Power Rangers GPX, Episode 17: A New Home

:-:-:-: We're the best damn chance you got, :-:-:-:
Pow-wer Rang-gers G-P-X, let's go!

Start your engines, lift the green flag high
We're taking the lead, we're here to save the day
Stare our enemies down, our victory is nigh
There's a battle to fight, WE'RE NEVER GIVING UP!

Stand up, take your chance, we're here and will unite
We're ready, and we're gonna take them down
They can't beat us, we're united in our fight
We're invincible, and we're never gonna die!

We're the defenders of the human race,
Power Rangers G-P-X, GO!
We're never gonna lose the race,
Power Rangers G-P-X, GO!

We're gonna save the day,
We're gonna save the day,
We're gonna save the day!

:-:-:-: POWER RANGERS GPX, GO! :-:-:-:

In the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, a soldier rushed to the briefing room. Most of the massive office building was calm but on alert. With the conflict with the Zordonian Empire, things were more hectic around the building. He eventually found the room he was supposed to be at and entered, saluting as he came in. There was a group of officers, all talking with one man. "…So the Rangers were able to beat one Zordonian general," said Col. Alan Greene of the United States Army. "But from what they've told me, they have three more generals to defeat. We don't know the names of these generals, but we expect them to be tough but not impossible for them to defeat."

The other officers looked at Greene, their faces showing interest. "Project Ranger" as it was called, was a partial success, at least so far. Now all that was needed was the go-ahead to continue operations, this time on American soil. They only had the approval from the Japanese government to fight on their territory, but now that the Power Rangers had relocated to Florida, it was a little more difficult. "Col. Greene," said the head general. "Having them fight in Florida is risky. Given the area, it's possible there could be some property damage."

"I understand that sir," said Col. Greene. The African-American Colonel was trying to keep his composure. He was doing okay so far. "But we need to recognize those risks. However, if property damage does occur, Project Ranger has enough funds from the UN to pay for those damages, along with the insurance those buildings have. Besides, if needed, they could fight in sparsely populated areas."

The other officers nodded their heads. It seemed like a good idea so far. But, there were still issues. "What if they get discovered?"

"To be honest, wearing brightly-colored suits isn't very discreet," said Col. Greene. "We'll have to accept that."

"I see," said the general. Another officer spoke up.

"Suppose there are civilian casualties," he said.

"Sir, my Rangers are dedicated to preventing civilian casualties," said Col. Greene. "But we also have to take them into account. This is war, gentlemen. People are going to get hurt." The other officers nodded their heads. Col. Greene was right.

"Very well then," said the head general. "We'll talk to President Obama about it. I'm sure he won't be happy, but he'll approve your plan.

"Thank you, sir."


Down the Atlantic coast, in Orlando, Florida, an SUV pulled into the driveway of a large house. It was a Chevy, large enough to seat 8. The car stopped in the driveway and the driver got out. She was a woman, around the age of 26 with flowing brown hair down to her back. She had a petite figure and she was wearing sunglasses. "Alright, here we are," she said to the passengers.

"Finally," said the passenger in the shotgun seat. "Feels great to be back on American soil."

"I guess so, huh Sean?" She asked the young man.

"Very much," said Sean. Sean O' Callahan was his name. The woman was his older sister Bridget. Like his sister, Sean had brown hair, albeit shorter, but covered part of his ears—until he grabbed his Chicago Blackhawks cap, that is. He had a more athletic figure, since he was a hockey player and slightly taller. Like her, he had fair skin. His sunglasses shielded his eyes, but he took them off to reveal brown eyes. His face was slightly slender. "Come on, Kevin!"

"I'm coming!" Kevin O' Donnell stepped out of the van. He was bigger than Sean, along with much shorter hair, closer to a fuzz. Not only was he bigger, he was taller than him, too, close to the size of a rugby player, at least a small one. His face was slightly more rounded, and he too had brown eyes and a fair skin tome. "Ugh, it's hot!"

"Deal with it," said the woman who stepped out next. "Because I can." She was an athletic woman, albeit not uber-muscular. Maria Aparicio of Venezuela got look at Kevin with her brown eyes. Her dark brown hair flowed down a little past her shoulders. She was quite the woman to look at, as Sean put it, 'She's from Venezuela!' Her coffee-with-cream-colored skin tone glistened in the Florida sun. "Come on, Hitomi," she said.

