted Alex onto the table top to join Casey, as Alex was lowered onto the table top beside the sink she couldn't help but cry out.

"OWW…" Alex cried out

Olivia smiled gently and lifted the washcloth, lowering it into the warm water; meanwhile Serena was just about finished with Casey.

"Alright Cassandra Nicole I think we have some business to attend to don't we?" Serena lifted Casey off the table top and onto the floor and guided her back to the restaurant.

Casey and Serena left leaving Alex and Olivia alone in the bathroom. Olivia was gently dabbing Alex's eyes with the warm wash cloth; she had cried so much that they were puffy and red. Olivia gently lifted Alex's chin and explained that so was naughty and was punished but now she had a clean state.

"All is forgiven princess" Olivia smiled which caused Alex so smile back, and lean forward to land a kiss in Olivia's lips which Olivia was happy to return.

When Casey and Serena re-entered the restaurant the few diners present looked up to see what was going to happen next, and Serena sat down on a her chair

"Okay Cassandra why are you about to go over my knee and get spanked like a little girl" Serena asked

"b-because I threw food at Alex, but the sauce thing was an accident! Honest…" Casey replied

Serena nodded and raised Casey's dress slightly before helping her over her lap. Serena rubbed Casey's bottom for a minute before smacking the little bottom with big stinging swats, Casey like ever girl in her position starting to wonder why she gets herself into this position. As the spanking continued Casey felt the need to become more vocal; 'ow' 'owie'

Alex and Olivia had sneaked in during the spanking and retaken their seats, but Serena caught them out of the corner of her eye.

"Liv Since the girls are being spanked with the same event I think it's only fair there spankings are the same, so how did you spank Alex?"

The spanking momentarily stopped as Serena waited for Olivia's answer, as Olivia described Alex's spanking and the apology afterwards. Serena nodded and pulled down Casey's bottom and continued the spanking turning his bottom from dark pink to a bright red.

"Serena-a-a I'm-mmm SORRYY!...I WILL BE GOOD !...pleaseeee s-stoppppp…"

"Are you ever going to do this again?" Serena asked

"NOOO…. NEVER!" Casey cried as tears ran down her face

Serena stopped and rubbed her little girlfriends red bottom when Casey had calmed down a little Serena lifted her onto her feet, and pinned dress up like Olivia had described.

"Okay Casey I think you owe somebody an apology" Serena told Casey as she stroked her head and pushed her towards Madame Clarissa

"I'm sorry" Casey mumbled

As before Madame Clarissa leaned forward and hugged Casey tightly, now that the last apology was done Serena fixed Casey's dress and panties. The pair returned to the table to join Olivia and Alex the waiter came down and asked if anyone wanted dessert or coffee, secretly Alex and Casey really wanted dessert but knew better than to ask. Olivia and Serena shared a look and asked the waiter to bring two chocolate puddings before looking at the girl, Alex really wanted to sit in Olivia's lap so was always clingy after a spanking but she couldn't ask so she looked down at the table.

"Princess do you want to sit in my lap?" Olivia asked smirking; she knew Alex was a little clingy after a spanking.

Alex nodded and immediately sat in Olivia's lap Casey looked at the pair and wished she could the same with Serena, but Serena was wary of displays of affection she didn't want to 'invite trouble'. Serena looked at Casey and smiled she reached over and took Casey's hand, and pulled Casey to her and resettled her in her lap.

"Is this what you wanted, my little robin?" Serena asked gently

Casey nodded just then the desserts were set down in front of them but nobody moved.

"Girls aren't you eating your desserts?" Serena asked while giving Casey the fork Olivia mirroring the action to Alex

"You mean the desserts are ours?" Alex asked

Both tops nodded and watched their little girlfriends smile and dig in, they know they were spoiling the girls but they were worth it! The rest of the evening was uneventful both couples talking into the evening, before the fight over the cheque the eventual decision and finally the taxi's home.

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