The Inevitable Dawn 4/4

Title: The Inevitable Dawn
Part: 4 of 4
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Author: Ayumie and CrowX
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Damon/Stefan
Summary: AU branching off after episode 1.17.
Warnings: Incest, Slash
Notes: Thanks to lea724 for being an awesome and patient beta-reader. We had lots of fun with this - I hope everyone else will feel the same. Comments make us happy :)



Part 4


Damon was cursing so loudly people in the street gave him strange looks. He hadn't believed that Stefan's addiction would surface so quickly. He had left his brother alone for only an hour to buy pig blood in the next town. But now his brother had gone missing again. This time at least, Stefan hadn't left his ring behind and Damon knew what the other vampire was after.

Hoping that Stefan would go after blood bags and not humans, Damon went to check out the hospitals. Bingo, there he was – hiding in some bushes near the hospital's emergency exit. As fast as he dared, Damon approached his brother and caught him in an unyielding grip.

"No, no, no, little brother, as much as it hurts me, you're not getting human blood. After all the trouble I went through to get you piggy blood!"


Stefan cursed under his breath and tried to wriggle out of Damon's grasp. After a moment he relaxed, not quite sure whether to be relieved or annoyed.

"Let go, Damon. This isn't funny. I ... I need the blood. Just a little bit. That's normal, Damon. It happens every time I go back on my diet – it's a slow process. I have to wean myself off little by little and you cleaned out the house."

Damon wasn't letting go and for a minute the two of them stood in tense silence.

"Come on, you know what it is like. You understand what I'm saying, right?"


Damon wasn't stupid and during his long existence he had been reading a lot, including some basic works on medicine and addiction. At this stage, his brother's words wouldn't convince him of anything.

"I understand fully. Let's go home and then I'll give you what you need. Come on."

He dragged his brother to the car and drove home. Of course he wasn't going to give Stefan what he was asking for. Damon hadn't forgotten what his brother had told him or the look in his eyes. He didn't want to disappoint Stefan again.

Once they were home, Damon pushed his brother against the wall.

"I'm sorry," he said determinedly as he bit Stefan, quickly taking as much blood as he could. When Stefan's knees buckled, he gathered him in his arms and brought him to his room.


When Stefan came around, he felt dizzy. He vaguely remembered Damon feeding from him, taking too much, too quickly. Looking around, he found that he was in his own bed. His brother was watching him from the couch.

Still more than a little confused, Stefan frowned. His stomach was rebelling even as his mouth burned with want of blood.

"What did you do to me? I'm ... hungry."

God, he was hungry. Stefan's eyes lit on the bottle of blood Damon was holding. Although his brother's neck looked at least as appealing...


It had taken longer than Damon had expected for Stefan to wake up. He had nearly drained him dry and Stefan's hunger was only natural.

"I've got blood for you, little brother. Lots of it, too." He opened the bottle and took a whiff.

"Hmm, delicious. I also brought some Bourbon to chase it down."

He shook the bottle in his other hand, looking at it approvingly. Since Stefan looked quite weak Damon stood up and went to his brother's side. Holding out the bottle with blood, he tilted his head.

"Come one, little brother. Drink up."


Eyes never leaving his brother's face, Stefan reached out and took the bottle from Damon. He sipped at the blood, lips pulling into a little pout of distaste.

"That tastes vile."

Stefan drank some more, though, knowing that he'd need his strength if he wanted to persuade Damon to give him human blood. He looked up at his brother from beneath lowered lashes.

"Don't you have anything else? I just ... I need something stronger. Please, Damon. You want to take care of me, right? I'm so hungry!"


Damon couldn't believe how the addiction was changing his brother. It would be so easy to give in to that seductive pout. But he remembered Stefan's pleads and also his threat. There was no way he would risk to lose his brother for good.

"We'll see. First you've got to finish this bottle, Stef." He reached out for his brother, pulling him on his lap.

"I'm taking care of you, don't worry."

When Stefan had finished the bottle Damon put it away, taking out the bourbon. He took a big gulp and leaned in, kissing those bloody lips. Stefan was right, it did taste vile. But for his brother's sake, Damon ignored it and explored his mouth.


Feigning compliance, Stefan finished the bottle of blood although he couldn't suppress a grimace of distaste. He responded eagerly to his brother's kiss, licking into that tempting mouth. After a few minutes he brought his lips close to Damon's ear.

"I changed my mind. You were right, it's unnatural for a vampire not to drink human blood. You get what you want, Damon. Anything you want. Just think about how good it will be to feed together. ... you'll get to fuck me as hard as you want."