"I'm coming!" Hitomi said as she stepped out of the van. She was shorter than Maria and more petite. Hitomi Miyazawa was her full name. She had brown eyes and black hair with brown eyes tied up in a ponytail with some bangs. He skin was pretty light, and it has been noted in the text prior that she looked kind of like a J-pop singer. Unlike Maria, she was, as the Japanese put it, "moe."

"Okay, everyone's here," said Sean. He, Kevin and Maria were wearing bandages on their arms and faces, which they had to wear due to injuries they sustained earlier. "Hey newbie!" He called out. "Get your ass out here!"

"Don't call me a newbie!" The person said with a South African twinge. "My name is Mandla!" He stepped out of the car and into the Florida sun. His head was covered in dreadlocks. Like the other Rangers, he had an athletic build and was only slightly bigger than Sean, despite being the same height. He had brown eyes and he had a dark skin tone. His full name is Mandla Ndebele.

"Whatever," said Sean. Oh, about them. Sean is an American from Chicago, Kevin is an Irishman from Dublin, Mandla is South African from Johannesburg, Maria is Venezuelan from Caracas (despite living in Rio de Janeiro for the past 3 years for reasons that won't be disclosed until later) and Hitomi is Japanese from Kyoto. All of them are 18-21 (Sean, Kevin and Mandla are 21, Maria is 20 and Hitomi is 18).

And all of them are Power Rangers.

If you want to know, let's recap: In the last part, Sean, Kevin, Maria and Hitomi (along with her brother Daisuke) were called to Tokyo for reasons they didn't understand. They were taken to an underground base operated by the United Nations. It turns out they were secretly part of what's known as "Project Ranger" and had been trained for 11 years in martial arts and other aspects without knowing.

Col. Alan Greene of the United States Army told them that they were to become Power Rangers and fight off an alien invasion. However, they were skeptical about this and reluctant to do so, despite the fact Sean was already on wanted posters in areas occupied by Swabots, the enemy foot soldiers. However, Col. Greene managed to convince them to take five bracelets. They came in handy when they got into a fight in front of Shibuya 109. After getting tossed around, Sean rallied them around him and with Col. Greene's instructions, morphed into Power Rangers and defeated the monster. Sean was the Red Ranger, Kevin the Blue Ranger, Daisuke the Green Ranger, Maria Yellow and Hitomi Pink. They made up the Power Rangers GPX.

Sometime later, they found themselves in a fight against the higher-ups of the Zordonian Empire, who (as Hitomi pointed out) had an identical appearance to the Black Moon Clan from Sailor Moon. Again, they were tossed around at first before Sean again rallied them to a moral victory over the Zordonians.

A few days later, they found themselves facing the general Phaedos, who resembled another Sailor Moon villain, Jadeite. Phaedos easily defeated the Rangers and damaged their suits so bad that they had to get new suits.

The Rangers scored some victories as time went by. However, they had no idea that Phaedos was manipulating Daisuke to mutiny against Sean. Daisuke had been promised to be the leader, but that position went to Sean. So Phaedos used that anger to manipulate Daisuke.

Eventually, after a tough fight in the forest Aokigahara, Daisuke rebelled against Sean and punched him, apparently citing Japanese pride. Daisuke got Hitomi to come with him and become subservient to him, much to their shock (they eventually found out much later that she had been hypnotized and programmed with a key-phrase to become subservient to him). Daisuke and Hitomi split from the team.

Sean, Kevin and Maria, however, continued to fight together. At a village near Mt. Fuji, the three fought valiantly before being severely beaten by Phaedos, hence the bandages they were wearing, Sean and Kevin even suffered broken ribs.

With the Rangers spiritually broken, Phaedos contacted Daisuke and Hitomi and ordered them to come and face him, threatening to kill a young boy Sean had saved earlier and even raze Japan to the ground if they didn't come. Well, they came, and like Sean, Kevin and Maria, they were beaten too after fight just as valiantly. However, Hitomi was knocked out of her subservient trance and called Daisuke out for his selfish, glory-seeking actions and even his nationalistic viewpoints. However, Phaedos ordered them executed.

