No Ordinary Life

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Everthing was fine in my life until my parents wanted to drag my brother and I on a 'family vacation' to Brazil. Mom was actually supposed to be doing research on some plant, but on the plane ride there things went terribly wrong. I knew just by looking at the dingy thing that something would happen. But all of that is in the past now. Well I wish all of it could be in the past because after the plane crashed, my family and I didn't come back the same.

"Kids! Whoever needs a ride to school better get down here now!"

Stephanie Powell exclaims as races around the kitchen stuffing documents into her briefcase for work. Things have certanily changed for the Powell family. The trip back from Brazil changed them. It made them extrodnary. Stephanie flitted thru the house picking up the strewn items her 14 year old son J.J. had left around.

"Kids your father is leaving for work now!"

16 year old Daphne bounced down the stairs with a huge grin on her face.

"Im ready mom, thought your ability was super speed not super shouting."

"Funny Daph, but you know you and your brother cant be late anymore. Where is J.J.?"

"Here mom, I was just finishing up some last minute homework I forgot last night."

"You mean homework you were doing for people on your football team?"

"Daphne stay out of my mind!"

"J.J.!" Exclaimed Stephanie "We'll talk about this tonight, here are both of your lunches, have a great day, and I love you two. Now I better get a move on so I dont hit any traffic on the way."

As Jim Powell waits in the family car, his phone receives a text message from his best friend, George St. Cloud. 'Meet me downtown in two hours, big news!' Jim's life has changed drasticly since the plane accident. He now can leap over tall buildings, lift nearly anything with his super strength, and is nearly industructable. His wife, who before the accident had to explain everything with science, can now run at incredibly fast speeds. His daughter Daphne telepathic, being able to hear the thoughts of people seems like they would come in handy but being a teenager in high school, you hear a lot of things you just don't want to. Up until a few weeks ago Jim and Stephanie had no idea they're son J.J. even had powers. But they soon found out that he had been hiding his ability to seek their approvial. He has the ability to absord vast amounts of information and is super inteligent. It pained Jim that he kept his ability a secreat because no matter what he would always love J.J. for who he was.

As Daphne stood on the steps of the entrance to her high school, she scanned the crowd looking for her friend Megan. With no luck in finding her she turned around and ran into Trent Stafford.

"Trent!" "Hey! Sorry didnt see you there, how's your dad doing?"

Daphne had known Trent since middle school but after getting into high school they ran in different crowds. Daphne felt a lot closer to Trent after his family had been a victom to home invasion and her dad helped save his life. Trent is also the first person that she touched and was able to see imaiges of what he was thinking about.

"He's great, thanks. He's still in recovery but he's doing much better."

"That's so good to hear"

"Well I guess I better head to class"

"Hey daph?" Trent said as Daphne headed up the steps "Do you maybe wanna go to the movies with me Friday night? My treat."

"Um Yeah Sure! I'd like that, text me the deets" Waving goodbye and heading to her first peirod class, Daphne couldnt stop grinning. But just as quickly as she was happy she became unsure of how the night would play out if they touched and she could see what he was thinking. Pushing those thoughts aside she found Megan in class and took the empty seat beside her.

"Well hello there Daph have I got some news for you!"

"No me first!"