Moaning shamelessly, Stefan rubbed up against his brother. Damon would never be able to resist this.


Damon's resolve was sorely tempted by the vivid picture Stefan painted. The two of them feeding together, sharing blood and pleasure. Damon responded eagerly to his brother's advances, rubbing back just as desperate.

"I remember when we shared our first meal together, Stefan. You tempted me then and it was so good, so exhilarating."

Damon shared out the bourbon between kisses in order to wash away the bad taste. He could get used to this, he thought, pig blood mixed with his brother's taste and alcohol. It tasted like Stefan. He wouldn't give in to temptation. Damon was going to take what he wanted and never relent.

"Come on, Stef, show me how much you want to change my mind. I like it when you're all determined and slutty."


Gritting his teeth in frustration, Stefan tugged at his brother's belt. Damon was toying with him, but there was nothing to do but play along. He knew that the other vampire wouldn't let him leave, so he'd just have to keep going. After a moment he had his brother's pants open and pulled out his cock.

"You liked it when I sucked you the other day, didn't you? I could do that. Or would you rather fuck me? Watch me open myself up for you and just slide in? You've always loved watching me. Just give me some blood – mmh, I could lick it off your body."


Sighing loudly Damon took a few deep breaths to clear his mind. This was starting to get out of hand. But in the back of his mind he kept seeing Stefan devastated, hunched-over and waiting for the sun, He would see this through.

"First I want to see you opening yourself up for me on your knees. Then I'm going take you from behind and when we're finished there will be some blood for you."

Damon put the bottle of bourbon to Stefan's lips. Alcohol would take care of a lot of the craving. His brother drank nearly half the bottle before he wrenched it away. Damons snatched the lube from a nearby table and tossed it to Stefan. Then he sat back to enjoy the show.


Claiming another kiss, Stefan slid off his brother's lap and onto the bed. Taking care to display himself, he knelt facing away from Damon, shoulders resting on the mattress as he uncapped the lube and reached behind himself.

Stefan fucked himself with his own fingers, not bothering to muffle his moans. He could feel Damon's eyes on him, watching, and spread his legs wider to give him a better view. After a few more thrusts he stilled.

"What if I want the blood now?"


Damon always loved to see the sensual and wicked side of Saint Stefan. His brother knew how to play this game well. Damon touched himself, pearls of cum already leaking from his hard cock in expectation.

"Uh uhm. You know how it goes, first the deed and then the payment."

Since he didn't want Stefan to stop their game, he moved behind him, gripping those slim hips and pulling them in.

"You're prepared enough. Don't touch yourself, that's only for me."

He pushed into Stefan's body with one swift move, burying himself up to the hilt. Even after all their encounters his brother was still tight. Damon pushed Stefan's shoulders firmly into the bed, dominating and fucking him.


Stefan gave a low, keening moan as his brother filled him hard and fast. For a moment his body was stretched almost painfully tight, muscles protesting the rough treatment. Soon, though, he relaxed, letting Damon take him as he wanted.

Stefan bit his own lip, whining softly at the taste of his own blood. He wanted to come, but Damon's hands were still on his hips, holding him in place to fuck him. It was good but not nearly enough – he needed touch and slowly, stealthily, he started to move his own hand towards his weeping erection, hoping that his brother wouldn't notice.


Steadily Damon built up the speed, knowing how much his brother loved to be taken hard. But then he saw Stefan's hand closing on his own erection. He smirked and pulled out completely.

"Really, Stefan, if you don't have any patience, I will have to teach you."

He heard the frustrated moans his brother made at the loss and saw the offending hand dropping down.

"That's right. That's how you should behave."

He thrust in again, hard and fast, and after a while he touched his brother's cock. It didn't take long for Damon to lose control and he had to hold back a scream as he came.


When Damon suddenly stopped, Stefan couldn't suppress a small cry of frustration. Feeling empty and more than a little desperate, he obeyed. Although Damon immediately pushed back inside, he left Stefan untouched until he was all but sobbing with every thrust. In the end he came the second those clever fingers closed around his cock.

Once Damon pulled out, Stefan rolled over and collapsed into a debauched sprawl. He looked up at his brother from hooded eyes, dragging his fingers through the mess on the sheet.

"I am hungry."


How Stefan could be both the saint and the whore in one person really astounded Damon. In spite of the great sex he wanted his brooding brother back and so he regretfully pushed the bottle of bourbon in Stefan's hand.

"Drink this for now, I'll go and get you some blood."