But just out of nowhere, Sean, Kevin and Maria came in and saved the two. The reunited Rangers morphed and fought the Zordonians in a major battle, the tide of which turned when they somehow managed to tap into the suits and were able to defeat Phaedos, Sean beating him with a slash from his GT Sword. Phaedos failed his Emperor one last time and suffered the same fate as his Sailor Moon counterpart, getting frozen in a block of ice for eternity.

After a celebration, the Rangers returned to Tokyo where not only did the Rangers reveal they were moving to Orlando, but Daisuke was quitting the team as self-punishment for his actions. A few days later, the Rangers hopped on a plane bound for Toronto where they met up with Mandla, Daisuke's replacement/fill-in and hopped on a flight to Orlando, and well, here we are!

"Come on, let's get inside!" Sean said as he picked up his suitcase and hockey bag. The others followed Bridget as she unlocked the doors and let them into the house.

"Holy cow!" said Maria. The foyer was elegant and spacious, a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. "Daisuke must have good taste."

"One of the few admirable things about him," Sean snarked as he walked past. The comment earned him a look from Maria.

"Sean!" She said.

"What?" He asked as he turned around. "You know I don't like him. I begrudgingly respect him, but that's about it." Maria shook her head and put her bags down before walking into the kitchen.

The kitchen itself was brand new. It had a little island in the middle of it. The fridge was across from the island, but not within sight when the Rangers stepped in. Kevin was already checking out the pantry. The kitchen was connected to the living room, where they could put a TV. "I like it!" said Mandla. "Much better than what I had in Johannesburg."

"Much better than home," said Sean. "Right, Bridget?"

"Definitely," she replied.

"So what about our stuff?" Kevin asked in his native Irish brogue.

"Just put it upstairs," said Bridget. Duh.

"Fair enough," said Hitomi.

"By the way Sean," Bridget said. Sean, who was checking out the stove, turned to look at Bridget. "Rob should be here in an hour. I think he's bringing Tommy, Allie and Cassie with him."

"Tommy?" Sean asked. "I thought he was still in Chicago with dad!" He was referring to his 11-year-old brother Tomas (that's a Slovak variant on 'Thomas', for those who don't know). Allie is his niece, Bridget's three-year-old daughter and Cassie is Bridget's newborn daughter.

"Dad didn't want him laying around the house so he dumped him on us," said Bridget. Sean made an annoyed face before picking up his hockey bag and suitcase. "All right, we might as well pick out our rooms," he said.

A short time later, Hitomi walked into her room. It was a pretty nice room. It had a desk and an Ethernet port. Her brother certainly knew his stuff. However, as she put down her bags, something on the bare mattress caught her eye. She walked over and got a better look. She smiled when she recognized what it was. It was her Am Bow, but it looked different. It now looked sleeker and bigger than the previous one. It still had the same white/pink colors.

There was also another thing on the bed. It was a pink naginata-like weapon. Hitomi's eyes widened when she saw this. "The Mountain Staff!" She said. Her brother's old weapon had been repainted and now it was hers. She felt so excited!

Maria also found her upgraded Haz Daggers on her bed. Instead of being big knives, these were now more like small swords. She was certainly pleased with this. She gave them a little twirl as she tried them out. They felt light but not shoddy. She loved how they felt in her grip. She hacked at an invisible target to try them out. They felt incredible. She could not wait to try them.

As he looked at his bed, Mandla saw the green axe. He picked it up and got a feel for it. It was a double-sided battle axe, fairly big. It was mostly green, save for the blades. It was big, but not too heavy; relatively light. Mandla liked that and he couldn't wait to try it.

Meanwhile, Kevin got a look at his new Touring Cannon. However, it was less of a cannon and more of a big rifle now. Unlike the last one, which was shaped like a car right down to the width, this one was thinner, and easier to hold. He aimed it just for the hell of it.

Sean picked up his new GT Sword. He held it was great anticipation, excited by the very fact that he was holding a sword. Not the dinky, thin-bladed lousy excuse for a sword he had last time, but a sword sword. He gripped the handle, mostly black. Most of the hilt was red, save for some wing-like features on the cross guard, which gave the appearance of exhaust pipes on a hot rod, even painted chrome. "Looks exactly like the Master Sword," he said. "And from Twilight Princess, too! Perfect!" He was referring to the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. He's a Zelda fan.

