Title: The Inevitable Dawn

Part: 1 of 4 (Complete)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Author: Ayumie and CrowX (LJ: Lady_Dragoncrow)
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Damon/Stefan
Summary: AU branching off after episode 1.17
Warnings: Incest, slash obviously

Notes: Thanks to Lea724 for being an awesome and patient beta-reader. We had lots of fun with this - I hope everyone else will feel the same. The next parts are currently being edited.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Part 1

The first things Damon noticed upon entering Stefan's room were the empty blood bags. Their trail led to a couch besides the fireplace and there was Stefan, looking totally different from the Saint Stefan Damon had grown used to in the past decades. A snarling vampire face with blood dripping from the mouth looked up to him, but those eyes conveyed a deep agony.

This wasn't the brother he knew – this was the newborn vampire wreaking havoc in the first years after their turning. Wild, careless, with little conscience (this was still Stefan after all) and a strong thirst for blood, more so than even Damon.

Physically at least Stefan seemed fine, with no lasting evidence of the terrible torture he had had to endure earlier that day. Damon cared about very few things, but one of them was the safety of his little brother. He had been worried and enraged when he couldn't cross the threshold of that house and just take his brother back. In the end he had done it but something had changed dramatically.

This had to be an accident, and Damon pitied Stefan. But then, this was the vampire he had tried to unveil for ages and why shouldn't he enjoy him while it lasted?


Stefan felt utterly torn. Physically he was stronger than he had been in ages, vibrant and energized in a way he had almost forgotten existed. But at the same time some small part of his mind remained aware of just what he was doing – and what he was ruining by doing this.
The taste of Elena's blood had been enough to drive him crazy. Stefan had no idea how he had managed to keep up appearances while she was around but the moment the girl had left, he had torn into Damon's emergency stash. Stopping had been an impossibility. Now, after three blood bags, he felt almost dizzy.

It took him a moment to realize that he wasn't alone. Damon was looking down at him with a mixture of pity and elation. Stefan knew that he shouldn't let his brother see him like that but he couldn't find the will to pretend. It was still hard to believe that the brother who professed to hate him had risked his own life to save him. But then, hatred didn't even begin to describe their relationship.

Stefan swallowed and convulsively wiped his mouth.

"Damon, I ... Please, I ... Help me..."


His little brother's pleading was heart-wrenching in a way Damon had seldom felt before. As always it was only Stefan who could do that to him. He felt a rare wave of protectiveness rush through him and, without conscious thought, he went over to Stefan to take him in his arms.

"What have you done now, little brother?"

Damon wiped ineffectually at the blood around Stefan's mouth. Since it had already dried a little bit and wouldn't come off, he slowly leaned in to lick away all the evidence of this lapse of control.

Stefan didn't react much, all but catatonic in his arms. Damon grew more worried by the second. Had the torture done lasting damage after all? His arms tightened around the other vampire who was currently looking more like a frightened animal. Making shushing noises to calm him, he rocked slightly back and forth.

Only his little brother could make him act like that. But now he wanted answers. "What happened to you, Stefan? Tell me," Damon commanded.


Instinctively, Stefan pressed closer to Damon. For this one moment it seemed like his big brother had returned, the one who didn't hate him, but whom he could trust with anything.

"Elena – she made me drink her blood so I could kill Frederick. And now I can't stop. I can't stop..."

Damon smelled nice. Really nice. It was like his urges were in overdrive, making up for all the times Stefan had denied himself. He had been so good for such a long time, staying away from human blood, from his brother...

He licked at Damon's neck, telling himself that he hadn't done anything truly irredeemable yet: He hadn't killed anyone. He hadn't cheated on Elena. But he wanted to.


Stefan was really out of it but Damon understood now: it hadn't been the torture had changed his brother so significantly, but rather his first taste of human blood in almost 60 years. That time had been a disaster and the first step towards the collapse of their relationship.

However, there was an easy way to fix this. Stefan just had to get over the rush; he had to get used to drinking human blood again. Damon would even help him not to kill anybody. But he wouldn't help Stefan return to his abnormal diet.

Right now, though, his little brother was compliant, licking his neck, snuggling against him like a little kitten. It was too much to resist. Damon bent his head and, oh so slowly, they kissed for the first time in almost three decades. Stefan's lips were still as soft as they had used to be with an appealing metallic taste from the human blood. Growing more passionate, Damon explored that sweet mouth, their tongues sliding against each other.