He got up and retrieved another bottle of piggy blood, heating it in the microwave. He hoped that it tasted better warm. Cleaning himself up, he thought about how to deal with his brother. It wasn't going to be easy.

Sighing he went upstairs again to Stefan's bedroom. His brother had finished the bourbon and Damon hoped that he would fall asleep soon.

"Here's your blood, Stef."


Stefan used the time to get cleaned up a bit. His head was spinning from all the alcohol and in spite of his rapid healing, walking hurt a little bit. For some reason he was feeling faintly sick.

Then, finally, Damon returned. Stefan eagerly took the bottle of blood from him, only to pull a face as he sniffed its contents.

"That's pig again. I don't want this."

As though pulled in by an invisible rope, Stefan stepped closer, nostrils flaring as he sniffed his brother's scent.

"You have been feeding, haven't you?"

Surely Damon wouldn't deny him this. He simply couldn't.


When Damon came back he found a very weak and drunk Stefan. But not weak or drunk enough to accept the animal blood without complaint. And not just that, he advanced on Damon like he was prey.

Swearing silently, Damon realized that in his starved state Stefan could smell the human blood in his own veins. He opened the bottle and took a gulp. It was no comparison to human blood, but he had to admit that it felt like nourishment. One could survive with just that; Stefan certainly had.

"You see, it's not that bad, brother. I can drink it and so can you." Smiling he hugged his brother, trying to force the bottle at him. "Just drink it and tomorrow will be better, I promise."


Struggling to clear his mind, Stefan pressed his eyes shut. He stumbled a bit as Damon pressed the bottle of blood to his lips. After a moment he turned his head away and licked his lips.

"I'm not a child – I won't be fed this way."

The sick feeling in his stomach was intensifying, confusion taking over.

"Damon? What am I doing? I don't know what I'm doing..."

Stefan let himself be pushed towards the bed, sitting down heavily as his calves hit the frame.


Sitting beside his brother Damon put the bottle down. He watched his brother carefully, hoping to see a sign of the rational Stefan.

"This time I've got your back, brother. Don't worry, this feeling will be over soon," he said quietly. "Do you remember how you asked me for help and I promised?

"You should drink this, Stefan. If you can keep it together for a few days, everything will be back to normal."


Not knowing what to think, Stefan accepted the bottle and drank. Afterwards he curled up on the bed and closed his eyes. He needed the oblivion of sleep and maybe Damon was right and he'd actually be better upon waking. Stefan's fingers closed around his brother's wrist.

"You won't leave?"

Not quite sure why this seemed so important, Stefan was nonetheless relieved when Damon lay down beside him. He felt a bit calmer now, not quite as out of control.


Damon sighed with relief; finally his brother was drinking the blood. At Stefan's doubtful words, he settled down beside him and pulled him close.

"Shh. Go to sleep, little brother. I'm not leaving you, promise."

Everything had changed so much. Stefan needed him and Damon would give him everything he wanted. He hugged his brother, feeling quite exhausted himself. Once Stefan's breaths evened out, he, too, closed his eyes.


When Stefan woke up, he thought that he'd die of embarrassment. Then he looked at Damon with something like awe, noting the way the other vampire was still holding on to him. Even now it was hard to believe that the past few days had actually happened.

Even in his sleep his brother seemed to be aware of him, because after a few moments his eyes opened. Stefan froze, trying to think of something to say.

"I – I am really sorry. The way I acted – I was way out of line. And thank you. Did I mention that I'm sorry?"


Feeling the movement in their bed Damon woke up. His brother seemed more rational than he had been in the last few days. Damon thought that his embarrassment was adorable. Smiling slightly, he brought his hand to Stefan's face, caressing him.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, Stefan. It was to be expected. And I liked your behavior very much." Damon leered at the end, reliving their encounter.

"It was great fun, but I'm glad that you're back to your normal brooding self."


Stefan rolled his eyes. Still, he found himself grinning.

"Well, thank you, I guess. You just love it when I act like a giant slut, don't you?"

He leaned over and stole a quick kiss, tongue grazing Damon's lower lip. It had been a long time since he had felt this relaxed around his brother.

"We'll just see if we can play some time. I don't always brood. I mean, we could have an official two hour period of non-brooding a day."


Damon wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh, I really like your ideas, brother."

He leaned into that kiss, enjoying the calm atmosphere. He tried to remember when it had been like this before and regretfully drew the conclusion that it had been in their human days, before Katherine. It had taken nearly one and a half century to get his brother back.

Since he could finally let his guard down and relax, he felt exhausted. The past few days had been hard. Damon curled around his brother, hugging him close.

"And don't you dare trying to pull off something stupid like going out in the sun without me, okay?"