He quickly drew the sword from its scabbard and gave it a look. "It really does look like the Master Sword," he said. "Even down to the blade! I guess the UN listened to me." Instantly, he gave the sword a test swing. It felt perfect.

Sometime later, the other Rangers were gathered in the kitchen. The first four were gathered around Sean, facing Mandla. He was shaking in anticipation as Maria handed Sean a small, metal box. Sean walked over to him and handed it to the South African. "Open it," said Sean. Mandla did so and gave it a look. "This is your AcceleMorpher and AcceleKey," he said. The morpher was mostly silver, save for some red, blue, green, yellow and pink. There was a circular part of it at the top and it was rounded at the bottom. An object like a Swiss Army knife was next to it. It must be the AcceleKey.

Mandla took the morpher and key. "The morpher is strapped on your left wrist," said Sean. "There's a slot on the side of the morpher. You insert the AcceleKey into the slot. To morph, call out 'GPX, Start it Up'. This is a voice command that gets the morphing sequence started. Twisting the key activates the suit. Got it?"

"Got it," said Mandla. "So now what?"

"Get some pads on," said Sean.


"What is this?" Mandla asked. He had been dressed in hockey pads; goalie pads, that is. He was in the street, standing in front of a goal net. Sean, meanwhile, was strapping on some inline skates. Kevin, Maria and Hitomi watched from the front door.

"Hazing!" He called out. He put on his gloves and grabbed his stick, skating out to the street. "Let's see how you react to my slap shot!"


"I want to see how you react under pressure," Sean replied. "Come on, it won't be that bad!"

"I'm going to regret this," Mandla said to himself. He crouched down and watched as Sean circled the ball like a hawk. Eventually, Sean took the ball on his stick and skated towards Mandla. He didn't know whether to anticipate a hard shot or a soft one.

Of course, Sean decided for him. He stopped a good distance from Mandla and raised his stick high. Mandla crouched and prepared to react. Then, Sean swung the stick hard and fired a slap shot at Mandla. He didn't have much time to react and he quickly tried to block the ball, but it ended up in the upper-right corner of the net.

Sean skated up to Mandla as he removed his goalie mask. "How you feeling?" he asked with a slight smile.

"Don't do that again," Mandla said with an annoyed tone. Sean laughed and skated off. That guy was going to be the death of Mandla.


"We have a pool and a Jacuzzi!" Kevin said as he finished checking out the backyard.

"Nice!" said Sean. "POWER RANGER POOL PARTY!"

"I don't have my swimsuit," said Maria.

"Neither do I," said Mandla.

"Me neither," said Hitomi. So much for that plan.

"Oh well," he said. "I didn't bring mine either."

"I did," said Kevin. He looked smug as the other Rangers gave him a dirty look. "Look at me all you want," he said. "At least I was prepared."

"Asshole," Sean muttered under his breath. "By the way, where the hell is Rich Boy, anyway?" 'Rich Boy' is his not-so-nice nickname for Daisuke.

"I think he's in Kiss-i-me," Hitomi said, mispronouncing the name of the town.

"Kissimmee?" Sean asked. "So I guess he's not too far away."

"I guess so," said Maria. "By the way, what about Bridget? Where did she go?"

"She went to get some groceries," said Sean. "She'll be back soon and her husband should be with her."

"So I guess we might as well relax," Mandla said as he sat down on one of the couches in the TV room.

"He's already thinking ahead," said Kevin.

Unfortunately, they didn't get much of a chance to relax since Bridget showed up a couple minutes later, carrying some groceries. A younger boy around 11—must be Tommy—and another man entered soon after carrying a baby and was followed by a toddler. "Didn't think you'd show up so early," Sean said to Bridget.

"Sorry to disappoint you," she said. "Everyone, this is my husband Robert." Robert was certainly larger and older than Sean. Not only that, his hair was much shorter, like in a crew cut. "This is Tommy," she gestured to the 11-year-old. He kind of looked like a younger version of Sean. "This is Allie," she gestured to the toddler. "And this is Cassie," she showed the baby to the others. Maria and Hitomi's hearts melted instantly.

"Awwwwww! She's so adorable!" They said in perfect unison, fawning over the baby. This, naturally, got the guys confused.

"Why is it that those two go ga-ga over those things?" Sean asked Kevin. Kevin returned his question with a shrug.

"Is there anything else you need?" Bridget asked.

