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By Waterrain

Moon Jae Shin was shaking his head as Goo Yong Ha washed him from behind and he sighed to himself. Those cotton hands were on his bare chest washing slowly and lingering quite some time on his nipples along with toying with them. He repressed a shudder and hated the fact his friend was not showing any mercy for that area is his weakest point.

"You are sensitive my friend."

"Who is sensitive?"

"Ah, I'm speaking about you."

"I'm not."

"Your body is trembling like a frightened kitten everytime I touch your nipples. I'll be nice since you are my dear friend." Goo Yong Ha commented smoothly and his hands moved to down to the hips. He heard a quiet sigh of relief from his friend and Goo Yong Ha smiled to himself for it is quite fun teasing Moon Jae Shin.

"Have you noticed how slender your hips are Geol Oh?" Goo Yong Ha said teasingly as he rubbed his hands in circles on Geol Oh's hips while grinning and added. "Like a girl's."

"Don't insult me." Geol Oh stated calmly and he moved those hands from his hips. "It is bad for your health."

"Oh, but it is true my friend. Your hips are nice and slender like a girl's." Goo Yong Ha whispered into his right ear and then kissed the side of Moon Jae Shin's neck. The fist was caught and there was still a smile on his lips.

"Just because there are no girls around or inside of this school. It does not give you the right to take it out on me." Geol Oh snapped and his arms were crossed.

"Like always Geol Oh so interesting and entertaining."

"Do you do this to everyone who accepts your offer of washing their back and chest?"

"No. You are just special and it is rather fun pushing your buttons." Goo Yong Ha commented cheerfully and he caught the fist before it landed on his right cheek. "I'll leave you to finish off your washing."

"Crazy bastard." Geol Oh muttered to himself and shook his head as he heard the chuckling of Goo Yong Ha.

Please Review and Thank You. Side Note Goo Yong Ha was completely dressed and Moon Jae Shin didn't have anything covering his chest, but he did have clothing on the lower half of his body.