Settling into Damon's embrace Stefan found that he was smiling. The hunger was finally manageable again.

"I won't – I'm better now. You don't have to worry about me that much anymore."

He took a moment to study his brother's face, trying to figure out what Damon was thinking. It was almost too good to be true.

"Is this what it is going to be like from now? Because I'd like that – a lot. I've missed you, Damon."

And he had. At that moment, Stefan wished more than anything that it was possible for both of them to blot out the last 150 years.


Damon saw the still unbelieving looks his brother gave him. Sometimes he was quite astonished at his own behavior as well. But he was glad everything had worked out so far.

"I'm glad that you've regained control, Stef. I'd rather not drink your choice of blood just for you to stay reasonable."

He drew Stefan even nearer, hugging him with a force that would have seriously injured a human being.

"I really want things to stay like this. No more misunderstandings. I'm going to respect your choices as long as we can be together like you promised."

There was just one difficulty, even though Damon was loathe to voice his concern at this point. But he couldn't be at ease as long as it wasn't settled.

"What about Elena though?"


"We're together now, aren't we?"

Stefan briefly buried his face in his brother's throat as the other vampire hugged him even tighter. At Damon's question, he sighed.

"I've been thinking about that. You said that you didn't mind if she stayed my girlfriend and as you probably guessed I am not going to turn her. I was going to stay with her for a few years and then talk to her – you know, about whether she wanted a normal life or be together until the end. Part of me still wants that. Only as things are now, I am not sure that'd be fair to her – or to us."

It was a difficult decision, one he had never believed he would have to make.


Damon stilled for a moment, thinking back. Yes, he had said that he didn't mind his brother still being together with the little human.

"I stand to what I said. Let's just see what's going to happen in a few years. We have all the time in the world, right?"

At least the girl was good company and Damon wouldn't be bothered too much to see her around, even if her resemblance to Katherine spooked him a little. But being more of a realist than his romantic brother, he knew that Elena eventually would want to be turned or to have a human family on her own.


Briefly closing his eyes, Stefan tried to think. There wasn't a good solution, no easy way out.

"But you wouldn't like it. You couldn't help being jealous and maybe I'd end up ruining everything between us all over again. I know I'd feel that way."

"What do you want me to do, Damon? I just don't know. We can't leave her alone, not with the tomb vampires at large. They'd hurt her, you know they would."

At least he could be sure that Damon didn't like the tomb vampires any better than he did.


Damon thought about that. He was quite possessive, but Stefan needed someone to protect, to take care of. So for now it would be best to just sit it out, as far as he was concerned. At least Stefan wouldn't deny him and Damon didn't want to advertise their relationship anyway.

"No, don't worry. For now at least I'll rein in my jealous streak. And you're right, we have to deal with the tomb vampires. There are also a few other things to be concerned about, such as Elena's dear Uncle Jon who won't stay dead."

He didn't want to get up yet.

"But let's just stay in bed today, all right? I'm feeling sleepy and lazy and you, dear brother, need to get used to the animal blood."


Again Stefan couldn't help but grin.

"A whole day in bed? You're such a hedonist. I'm gonna feel like I'm a naughty kid again, hiding from our nurse."

It was getting easier to say whatever came to his mind without constantly worrying about what kind of ammunition he was handing his brother. Damon still hadn't let go of him.

Stefan pressed soft kisses to the few inches of skin he could reach.

"So what exactly are you suggesting we do ... all day ... in bed ...?"


Damon lay down and let his brother do as he pleased. It was nice to be on the receiving end of this kind of attention. He gave a low growl, almost like a purr.

"You seem to have got the idea already, brother."

He traced the tight muscles of Stefan's back, hands traveling south to cup his sculpted ass. Knowing what he wanted, he wondered whether he'd sound too needy. But Stefan seemed to be more open now, so why shouldn't Damon open up as well? In the last days Damon had already deviated so much from the tough vampire he had been playing for nearly his entire existence.

"Make love to me, Stef."


Stefan squirmed until his brother's grip loosened a bit, then shifted to line up their hips. The friction was sweet and for a minute or two he moved against Damon, nose buried in the soft hair beneath the other vampire's ear.

He wanted Damon, he always did, but after the debauchery of the past weeks, the urgency wasn't quite as strong.

Taking his time, Stefan slowly trailed kisses down Damon's neck and collarbone, pausing briefly to suck those tempting nipples before moving down to scatter quick, bloodless bites over his abs and stomach.