For a moment Stefan felt almost at peace. Damon's arms were around him, shielding him, making it easier to believe that somehow things would be all right again. It was all he could do not to laugh at himself. Damon. So stupid.

When his brother kissed him, Stefan couldn't help but groan. This wasn't supposed to happen. But, God, it was good. Hunger taking over, he thrust his tongue into his brother's mouth.
All too soon Stefan's traitorous body was arching into Damon's touch. It was as though giving into one temptation had opened a floodgate for the rest of them. Damon was doing this to him.


He was giving in – after all this time his little brother was finally ceasing to resist him. All but frenzied, Damon devoured his brother, hands groping at any inch of skin they could reach, body rubbing Stefan's. They touched each other feverishly, discarding their clothes in a hurry.

With vampire speed and strength Damon moved both of them onto Stefan's bed. They had never done it here before, since Stefan had always denied him this. And now here they were, nearly on top of each other.

Slowly but surely Damon was losing control. He never had been one to fight his urges, so he pressed his neck against Stefan's panting mouth, whispering in his ear.

"I've fed already; do you want to taste me? Do you even remember how?"


"Damn you..."

Fists clenching into the soft fabric of Damon's shirt, Stefan felt the change take him. He growled softly and dragged his teeth over the pale skin of his brother's throat. For a moment he thought that he might be able to resist, but the blood was so close, so tempting. Damon knew exactly how to drive him wild.

Stefan bit down harder than necessary, wanting it to hurt. Damon deserved everything he got. Although he felt almost sick already, he kept swallowing greedily.


Damon moaned out loud at the sudden pain, the violence of his brother's bite turning him on even more. The sucking mouth on his neck felt like heaven. Good for Stefan that Damon had fed earlier. Caressing his brother's hair he held him tightly to himself, feeling his arousal. After a while Damon pulled Stefan's head away.

Now that he was sure of Stefan's submission, he was happy to return to his old teasing self.

"I'm surprised, you still got it," he drawled.


Growling at the sudden loss of blood, Stefan's body thrashed, teeth snapping at thin air. For a moment it seemed like he might dislodge, his new-found strength almost enough to tip the scales. Then he was once more pressed down into the mattress.

Stefan gasped as his head hit the pillow, sending Elena's scent straight into his nostrils. He licked his lips, trying to get a last taste of the blood. Tomorrow he'd stop. Tomorrow he'd do a lot of things.

"I hate you."


"Aw, but you want me."

For once it was a challenge to control Stefan's movements. To stop Stefan's biting teeth, Damon pushed his forearm into his mouth. Then he grasped his brother's erection, his hand a warning hold as much as a caress. Stefan wouldn't back out now, of that Damon was sure. Slowly releasing his other hand he ripped off their remaining clothes.

There was no time or need for words now. A glance at his brother's face conveyed all his needs. He draped himself on his brother's tense body, touching him everywhere. Looking deeply into Stefan's eyes he kissed him slowly, needing it after the bloody foreplay.


When Damon's hand closed around his cock and all thoughts of resistance flew from Stefan's mind. His back arched and his legs spread a bit, instinctive reactions he didn't have the will to control. He moaned at the feeling of Damon's body on top of him, at those lips capturing his.

The kiss was almost gentle. Stefan sucked at Damon's tongue, ran his hands over that gorgeous body. Damon had always been beautiful. He dug his fingers into his brother's back, dragging him closer.



The needy moan of his name told Damon everything he had to know. He spread his brother's legs, settling between them and teasingly rubbed their erections against each other. Not bothering with lube he put his fingers against Stefan's lips.

"Suck, little brother," he commanded. His brother complied and Damon groaned at the feeling of that tongue twirling around his fingers, coating them in saliva. After a while he decided that it was enough and pushed one finger into Stefan's ass. His brother was basically a virgin again, so tight and tense, it was almost funny. And the noises he made...

Chuckling he used another finger, scissoring them slightly. "Don't you worry, Stef, I'll make you feel so good. Though I wouldn't mind hearing you beg for it."


He obeyed, sucking greedily at Damon's fingers, tongue lapping at the pads and nails. Damon was rubbing their cocks together, pushing his legs apart to slowly circle his hole. When he pushed inside, Stefan keened. It had been years and years and although it hurt a bit, he couldn't help but lift his hips to aid the invasion. He would never admit it, of course, but he had missed this.

Stefan's dick twitched at those teasing words. Gritting his teeth, he ran his hand down his chest and stomach, knowing that it'd drive Damon crazy.

