Hey all you guys! What's going on? Just me coming out with a NEW STORY! *Victory dance*

Now I got this idea by watching Higurashi: When They Cry

Just got into it, and it's awesome so far :D So I hope you all enjoy this!

Warning: Violence (I guess) so if you don't like to see violence or mentions of violence, please don't read… thanks!

Disclaimer: I do not own Death note

: Normal POV:

Mello was sitting alone in his apartment, watching the news. He was slowly munching on a chocolate bar, thoughts flooding his mind.

I wonder what Matt's been doing since I left. Probably forgot all about me.

The blond sighed and put his chocolate on the table. He looked up to the TV screen that he was neglecting.

"There has been a string of murders in the Los Angeles area. All the bodies that were found have been brutally mutilated. Police still haven't found the murderer. The only clue they were able to find was some fake fur. Like the type you put on clothing. The investigation is still going strong."

Mello's eyes widened.

"Fake fur? Like the kind you put on clothing?"

Matt had his eye on this fake faux fur vest back at Wammy's. He said when he finally left that he would buy it first thing…

Mello shook his head to rid himself of the thoughts. He drew his knees up to his chest.

Just forget about Matt. He probably hates you for leaving, so why think about him?

Suddenly there was a knock on Mello's door. The blond jumped at the noise. The knock became louder and more demanding.

"It's probably those idiots from work. Don't they know not to disturb me?"

The knock came again and Mello gave an annoyed sigh. He stood up off the couch and began to approach the door.

But when he took a couple steps, he witnessed a knife drive itself through the old, wooden door. He jumped back in surprise. The knife cut away at the door until a small hole was made. Mello ran to the drawer and fumbled around for his gun. When he found it, he cocked it and aimed it at the door.

He saw a sleeve-covered arm slide through the hole and grab onto the doorknob, turning it and throwing the door open.

Mello was shaking in fear and his gun was slowly sliding out of his hands.

The door was threw open and the cold air from outside quickly overtook the apartment, making Mello shiver. His eyes were wide and waiting.

He heard the sound of boots entering the apartment, so he readied his gun for the intruder.

But he dropped it as soon as he saw the figure.

A red-headed teen with goggles and a vest, covered in blood. The teen walked into the apartment and stood staring at the terrified blond.

"No..No…" Mello whispered under his breath as he stared.

The red-head simply gave a sly smile and said one thing.

"Melloo~" he sing-songed.

And Mello's scream could be heard through ever hall of the building.


So I hope you enjoyed this and I will be updating Love Slave as well!

Thanks for reading!