"Not really," Sean replied. "Rich Boy furnished the place and we've got Ethernet."

"That's good," said Rob.

"So what are you, Robert?" Hitomi asked.

"Me?" he replied. "I'm a Marine." Hitomi reacted with complete shock. Sean laughed at her reaction.

"Hi there," Maria said to Tommy. "I'm Maria, it's nice to meet you."

"Whatever," Tommy replied. Maria wasn't happy one bit.

"He has your attitude," she said to Sean. He shrugged in response.

"I don't like it either," he said. "Say hi to Allie, she might be nicer."

"So Sean, what do you want to do now?" Rob asked.

"Um… I'm not sure," he said. "I guess if you want to, we could go out for dinner."

"Like where?"

"I suppose if you had the money, we could go over to Universal and go to NBA City."

"NBA City?" Hitomi asked. 'What's that?"

"It's this big NBA-themed restaurant at Universal," said Sean. "The place is covered from wall to wall in basketball memorabilia and basketball arcade games."

"Shouldn't the name 'NBA' have tipped you off?" Kevin asked.

"What is the NBA?" Hitomi asked. This in turn elicited a groan from everyone else.

"Is she that naïve?" Sean asked in annoyance.

"Unfortunately, yes," Maria said.

"I'm just kidding!" Hitomi said. "National Basketball Association, right?"

"So she isn't as naïve as we thought," said Mandla. At this point, Kevin took Sean aside, much to his friend's confusion.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" He asked. "What if the Zordonians attack?"

"They don't know where we are," said Sean. "They're gonna be on a wild goose chase before they find us."


Speaking of which, we now shift focus to the Zordonians. Their leader, Emperor Rashon sat on his throne and enjoying his favorite pastime, sipping the finest Zordonian wine. Rashon appeared young, but appearances can be deceiving. He might be much older than his 19-year-old appearance. He looked exactly like the Sailor Moon character Prince Dimande (a point that Hitomi made in Part 1), right down to the white hair, white suit and blue cape. And although he spent much of his time sitting on his throne, he was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, as the Rangers found out in Part 1.

A column of light appeared in front of the throne. Rashon looked to see a commander Swabot appear in front of him. "Did you find them?" He asked.

"No, my Emperor," the Swabot replied. "We have not found the Power Rangers."

"Did you check the United Nations databanks?" He asked with a slightly annoyed tone.

"We did," the Swabot said. "But they were already ahead of us. We were stopped by a firewall." Rashon sighed in annoyance. However, another column of light appeared nest to the Swabot. A man appeared, not much older in appearance than Rashon. He wore a grey drab military uniform with yellow piping. His thick, brown hair was long for a man's and went down to his shoulder. He looked at his Emperor with blue eyes.

"Kalderon," said Rashon. "Any progress?"

"Yes, my Emperor," he said in response. "Much more than those inept Swabots."

"Really?" Rashon asked. "How?"

"We hacked into the database of several Terran airliners. We found the Rangers purchased tickets for flights to a city called Toronto and then to a city named Orlando in the territory called 'Florida' in the United States."

"Go on," Rashon said, fully interested.

"We also found a house had been purchased in Orlando by one Daisuke Miyazawa," he said. "In other words, we found them."

"I see," said Rashon, his mouth now curved into a smile. "What do you intend to do?"

"I will bide my time," said Kalderon. "I will lull the Rangers into a false sense of security and then attack when the time is right… unlike that fool Phaedos."

"I like this plan," said Rashon. "You intend to be more subtle."

"I will also disguise myself as a Terran," Kalderon said as well.

"I like this plan much better than Phaedos's," said Rashon. "You may proceed with this plan. And unlike Phaedos, I shall be more patient with you, since you have yet to fail me."

"Thank you my Emperor," said Kalderon. A column of light appeared and he teleported away from the room.


"Why did we go to Hard Rock Café instead of NBA City again?" Mandla asked after the Rangers returned from dinner.

"Because Bridget didn't want to go to NBA City," said Kevin. "She doesn't like the place."

"Makes perfect sense," said Mandla. Sean ignored him and plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. Mandla came up to Sean and stood in front of him, much to the American's displeasure.

"Do you mind?" he asked.

"You won't talk to me," said Mandla. "You treat me like dirt and you call me 'newbie'. Why?"