"I won't beg."


With Stefan it had always been the same. Even when he gave in, he would try to resist the whole time. But Damon had patience, acquired laboriously over the years apart. Seeing his brother touch himself made his erection throb, but he wouldn't give up the upper hand.
He withdrew his fingers and just touched the tip of Stefan's cock very lightly. Oh so slowly he stroked up and down that hard length.

"Are you sure, Stef? Then you won't feel me and you know that your own hand won't be enough at this point."

His hands moved in circles on Stefan's hips. Bending forward Damon blew hot air on the weeping head of his brother's erection.


It was pure torture. All those light touches, Damon's mouth so close to his erection – it was true, he needed it. Even worse, as the blood was starting to work its miracles, Stefan found that he was having fun. He spread his legs a bit more, moaning unabashedly. This, all of this, was a game and Stefan knew exactly how to play it.

"And if I refuse you'll what? Walk away? Like you don't need it just as bad. Like you aren't dying to fuck me..."

Stefan couldn't keep his hips from jerking, though. The mere memory of those lips around his dick was almost enough to break him.


Ah, it seemed like Stefan was playing along now. Damon knew that Stefan wanted to drive him to the point where he'd do anything, if his wanton moans were any indication. He continued to leisurely touch his brother, willing away his own need. The reward would be so great - not only physically.

"You might be right, little brother, but don't forget, I'm not living forever in a 17-year old body. I learned patience even when I was still human. So do you really think you can resist me?"

For just a second he took the tip of Stefan's erection in his mouth, sucking lightly before abandoning it again. With one finger he once more circled that snug hole again.

"Opening up for me and moaning like a slut, you want it bad. But there's something I'd like to hear first…"


Before he had found out about Katherine, Stefan would have laughed at the suggestion of Damon having any patience at all. He snarled as his brother briefly bent down to lap at his cock. Stefan's body was demanding more of that, those fingers back inside of him, or better yet, Damon fucking him. Damned tease. But he had been fighting those needs for years and years...

"I'll think about it. But I need additional incentive. If I actually were to beg, what exactly would you do to me? Because it'd have to be really good. Can't have everything your own way..."


Damon's hearty laugh rang through the room. Oh, this was so perfect. Saint Stefan wanted to hear dirty talk. He lay down next to Stefan, not quite touching him as he whispered in his ear.

"If you beg me to touch you, I'll stroke every inch of your delicious skin, first with my hands, then with my tongue. I'll suck on your nipples until they are as hard as your cock, and then I'll move down slowly to circle your bellybutton. Do you remember how you used to shiver and groan when I did that?"

With a husky voice he continued: "And then, when you beg me to suck you, to get inside you, I'll taste you. Can you remember your taste when I kissed you afterwards? Slightly bitter, as you are. But won't it feel so good to have your big brother suck you, push a finger into that tight ass of yours. Almost like a virgin all over again. You'll make these needy little sounds. But before you get what you beg for, you'll have to suck me, too. Do you recall the way I taste? How you used to crave it? You'll swallow my dick like the little whore you are deep inside."


Stefan smiled even as his breath came in harsh pants. It was like he had suddenly stopped caring. Everything felt great and he was having fun and he wanted this. Brushing his lips over his brother's cheek, Stefan pitched his voice low and seductive.

"Please, Damon. Please touch me. Please suck me. Please fuck me."

He slowly licked his lips before pressing his face to Damon's throat. Stefan moaned a little at the smell.

"Do you think about it a lot? About us? I never stopped wanting you, no matter how hard I tried. God, Damon, you're my brother."

Stefan shivered as he said the words, pressed up against Damon.


Finally Stefan was giving in. Damon closed his eyes in delight at hearing his brother's pleas. His moans and his shivers felt so good. Damon knew it would be over quite soon. Ferociously Damon began to do exactly as he had promised, stroking and licking every inch of Stefan's skin and nipples and sucking his cock until he could share some of the precum with his brother.

"Yeah, Stefan, you're my brother, don't you forget. I've wanted to fuck you like that – since you were fourteen. What we do right now is a sin, but doesn't it feel wonderful? Having your older brother take care of you like this?"

Without further preamble he pushed inside his brother who'd spread his legs so invitingly. They were too far gone now and with just a few thrusts into that tight ass, Damon cried out when he finally let go. Wanting to see Stefan fall apart he reached down to stroke his cock while whispering: "Come now, little brother!"


