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Goo Yong Ha was sitting down by his friend who was half slumped over and with a sake bottle to his lips. He smiled playfully at Moon Jae Shin and then grabbed him by the hips dragging him onto his lap. His head was on top of Moon Jae Shin's head, an arm around his waist, and he had a hand on his cheek.

"How do you feel Geol Oh." Goo Yong Ha whispered into his right ear and he smiled brightly to himself.

"You jerk." Geol Oh commented in a tired voice and then he felt lips on his neck. "Why the hell must you do this to me. Crazy bastard no one else would dare."

Goo Yong Ha chuckled as he moved his lips away from the slim neck and had his hand under Moon Jae Shin's chin.

"Your neck reminds me of a girl's."

"I hate you."

"Ah, I love you too Geol Oh."

"Should of stayed with the women, Yeo-Rim. Instead of following me back and taking it out on me, jerk." Geol Oh muttered and he was now sitting against the wall no longer on the other's lap. Goo Yong Ha grinned at him, his hand drifted up to Moon Jae Shin's lips, and he smiled brightly at him.

"Your lips are always so pouty and adorable." Goo Yong Ha commented smoothly and his thumb played with Geol Oh's lips for a moment. "Like a girl."

Moon Jae Shin glared at him briefly and shook his head. He pushed away Goo Yong Ha hands and then looked at him with annoyed eyes.

"I wish you had stayed there with the women."

"Oh, I couldn't just leave you all by yourself."

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