No Ordinary Life

I promise the plot will thickin soon=0

Juggling her cellphone, backpack and keys. Daphne opened the door to her two story home and made her way to the staircase. Grabbing an apple from the kitchen counter and dropping her backpack off onto the living room couch, she decided to worry about homework later. Flipping thru the channels on her t.v. she began to wonder why it was so quiet in the house. Using her powers, she did a quick sweep of the home trying to pick up any brain waves. Sensing no one, she went to her closet and began looking thru potential outfits for her Friday night date with Trent. Daphne wondered if she should pick out something for Megan as well.

Earlier in class Megan informed her that she has her eyes on a certain popular guy but wouldn't give Daph the details until she for sure knew how the guy felt back. Daphne knew that if Megan had given her the guys name, she would have known how the guy felt in 5 minutes. She was getting good with her power, but she hated that she had to keep it a secret. She didnt think it was very fair that her parents could tell their best friends and she couldn't. Not that she didn't trust Megan, she just didn't think Megan would be able to deal with knowing that her every thought could be read. Pushing the double date idea aside, she walked out of her room when she heard the front door open. J.J. strolled in with some boy she had never seen before. All of her staring caught the boys eye, J.J. followed his gaze.

"Oh, thats my sister Daphne, Daph this is Carter Wales."

"Hi! Are you new to town?" She asked as she made her way down the stairs to shake Carter's hand.

Nearing the last step, she couldn't stop thinking about how green his eyes were. Were they liked that when he first stepped into her line of sight? It was almost unnatural. Wanting a closer look, she tripped on the last step and fell into Carter's open arms.

"Hi" She stammered.


Embarrassed, Daph truned all kinds of red and quickly tried to read his mind to see if he thought she was a total clutz. But the odd thing was, she couldn't hear what he was thinking, she just got a rush of excitement. Brushing off the feeling she steadied herself and shook his out streached hand.

"Sorry about that. I skipped lunch today and just felt a little wuzzy."

"That's okay, I'm always glad to catch a pretty lady."

Making gagging noises from the kitchen, J.J. opened up two sodas and told Carter to follow him to his room.

"And yes Daphne" Carter said as he walked backwards towards the staircase "I am new to town, maybe you could show me around?"

"Definitly!" She said grinning from ear to ear.

Watching him walk up the stairs she wondered why she was so amazed by a 14 year old? She assumed he was 14 if he hung out with J.J. She alos assumed there must be something wrong with him if he hungout with J.J.

Shaking them both from her mind, she ran to her room to text her mom to see when she was coming home to start making dinner.