This was so different from their last few encounters, it was sweet and slow and Damon loved it. He relaxed, giving himself over to Stefan's kisses and touches. Sighs turned into moans whenever his brother licked over a particularly sensitive spot. Stefan knew exactly how to touch him.

"Ah, little brother, please suck me. Need to feel that pretty mouth," Damon demanded.

Through heavy-lidded eyes he watched the lovely face of his brother, silently thanking whatever God might exist that he had Stefan here with him. Nothing would ever come between them again, no matter what compromises Damon would have to make.


Stefan didn't hesitate. He swallowed Damon's dick to the root. Hands clamping down on his brother's hips, he savored the moans his actions elicited. Stefan had always been good at this. He pulled back to tongue at the head, wanting more of that taste. He looked up and smiled.

"Is that good? Is that what you had in mind?"

Leaning down to nuzzle Damon's balls, he waited for an answer. He felt the small tremors that shook those strong muscles, loving the fact that he got to do this to his brother, that they weren't hiding from each other any longer.


Damon smirked. His brother was really great at this as had been proved time and again. But he wanted something different now, something they did only rarely.

"It's what I always have in mind, but this time I want to feel you inside me."

He pushed his legs further apart to grant Stefan easier access.

"Take me!"


"God, yes."

Groping blindly for the lube, Stefan circled his brother's hole with one finger. If there was one good thing about being vampires, it was that he didn't have to worry about hurting Damon. However, since he liked this kind of slow preparation, he took his time.

Occasionally pausing to lap at Damon's erection, Stefan slid in first one finger, then two, scissoring them to stretch that snug hole. His own cock was achingly hard, but he ignored it for the moment, concentrating on his brother's pleasure.


Stefan was really a considerate lover who took care to pleasure his partner above anything else. Damon loved that fact about him, but now he wished that his brother would just hurry up.

"That's enough teasing, Stef, I'm ready."

He sat up to grasp his brother's neglected erection, stroking the smooth hardness. Lying down again he positioned his legs on Stefan's shoulder, aligning his ass with that weeping cock.

"Do it."


Damon's impatience made him smile. It was so like his brother to simply take charge and tell Stefan what to do. In this particular case, however, he didn't mind at all. Stefan pushed in slowly, though. A moment later he pulled back out all the way, only to thrust forward once more. It was incredible to feel Damon that way, to feel that strong, hard body yield.

"So beautiful, Damon, so good. Always, always wanted you. Always will..."


Damon tried to let Stefan have control, but his own need was growing too strong. His hands roamed over Stefan's back, caressing and scratching over hard muscles and soft skin. Unfortunately he couldn't let Stefan bite him just yet. The look on Stefan's face made his heart flutter, concentration and abandonment thrown together.

"You're just as beautiful, Stef. And I'll never leave you again. Never," he moaned.

Nearly whining he pushed his hips upwards, trying to urge Stefan on.


Damon was obviously trying to speed things up and Stefan was all too happy to comply. Stefan sped up his thrusts, setting a steady rhythm. He love the feeling of those strong fingers digging into his shoulders, urging him on. Reaching down, he started to stroke his brother's erection, knowing that the other vampire had to be close.

Stefan leaned down for a kiss, needing to be as close as possible, connected in every way. Nipping at soft lips, he opened his mouth to his brother's tongue.


The sweetness and heady pleasure of it all made Damon moan in Stefan's mouth. He played with his tongue, devouring those swollen lips. Damon threw his arms over his brother's shoulders, pulling him flush against his chest, rubbing his trapped erection against that flat stomach.
It was just a matter of seconds now and Damon clenched his ass, wanting to come at the same time as Stefan. Groaning, he was pushed over the edge even as he felt his brother shudder above him. Both vampires cried out their pleasure.

"Love you, little brother, so much!" Damon whispered huskily, still in the throes of a mind-blowing orgasm.


Damon seemed to tighten impossibly around him, like he was trying to draw the orgasm from his body. Stefan groaned harshly as he buried himself in his brother one last time and spilled his seed deep in that waiting heat.

Pulling out carefully, Stefan took a deep breath. He felt like he was about to jump off a cliff. Pressing a brief kiss to his brother's mouth, he pulled away until they could look at each other.

"You're my brother, Damon. I love you. You know that, right? You're mine and I'm yours – that's the way it is."


"You're right, that's how it always will be," Damon answered. He pulled Stefan down and hugged him close, breathing in the comforting scent.

Even if there were a lot of problems to be dealt with, Damon felt on top of the world here with his brother in his arms, trusting him, loving him.

He would look after him from now on, and when they had to leave Mystic Falls because of their unchanging appearance, they would do so together.



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