Acronym: Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives. So true.

It was the first time that I had been in school since 1864 when my older sister, Katherine, was playing the Salvatore brothers.

Not my favorite moment in time, but hey with a sister like Katherine around since way back when (and I mean way back when) you get used to things like that going on around you. But I am not going to say that I liked having stuff like that around me.

That's why I'm back at school. Trying to be normal for once in my life. Not turning out so well for me.

Especially when the fuzz showed up.

I was in history class when they came in. Candice and Rodger Beauregard. I had noticed them watching me at home a few days ago. They were hiding behind some trees. Not a very good hiding place if the person you're stalking is a vampire.

I am soooo not getting into that story.

All you have to know is that what these people were attempting to do to me, was not going to work. Not even in their dreams.

Or at least that's what I thought until I noticed what they had come in with.

When Candice and Rodger came in the whole class and even the teacher went silent. I guess they were kind of famous in this place. Not a very good place, I might add.

They didn't even bother to hold up their badges to show that they were legit. They just told everyone to get out. Except me.

Oh, my merry luck.

"Hello," Candice said when everyone had cleared the room. "We need to talk to you for a while, miss." By talking, I think she meant "we need to render you unconscious and turn you over to our leader." Well that didn't make me feel comfortable, but I had seen more than this in my many years.

"Well, I don't want to talk to you. Sorry." I said, boredom seeping into my voice.

"We don't want to 'talk' and I think you know that." Rodger said, producing a syringe full of what seemed to be vervain.

I jumped up with my awesome speed and fled to the nearest window, passing Rodger as I went by. Sadly, Rodger got in a good shot with the syringe and poked me in the arm just long enough to distribute the vervain.

When the vervain entered my system it felt like someone was burning my skin with hot wires, and I felt myself collapse to the floor. The vervain continued to burn and even got worse until my eyesight was glazed in red agony.

What happened next was a complete blur to my messed up head. I remember someone bringing in a stretcher, being hauled away from the school. Then I passed out.

I know what you're probably thinking. How can a vampire pass out? Well, I can't explain how it happens, but I'm here to tell you that a vampire passing out is, indeed, possible.

When I woke up, I got the slightest feeling that life was not good.

A vamp tried to be normal and what does she get? A shit load of useless crap that she could really miss out on.

But oddly enough, the room looked pretty nice for my prison. And believe it or not, there was another person in the room with me.

She had long orange colored hair. And when I say orange colored, I mean literally orange. Her back was facing me and she was sleeping on another bed in the room, so I couldn't see her face.

Quickly, without moving or making any kind of sound that would indicate that I was awake, I took in account of the room.

There was a window on the girl with orange hair's side. But it had bars on it and I could see the blinking red light of an alarm system on it too. On my side of the room was a door, of course locked. Whoever put me here wouldn't be that dumb, especially since this person knew about vervain. But a locked door wouldn't do much to stop me and my reign of terror. So I figured that there must be a silent alarm system on the door.

I wasn't in the best shape ever, and I knew I would need time to recover from the high dose of vervain before I could even think about making a break for it. That depressed me though, because I was not used to feeling helpless or trapped, and I sure as hell didn't like it.

But, I would live. Maybe. There was always the off chance that the people who had taken me would want me dead. But they would have killed you by now if they wanted you dead, idiot. I thought to myself. But it could also be someone from my past. Elijah, or maybe even the Salvatore brothers themselves in all of their infamous glory.

Though that was highly unlikely. With all of the time that Katherine had spent playing with their innocent souls, they had only met me twice. But twice was enough to remember, especially for a vampire mind.

The thing about me is, that when I first meet someone I like to project an act of vulnerability and harmlessness, even though that is far from the truth. I was almost positive that I had the Salvatore brothers fooled as thoroughly as Katherine had so many years ago.

So where was I?

There was no time to waste. The vervain had already started to wear off and I was nearly at my full strength. I could take on a few guards by triggering the alarm at the window. No way was I heading out the door. That would just be bad planning, and I would be trapped.

I stood, using my vampire speed to get to the window, but when I was about to open the window the girl with the orange hair sat up suddenly and put a hand on my arm.

"Take me with you." The girl said. Her face pleaded for my help.

"Where are we now?" I asked.

"Lyle house. it's a group house, but all of the security stuff was hipped up a few months ago when a group of kids got out." She said steadily. "And I really want to get out." This time when she spoke her voice wavered slightly.

