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There was a reason for Tom Riddle's behaviour, for his unfeeling actions, for his disregard of love. That was what it all came back to. Love. It always had done and he knew that it always would. He just wished to avoid it though. He never thought about it. Ever. He was strict with himself on that. Never would he ever think about the one person who had caused him to turn into the heartless monster that he was. His reasons for this were that number one: he never wanted to show a weakness; number two: he never wanted to admit to ever giving in to love; and number three: he couldn't bear to think about her. It hurt too much. He would never confess to feeling pain. It was weak. He didn't blame her for anything though. He couldn't. She was too…too…nice, good, loving, lovable. The list went on. In short, she was everything he wasn't.

And he loved her for it.

I know it's only short, but it is just the prologue!