Stefan cried out as he was penetrated by his brother. Damon's words were almost enough to push him over the edge right away.

Arching his back, he drove his hips up, meeting those rough thrusts, trying to take Damon deeper. It hurt a bit but mostly this was pure bliss. Stefan didn't have to hold back, could growl and claw at his brother's shoulders, urging him on.

And, like his dick was wired to Damon's voice, he came when he was told to, body tensing and spilling its seed over those teasing fingers.

When Damon pulled out, Stefan laid very still, half expecting the other vampire to get up and simply walk away. He tugged at the sheet to cover himself. As always, he was never quite sure what to do once it was over.


Still panting a little bit, Damon lay down beside his brother. He saw from the corner of his eye that Stefan was covering himself. Sitting up, he leaned over him, wanting to know what was going on in his mind.

His brother looked insecure, was obviously feeling awkward. Damon sighed silently. In their earlier days he would have just gotten up, but after everything Stefan had been through he couldn't quite bring himself to do that. A rare surge of protectiveness coming over him, Damon carefully hugged Stefan from behind, holding him secure against his chest. Since he heard no protest, he snuggled closer, getting comfortable for the night.

"Just sleep, little brother. Try not to have nightmares, okay?"


It was strange to be so close to Damon, without the promise of sex or violence. Now, wrapped in his brother's arms and scent, it was almost like being safe. Tomorrow he would be better, Stefan promised himself. He'd get up early and work out, get the blood out of his system. He would hunt an animal, a deer, maybe. And he wouldn't let anything like this happen again.
Miraculously he slept well.

Getting up in the next morning was easier said than done, though. Damon was still hugging him and even in his sleep he resisted all of Stefan's attempts to break free.


Of course Damon was awake before Stefan could even move. He had watched his brother sleep like a baby in his arms and wondered at this feeling of rightness. This was what they were supposed to be like. Not wanting to let Stefan go that easily he pretended that he was just waking up and whispered in his ear.

"Good morning, Stef, slept well?"

He loosened his arms and carefully stroked his brother's cheek and hair, wondering why he still acted like that. But he knew why, because he wanted Stefan back for good. And if that meant to cater to his needs, so be it. Stefan needed this and so Damon decided to give him those tender caresses.


Feeling dazed and utterly bewildered by the surrealisms of the situation, Stefan found himself relaxing into his brother's touch. Damon was going to be so furious once he realized that Stefan had every intention of returning to his animal diet. Already he was hungry again. He'd have to start weaning his body off human blood soon. Briefly closing his eyes, Stefan fought the urge to feed.

These few minutes of peace were all he was going to get, and there was something he wanted to say while it lasted.

"I never thanked you for coming for me. It was ... I didn't think that you'd really let me die. Thank you."


Damon shook his head disapprovingly.

"What are brothers there for? Whatever I have done, nobody gets to mess with you except myself."

He realized that Stefan had to be hungry again, just hanging in there by a bare thread. Damon brought a hand up to his mouth and bit his wrist. Before his brother could put up a fight he place his bleeding wrist in front of Stefan's mouth, coating his lips with blood.

"Drink up, brother, you need it. When you're more in control we'll see if you can go off it again."


Oh God. Not this, not now – he had promised. Moaning softly, Stefan tried to push his brother's wrist away.

"Don't, Damon, please! I don't want this. I-"

But the taste was already in his mouth. Stefan grabbed Damon's hand, clinging to it as he sucked frantically. Trying to stop himself was useless. But this was the last time. The absolutely last time. Stefan was panting, face flushed and twisted as he finally tore himself away. His eyes were dark.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"


Ah, this was great, Stefan sucking the blood out of Damon. He could feel the connection building between them, could feel Stefan's emotions. Stefan drank much before he stopped himself – a human would have passed out already. Damon felt his own thirst growing, knowing that he'd have to get some blood soon.

"Of course I am enjoying this. Taking care of you, fucking you, giving you blood." He pulled Stefan tightly against his own body. "Brothers should be close."

Kissing the exposed skin, he stroked Stefan's bare back. "I hope that you realize that you won't get away this time."


Stefan knew that he was in so much trouble. The biggest problem was that Damon seemed absolutely sincere, convinced of what he was saying. He had to set things straight. Now.