"Because you're the newbie," said Sean. That answer wasn't quite good enough for Mandla and he kept pressing.

"I'm asking you why you keep disrespecting me!" He shouted. Sean got up and confronted the South African.

"You want to know why?" He asked. "It's because you're the newbie! Yeah, you stood up to my slap shot, but you haven't proven yourself in a fight yet. Yes, Rich Boy was a nationalistic, racist, egotistical asshole, but he was probably our best fighter. You have some big shoes to fill and until you fill them, I'm going to call you 'newbie'!"

"Can't you at least call me Ndebele?" He asked.

"I can do that," Sean replied.

"Good enough," Mandla said. "But I still want respect."

"Prove to me you can handle yourself as a Ranger," Sean said. "You have to earn it."

"I see," said Mandla. "Then I'll do what I can."

"Fair enough," said Sean. "Now sit your ass down, we're gonna watch a movie. I'm thinking Blazing Saddles."

"Is it good?" Mandla asked.

"Very good," said Sean. "Very funny."


Two days later, Kalderon decided it was time to expose himself to the Rangers and draw them out. One day was enough for them to be lulled into a false sense of security and now he and a monster would break them out of it. The perfect target would be downtown Orlando in front of what the Terrans called "City Hall".

"So when do we attack?" His monster, a green, parrot-like monstrosity asked. "I want to start killing people now!"

"Patience," said Kalderon. "We can't be too hasty. That's how Phaedos was defeated, you see. His impatience cost him. No, we wait to attack. The Rangers will be expecting an attack in broad daylight. An attack in the evening will work just fine when humans are watching the evening news."

"What?" The monster asked. "You want the Terrans to know about us?"

"It doesn't have to be during the news, just when I order it," Kalderon said. "Understand?"

"Squawk, uh, sure," the monster said in an unsure tone.


As she grabbed a glass of lemonade, Maria wiped her forehead to wipe the sweat off her brow after her workout. Kevin was outside swimming in the pool (obviously rubbing it into the other Rangers that he brought his swimsuit. Asshole). She ignored Kevin and decided to take a walk outside in the front. She opened the door and walked right into the sauna. There, a strange sight greeted her eyes.

Sean was wearing his inline skates and holding his hockey stick. He was staking around, performing maneuvers Maria had never seen before. It seemed ridiculous that he'd be skating around like that in the middle of the street. But then she realized that he was playing hockey. Every move he made was in a game that only he was playing. While it may seem like he's crazy, it must have made sense to him. His muscles glistened in with sweat in the Florida sun and his hair flapped as he skated around. His tight shirt—oh, dear.

Maria shook her head to shake her out of her gaze. She didn't want to think about Sean's tight shirt, exquisite hair, toned muscles…

"'EY! What are you looking at?" Maria was startled. She kicked herself mentally, realizing she had gotten distracted again. Sean was looking at her from the street, resting his stick on his shoulder. He must have noticed her.

"Um, nothing," she said. She knew it was a bad lie and Sean must have, too, since his facial expression showed he didn't believe her. So, she changed the subject. "What are you doing?"

"Bunch of NHL scouts are coming to town in a couple weeks," he replied. "I need to practice until then."

"Out in the middle of the street?" She asked.

"Until I can find an ice rink around here I have to," he said. "Besides, except for some subtle differences, ice hockey and inline hockey aren't that different. By the way, what were you looking at me like that for? Are you attracted to me or something?"

Maria 'erked' and tried to think of something to say. "Um, no," she said.

"Whatever," he said before going back to practicing hockey. Maria turned around to see Mandla smirking and shaking his head.

"You're bad at that," he said.

"¿Por qué no te callas?" She replied as she walked inside. Mandla, not a Spanish speaker, looked confused. Mandla got a look at Sean playing hockey in the street, shook his head and walked back inside.

"Something's up with Maria," Sean said as he grabbed some water out of the refrigerator. "She was looking at me while I was practicing."

"Maybe she likes you," Kevin said. Sean gave him a dirty look in response and Kevin dropped the question. "By the way, shouldn't we be on alert for Zordonian attack? What if they find us?"

"I am prepared," Sean said after taking a sip of water. "I got some bandanas and sunglasses that we'll wear when the Zordonians do attack."

"Why do we—Oh, right. Secret identity issues."

"Bingo," said Sean. "We wear them so we can fight in public without exposing our faces."

