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Chapter 1: Disturbance

Katara sat down in her normal spot for her favorite class at Ba Sing Se University. She liked to sit in the "T." Front and center. She never missed International Relations. It was totally different from her nursing clinical and it wasn't violent like her kick-boxing classes. This was something that applied to the physical world. It was what tied countries together- and what tore them apart. Without relations, there was nothing but anarchy. And Katara wanted to make sure that future wars were prevented. Even if it was a small effort through helping people get better.

Another benefit of the class: her favorite teacher. He was an older man. He asked all his students to call him Tyro. Rumor has it that he led a rebellion against an enemy faction back when the war was still going on. That took courage. Katara liked that. His voice was soothing and he spoke with great emotion. And so far his emotions regarding International Law were very strong indeed.

Katara was totally enthralled when a door opened at the back of the lecture hall. She turned to watch the latecomer walk all the way to the front and sat at the end of the row. Her row. How could someone be so rude and interrupt Tyro's class?

To her surprise Tyro merely nodded at the student and continued to lecture. Katara took a closer look at the intruder. He was tall and slender. His hair came down around his face in black, silky tendrils. She couldn't make much else of his face- he was wearing aviators. He's probably hungover, she thought. Hence the tardiness. His clothes consisted of a black blazer, black button-down shirt and jeans. He drew a notebook out of his messenger bag and began taking notes. Occasionally he would raise a thermos of tea and take a hearty gulp.

Katara realized she was missing the whole lecture and busily began copying down everything she heard regardless of its importance trying to catch up. She tried to sneak in side glances every so often to draw out any other information she could gather about his make-up. But class was over sooner than it began. The stranger at the end of the row quickly gathered his things and left just as fast.

She couldn't help but wonder about the origins of the new student and how often she would be seeing him in the days to come.

"Hey, Katara! How was class?"

"Hey, Suki. It was… fine." Katara just entered her apartment in the Lower Ring and her roommate greeted her with a smile. She continued to get comfortable kicking off her shoes and depositing her bag on the coat rack.

"Yeah, that sounds reassuring. That class is usually better than 'fine.'" Suki was cutting up vegetables for their dinner. She knew Katara had a long day filled with clinicals and studies. Dinner was one thing she didn't need to worry about. She liked to think of herself as a good roommate (even if she spent half of her nights with Sokka at his apartment). Suki had been dating Katara's brother for a while and there weren't many secrets left in that family she was unaware of.

Katara let out an exasperated sigh as she sat down on the couch letting her muscles give out. "It was fine, really. One guy came in late and disrupted the rest of class. I had a hard time focusing." She recalled his hair. He had nice hair. She would have liked to run her fingers through it.

"Must've been some guy, Sugar Queen." Toph, the last and youngest roommate silently entered the room and plopped down next to Katara. She was tough, blunt, and had a thing for nicknames. But her brutal honesty was often sought after in a jaded world. And she always knew when someone was lying. No one really knew how, she was just wicked perceptive.

She knew there was no point in lying to her tiny friend so Katara started rambling. "He was very cute. Strong, mysterious type, you know? I was unable to get a good look at his face though. He wore sunglasses. But wow. Sharp dresser, too. He had nice hair. But when class was over, he booked it out of there like his house was on fire. That's probably the last I'll ever see of him."

"That's the spirit, Sugar Queen." Toph attempted to stop the mushy stuff right then and there. Katara could go on forever. But it didn't work.

"I just couldn't believe how rude he was! Right in the middle of class he marches in like he owns the place, sits in the front row, and starts taking notes. I've never seen him in that class before. He's probably failing and is now trying to make up for lost time. Good luck with that." Katara rubbed her temples like this intrusion was causing her a migraine.

To add to the mind-throbbing experience, the front door of the apartment was slammed opened to reveal two bodies. "Hey, Katara! Hey, Suki, Toph."

"Hi, Aang." All three girls mumbled a hello. Aang looked slightly hurt that Katara didn't welcome him more enthusiastically. Everyone took note of this, except of course Katara. He shook it off and went to sit down Indian-style on the rug in front of the others.

"Sukiiii!" Katara's brother went running in past the living room into the kitchen where his "warrior princess" was cooking dinner and swept her into a loving embrace. "Makin' me anything good? What have you been up to? Where's the meat?"

Suki merely rolled her eyes like everyone else did, but answered each question. "Nice to see you, too! I'm making stir-fry vegetable rice. Katara was just telling us about the new guy in her life. And the tiger-seal kabobs are in the oven."

Sokka stopped what he was doing on his way to the oven when what Suki said registered. "Wait, guy? What guy?" He turned his attention on Katara and Aang quickly followed suit.

"Yeah, Katara. What guy?" His posture feigned curiosity, but his eyes looked disappointed another character has been introduced who could be added to a list of suitors for his lifetime crush.

Katara groaned in frustration when Toph skillfully changed the topic to save her friend. "So, Snoozles, how're those kabobs lookin'?"

Once again Sokka started to drool uncontrollably. "They smell delectable!"

"Yeah, those are probably about done. Dinner's ready! Who's in?" Suki silently thanked Toph for the distraction since she knew Katara didn't need an overprotective brother and a love-sick puppy questioning her about nobody in particular

"Just veggie rice for me please!"

"I'll have his kabobs!"

"Load me up."

"Okay. What about you, Katara?" Suki didn't want her best friend and almost sister to be left out. She was still on the couch with a far-away look in her eye and her brow furrowed. But the question brought her back to center.

"Actually, I'm not that hungry. I think I'm turning in. Tomorrow is a library day and I need to be up early to get a good spot. Lots of tests coming up, you know?"

"Are you feeling okay, Katara? It's only 6. I can bring you some dinner when we're done eating if you're not hungry right now." Aang sounded concerned and attempted chivalry to get to spend more time with the girl of his dreams. It was all in vain.

"I'm fine, Aang. I'm just overworked right now. Thanks though." With the final say, she bid everyone good night and went upstairs to one of the three singles in the hallway.

Aang looked at his meal, dejected. Toph only looked at him with unseeing eyes and said, "Seriously, Twinkletoes, give up while you're ahead." Aang looked even more burned, but he knew since it was coming from Toph, there was probably some truth to her warning. He knew that eventually he would move on, he just didn't want to yet.

Upstairs, Katara had slipped out of her nursing scrubs and into a tank top and comfy shorts. She was brushing out her hair when her mind wandered back to International Relations and The Stranger appeared before her vision. She slowly inhaled and he smelled like good tea and a smoky fire- clean and manly. She wished she could see his eyes, but they were obscured from her vision. Her hands slowly raised to remove his aviators, but he quickly moved to grab her wrists, stopping her actions.

I'll save you from the pirates.

She was jerked back to the present by that phrase. It came out of nowhere. And it was barely a whisper. But it was there, nonetheless. Okay, Katara, I think it's time for bed. She reluctantly got up from her chair and climbed under the covers, sleep claiming her instantly. But her night would be filled with dreams of a mysterious man…. And pirates.

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