"You are not taking care of me. None of this is actually helping. You caught me at a moment of weakness and you took advantage. I want to be a good person. I don't want to drink human blood. But you don't care about that, do you? You just want some toy version of me to play with – a Stefan who feeds like you, who agrees with you, who is there to fuck whenever you feel like it. And when I don't fit into that picture, you try to punish me. I appreciate what you did for me, but we can't be together. If it wasn't for Elena I would have left weeks ago. And now I'm falling apart..."

Damon's hands had stilled on his body and for a moment Stefan found it hard to breathe. And just like that the peace was gone.


The anger in Damon was building up slowly but steadily as he heard his brother's words. Why was it always so difficult for them to understand each other? He sat up, facing his brother.

"Now you shut up and listen carefully! You were right about Katherine, ever since I found out that she wasn't in the tomb, you've been the only thing holding me here. I don't want a toy but an equal. You're my brother and I want you next to me, as strong as me, so that nobody can kidnap and torture you like yesterday. Of course I won't help you with going back to eating squirrels. But I'd help you control your thirst; I'd even keep you from killing anyone until you have it under control. That wouldn't make you a bad person at all."

He took a deep breath. "And I'd do the same, not killing anybody. With you at my side I'd make concessions, too. There is only one person I could spend eternity with, who understands me and sometimes accepts me, and that is you."


Suddenly Stefan felt very tired. He wished he could go back to sleep, just close his eyes and make it all go away. It used to be so easy: right and wrong, yes and no.

"Well, I won't drink human blood. I just ... can't. I'm not going anywhere either, so it looks like we'll keep each other company for a while. And if what you say is true, you'll accept my decision. And now I really need a shower."

And a drink. He really needed a drink. It was too early, though. Trying to ignore Damon's angry stare, Stefan retreated into the bathroom. He stepped into the shower even though the water was still cold. He had done the right thing.


Frustrated Damon got up as well, going to the other bathroom. With Stefan it was always two steps back for every step forward. He angrily showered in scalding hot water, trying to muster some patience. He was quite sure that Stefan's view of things was way too simple. For now he'd let it be, after all there were other things to consider. He had to deal with Pearl and Anna, and then there was a council meeting to attend. Socializing with the humans was quite important right now to keep them from suspecting anything and Damon thought that he could leave Stefan alone for the time being.

He took his usual clothes and, since there were no blood bags left, he went outside to look for an easy meal.

The next two days were difficult. After dealing with all those unpleasant things – especially learning about John Gilbert – he went back to the boarding house in the evening to get ready for the Founders' Day party. Stefan was already gone and Damon was grateful for these few moments of peace.


Stefan was going through hell. He spent most of his time working out, occupying his body so it would forget about what it was missing. Animal blood had never been less appealing and he couldn't force himself to drink more than a few sips. Sleep, on the other hand, eluded him. And it wasn't just the bloodlust he was fighting in the dark of the night...

The day of the party, Stefan had been drinking steadily since midmorning. He had to take the edge off his hunger – otherwise he would have succumbed. Of course, alcohol had its own pitfall but at least it made him feel better. In fact, as he walked up the stairs of city hall, he was feeling fucking amazing.

Damon was waiting for him at the entrance and he found himself smiling broadly, confidently. They hadn't really seen much of each other since their last ... incident. Tonight none of that mattered. Stefan wasn't about to let anything ruin his evening – not even the unsettling feeling that – as much for his own good as anything else – he shouldn't really be there.


Damon accompanied Stefan inside, greeting the various members of the Founders' Council. On the one hand he was delighted to see Stefan embracing his wild side – drunk Stefan was always fun – but on the other hand it could spiral out of control quickly. Of course there was always the possibility to just leave everything behind, but Damon didn't want to abandon their home.

"How are you feeling?" he asked smirking. "No cravings? So is all this drinking doing its job? We are who we are, Stefan. Denying it won't change it." As if to tempt him he flashed his neck at him. Stefan leaned in for a moment before he disappeared into the crowd.

"Don't embarrass me, young man," Damon shouted after him, grinning to himself as he went to mingle with the council members.


Stefan grinned and rolled his eyes at his brother's last remark, heading straight for the bar. But damn, Damon looked good in a suit. He smelled really nice, too. In fact, he smelled like Stefan's new aftershave.

Half an hour later, Stefan had had four more drinks. Elena was off somewhere, dancing with Matt and he found himself following Damon. Watching his brother disappear into the men's room, an idea started to form in his mind.

He went after Damon and, after making sure that they were alone, twisted the door
handle until it was bent out of shape, effectively locking them in.

"So, Damon, about the other night ... I never got to taste you like you promised I would. And after all I'm such a whore for your cock..."