"I like it," said Kevin.

"Sounds stupid," said Mandla.

"Why, you got a better idea?" Sean asked.

"I'll probably look stupid," he replied.

"I want to see his solution," Sean muttered to Kevin.

"In all seriousness, though, what are we supposed to do?" Kevin asked.

"We'll have to be like minutemen," said Sean. Mandla was confused as to what Sean was talking about. Makes sense, really. It's something most Americans know but is usually (for the most part) not known around the world. "Militia men in the American colonies from before the American Revolution," said Sean. "They got their name because when the call came to bear arms they had to be ready at a minute's notice."

"I see, so we have to be vigilant," said Mandla.

"Now you're catching on," said Sean.


That evening, Kalderon watched the dwindling activity around the Orlando city hall. The building, at the corner of South Orange Avenue and South Street, was closing for the evening. The daily grind would begin again tomorrow but now would be a good time to shake things up. He nodded to Parraptor to begin the attack. "FINALLY!" The parrot monster shouted.

Instantly he jumped out of hiding near City Hall. The town government officials, who were just getting out of work, recoiled as they saw the monstrous parrot. "Squack, Time to die, humans!" The workers recoiled in and ran away in terror as a Swabot horde appeared and attacked. Kalderon then joined in, jumping in right next to Parraptor.

"Attention, humans! I am Kalderon of the Zordonian Empire! Where are the Power Rangers?"

At the same time, the Rangers were sitting down to have dinner. It was a balanced meal, required for people with athletic bodies. Sean was, of course, snarfing down apples much to Mandla's confusion. Mandla even asked why he liked apples, to which Sean replied that he simply liked them. A bit of meat, grains, vegetables, fruit and pasta rounded out the meal along with 8 ounces of milk.

"Hitomi, could you pass me the rice?" Sean asked, holding out his bowl. Hitomi nodded and handed him some steamed rice. "Arigato," he said. Hitomi nodded in response.

The radio was playing some music in the background, as was the TV, although the volume was low on that. They didn't want to be too distracted from their dinner.

Of course, given what was going on downtown, that was about to change.

Suddenly, Kevin got a look at the TV screen and noticed a breaking news alert. His face instantly changed when he saw the news report. "Kevin, what's wrong?" Sean asked. He wasn't facing the TV so he didn't know what was going on. However, he looked behind him to see the carnage going on the TV. "Already?" He asked nonchalantly. But then he realized that they were calling for the Power Rangers and the implications hit him. "They found us!" He said.

"What?" Maria shouted. "How could they find us, the UN has a fantastic firewall!"

"It must have been something else," said Hitomi. Her eyes widened when she realized the possibilities. "Oh, no. Brother's transactions! They must have hacked into them!"

"Well we can't worry about that right now," said Kevin. "We have to stop them!"

"Kev's right," said Sean. He pulled out his morpher and pressed a button to contact Col. Greene. "Col. Greene! The Zordonians found us! We have to stop them!"

"You have to wait for President Obama's approval!" said Col. Greene.

"What? This is an emergency!" said Sean. "We have to wait for the President's approval?"

"The reason you first fought in Japan was because the Japanese government gave us permission to operate on their soil!" Col. Greene replied. "Since you up and left, we haven't had time to get permission from President Obama."

"Fuck!" said Kevin. There was a pause on the other end of the line, though. Sean was not happy with this, as this wasted valuable time.

"Good news," said Col. Greene. "President Obama has given you the go-ahead to engage the Zordonians. Just try and do your best to keep civilian casualties and property damage at a minimum."

"Perfect!" said Sean. "That's why I voted for the man. Alright guys, you heard the Colonel. ¡Vamos!" The Rangers got up from the table and scrambled for the garage while Sean grabbed the bandanas, hats and sunglasses needed to cover their faces. "Ndebele," he said to Mandla as he handed the green bandana to him. "Looks like you'll get your chance to prove yourself."

"Okay then," the South African said as he climbed in their new Grand Prix Cruiser. Sean got in on the left-hand side and put his bandana on to cover his mouth. Then he turned on the engine and backed the Hummer out of the driveway. The haro beeped, determining the route they would take.

"Haro, haro, enemy located, haro haro. Determining route." The route flashed up and Sean nodded.

"Alright. Let's go!"


End chapter

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