"You're still upset." Sherlock broke the silence from his perch on the leather chair, his fingers pressed together and his sharp eyes locked upon me.
"Very perceptive." I mocked not looking up from the paper, he audibly sighed and I could plainly imagine the eye roll that followed it.
"I understand that you where disappointed... apparently disillusioned as well, John." He began shaking his head. "I never admitted to be any sort of hero and surely do not conduct myself in such a way, and while you were repeatedly warned against me you remain to be shocked at my peculiarities. For lack of a better word, and insisted to paint me in such a way."
"My mistake, I apparently mistook you for a human, won't happen again." I folded the paper and tossed it on the side table.
"Come now," He began.
"No," I started surprised at my own momentum. "I will not sit here and be mocked for assuming that a person would care that someone's life was in the balance." I rose from my chair. "I guess I was daft for thinking that the one and only Sherlock Holmes would care an iota for another person. Moriarty was wrong, you don't have a heart."
"Once again, unless caring about the life in question would help solve the case there is no point. The game, John, is all that matters. Aside from that there is little else." Sherlock concluded, I merely stared at him. He cleared his throat. "In the perfect world, you would more readily understand this." He stood, standing on the chair's cushion before coming to the floor. "As a doctor you have a bedside manner, you have cultivated this well, it allows you to gain a trust and build rapport with a patient. " I nodded at this. "This is a highly ineffective process. Why beat around the bush when in the long run all the patient wants to know is the diagnosis and how it can be treated."
"Don't worry, Sherlock, if you are about to die I'll be sure not to sugar coat it for you." I replied sarcastically turning to head towards the kitchen.
"I'd appreciate it," He said aside. "Also I feel I should add that it could be a bit of a different scenario if I actually knew said person in question."
"I find that hard to believe." He cast a look at my direction and I found myself squirming under his gaze and remembering the events and actions at the pool that night. I cleared my throat looking away from him.
"You are forgetting that everyone does not operate in accordance to your proposed perfect world. There are certain niceties that us mere mortals adhere to." Said I as I looked for some sort of edible food item in the mess.
"Dull," he said plopping on to the chair. "Everything would run like clockwork if all these simple minded pleasantries and p.c. cadences where removed." He huffed.
"Quite," said I. "Still, you could at least pretend not to be a robot."
"Nonsense," Sherlock began. "I'll just differ all those supposed niceties, and such, to you."
"Lovely," I mocked. "Any other little jobs you'd like to give me in order to placate me?" I asked leaning in the door way that separated the kitchen area.
"That should do it for now," He glanced at me with a smirk on his face, before looking away as if he was plotting something. "How's the tea coming?"