This party was turning out to be stressful. After overhearing the doubts Jeremy had voiced to the sheriff about the death of Vickie he dealt with it swiftly. He cornered Jeremy outside, took off his vervain bracelet, compelled him to accept the cover story, and put the bracelet back.

That done, he went to the bathroom to wash off the vervain. Damon was surprised when Stefan came in after him with a swagger, locking the door and tempting him with such dirty-talk.

"Well, well, well, look who's begging to suck me," he drawled, not at all opposed to the idea. "Let's see if you still got the skill, little brother." That said he leaned back against the sink, inviting Stefan with a nod to his crotch.


Smiling still, Stefan moved closer, briefly pressing against his brother to inhale his scent. Then he dropped to his knees and pulled Damon's trousers open and down. He took a moment to study his brother's cock like he hadn't seen it hundreds of times in the past before he slowly ran his tongue down the length of it.

Stefan had always loved sucking Damon – the taste, the smell of his arousal, the noises. And most of all the fact that for once he was in control, that he was the one causing his brother to lose all restraint.

Already the tip of Damon's cock was slick with precum and Stefan licked it, savoring the rough moan that earned him. Teasing Damon was such fun.


Drunk Stefan was such fun, Damon thought between groans. He tried to stay quiet, not wanting to give Stefan too much confidence so early on, but it was hard. His brother hadn't forgotten anything, knew exactly how he liked it. Already days had passed since their last encounter and this was just the perfect way to counteract all that stressful tension.

"Yeah, you love it, don't you, brother? Sucking my hard cock, yearning for my taste?"

He wanted to just grasp Stefan's head, to thrust hard, but he held himself back. He wasn't going to last much longer, the tight heat of his brother's mouth too much of a stimulation.

"I like seeing you on your knees, Stefan. Come on, I wanna see you touching yourself, coming when I do."


Damon's fingers were tight in his hair, urging him on as Stefan finally wrapped his mouth around his cock. He moaned a bit around that hard flesh, relaxing his throat to let his brother in deeper. Sensing that Damon was close he hummed softly, letting the sound vibrate through their bodies.

Stefan was achingly hard as he reached down to palm his cock through his pants. He didn't want to make a mess, but coming would be so good and he couldn't resist. Damon was starting to rock into his mouth, so getting his own pants open was quite a challenge, but somehow Stefan managed. So good. He jacked himself roughly, too turned on to go slow.


Those vibrations around his cock were too much. Watching Stefan touch himself and smelling that delicious tang of arousal, Damon felt his balls tighten and shot his load into his brother's waiting mouth as he reached his peak.

"Go on, Stefan, I want to see you come," he whispered, and without further summons his brother did just that.

"Mhm, this was a really good idea, little brother." He pulled Stefan up, kissing him hard, tongue twisting around to taste his own come.

Pulling away, he straightened his clothes. "I recommend you make yourself presentable, the party's not over yet." Damon opened the door, leaving Stefan to his own devices.


Stefan laughed at himself. He had mostly come onto the wall and floor, but it still took him some time to straighten his clothes. His lips were swollen, his hair messed up where Damon had gripped it. Stefan fixed his looks as best he could and went back to the party.

Things were going rapidly downhill. The hunger was stronger than ever and Stefan almost fed twice, from Matt's mother and some guy in the parking lot. He hadn't been able to resist the urge to lick the woman's blood off his fingers, so good, so sweet...

In the end he had managed to control himself, barely. Stefan was hanging in by the thinnest of threads as he stumbled home. He was barely able to see straight, let alone form any clear thought. Naturally, he ran into his brother.


Damon was happy to be at home. Except for the interlude with Stefan, the party had been one big nuisance. John Gilbert had revealed that he knew everything about the Salvatore brothers and then he wouldn't stay dead. Couldn't he kill anyone in this damn town anymore? Damned rings.

Sitting down in the den, he added some scotch to a glass of blood, trying to calm down before he had to tell Stefan all about it. But when his brother arrived he realized that Stefan was in no state to deal with any of that right now. He was on edge, just a small step from turning into a ravenous beast.

"You don't look so good, Stefan. It's time, isn't it? The need is too strong." His brother was gazing hungrily at the blood. "Course it would be after all these years." Damon placed the glass deliberately onto a table. Stefan didn't take his eyes off it. He got up and touched his brother's shoulder.

"Have a good night, brother." Damon stayed outside, waiting for Stefan to give in.