"Okay, I'll take you with me. But I have to warn you, its going to be very fast." I said and she nodded her head in agreement and enthusiasm.

"First of all," I said. "Stand up close to me." She did so warily. "Now, when the alarm goes off we are going to take off running. And when I say we I mean me. You'll understand why in a little." I added at the look of her face.

"On the count of three," I said. "One…two…three!"

I pulled the bars from their place on the window and pulled the window up with brute force. There was some kind of metal in the bars that made it hard to peel away, but I did it. Although any younger vamp would have had trouble with it.

Once the window was open the earsplitting shriek of an alarm went off overhead and I grabbed the girl with the orange hair and jumped out the window and started running.

I was way faster than anything that those people could have sent after me. Obviously they were human, but I had a bad feeling that I had gotten away too easy, although I don't think they expected me to take the other girl with me.

After about fifteen or so miles I finally stopped and put the girl down. She looked windswept, but…ecstatic.

"So, where we headed now?"

On a whim I said, "Connecticut." I said.

The whole process of getting to Connecticut was like a huge blur, for her and me. She told me that we were in Buffalo, NY, so getting to Connecticut took shorter than I thought it would.

I ran the whole way.

I was pretty speedy to. Once we got to Connecticut I was so drained I just plopped down on the stairs of the nearest house.

I told the girl with orange hair (whose name I learned was Basil) to wait as I pushed my way into the forest in the back of the house, looking for a little snack to bring my energy up.

Eventually I fed off of a large deer, sucked it dry. Luckily I knew how to keep myself clean while feeding so appearance wasn't a problem, and I hadn't taken that long anyway, so Basil had nothing to worry about.

What I did need to worry about was the man talking to Basil when I got back.

"Who are you?" I asked from the shadows.

Basil walked up to me and whispered in my ear, "I think we have found our way out. He's offering us a place to stay." She had a big grin on her face.

I looked at her like she was nuts and whispered back. "You can't trust anyone, Basil. Especially not some stranger." She pleaded at me from her eyes. I was a strong willed person, but my own exhaustion was creeping up on me slowly but steadily, so I gave in.

I walked back to the man with Basil, keeping my hat low on my head so that it covered part of my face.

"Hello," the man held out his hand to me. I didn't take it.

He let his hand fall to his side and said, "I'm Andrew. You are welcome to stay in my home for a while. In fact I'm already harboring a few people from the place that you came from, I believe."

That jolted me awake. I snapped my head up so suddenly that it even startled this Andrew guy. And then he saw my face.

"Delia?" He asked in disbelief.

"Oh. This Andrew. I was expecting a loser, but this really tops the list now doesn't it?" I said in my super-sweet voice.

Basil looked back and forth between us. "You two know each other?" She asked warily.

"From a while back." I responded, hoping I sounded calm to her, because in all truth my heart was pounding way too fast for how it normally was.

"Come in." Andrew said, opening his door for us.

I smirked. I had never been to Andrew's house before and now he was inviting me in. I was suddenly glad that I had taken Basil with me when I had fled.

"Whose at the door?" Said a girl with shoulder length unnaturally colored black hair. She took a look a me and Basil and said. "Who are they?"

Andrew drew in a deep breath and said, "Chloe, go and get the others. I want this introduction to happen with all of you here." Chloe nodded and ran up some stairs to presumably "get the others."

After a few minutes of awkward silence while Andrew seated us in the living room, more kids came down. Two boys and one other girl.

Andrew stood. "Everyone," he said, addressing the larger group. "This is Basil," Basil waved and gave a half hearted smile. "And this is Delia." Andrew said indicating to me. I didn't even glance up. "They are going to be staying here fro a while. Apparently they also came from Lyle House." They group nodded in semi-union.

"And Basil, Delia," Andrew continued. "This is Simon, he is a sorcerer." Andrew pointed towards a Korean guy with blond hair and I nodded while Basil's eyes grew wide. "This is Tori, a witch." He pointed to a girl with unruly brown hair and cold eyes. Basil's eyes got wider. "This is Chloe, a necromancer." He indicated to the girl from before. Wider and wider… "And last but not least, this is Derek, he is a werewolf."

At last it looked like Basil's eyes were about to pop out of her head. That would be messy.

Andrew looked at us and Basil said quickly, "I don't know what I am." Andrew noded and his gaze moved to me.

I stood, took off my hat and said, "I'm a vampire."