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She wants to meet her fate
But travel by free will
But she cant have both and you can't stand still
I'd be the luckiest man in the universe
If cause and effect doesn't get there first
but she keeps looking for patterns
and the world just happens.

Chapter I- [Recollection]

As the cell door slammed into it's frame, it's resounding echo shook through Azkaban.

The Death Eater named Elsuner, although covered in grime and blood gathered the last of his strength to spit at the feet of his captor, "Bitch! In the name of My Master, the Darkest Lord the Wizarding World has ever witnessed, YOU WILL PAY! For this, you will die!"

His captor's mouth curled into a disgusted smirk, she wiped most of the grime off her face before speaking, "OK."

Elsuner jumped up from seated position, growling.

Lily saw what was coming and expertly disappeared in front of her prisoners eyes, only to appear again on the other side of the cell. She shivered as she felt her happiness being drained from her. Glancing around quickly, she glared at Elsuner. "Would you, Death Eater, like to know how many of your little 'friends' have told me that?"

Elsuner growled again, if possible; with even more hate, "You're that Extreme Auror, aren't you? I know you killed my brother, bitch… I saw you murder him before my very own eyes, he was only sixteen last week."

Her eye's flashed, "Sixteen… so very young – for a murderer. I have my own eyes, I'm only sorry I didn't kill him before he had killed those four innocent muggles."

Elsuner charged into the bars and gripped them tightly, baring his teeth at her with wide eyes that held such a violent madness. Shivering again, Lily dared to take a step forward, "Anything else?"

"Once the Dark Lord gets you! I will be very happy!" Elsuner spat.

"I'm sure you will…but right now, you've got about half an hour or so to recollect all the happiness you have ever felt in your whole entire life." She replied solemnly. "This is your last chance to cherish those memories…"

Her prisoner paled and gritted his teeth, "Give me death… not this." His voice was strangled and Lily was used to this, the weak ones always did this. She slightly shook her head and Elsuner threw himself into the bars, "You.will.pay!"

She shook her head again and tugged the back of her hood slightly. She felt her face changed slightly and her prisoner gasped, but all he could do was repeat himself, "You…pay."

"I always did enjoy our group studies in the library at Hogwarts, David Elsuner…" She said coolly.

The prisoner laughed, "I was pathetic then, but since I see myself here, having been captured by a Mudblood working for the light side, I see I'm still pathetic."

She blinked, "You have never been so pathetic until now David, now you see where your folly has led you. Now you see the consequences. You were a bright boy, but even the brightest can be put out by greed…or what have you."

"That's right Mudblood, reveal yourself to every prisoner you drag into this hell hole. There will be someone else you will recognise you, somewhere, somehow, someday. You'll get your comeuppance for what you've been doing."

"Not today…" She gave him a nasty smile and lifted her hood back over her head. She signalled for the guard to let her pass.

Cries of agony could be heard miles away from Azkaban.


"Good morning class!" Said a cheerful young teacher with blonde hair and striking blue eyes.

"Good morning Miss Garnet…Garnet"

The familiar high pitched drawl of the kindergartens made her smile, especially when one of them got left behind and ended up saying the last bit by himself. "Well, it's great to have a very warm welcome, now today…is someone's very special day! Damien Gordon? Would you like to receive your special birthday sticker?"

A little boy, sitting on the grinned his little teeth while nodding enthusiastically.

Miss Garnet smiled at him and said, " Well then… come up to me for it, won't you?" she shared a wink with his mother.

Mrs. Gordon smiled as her little boy got his sticker plastered on to his little bursting chest and quietly got out the cake she had brought him to share with his class.

The kindergarten class laughed and celebrated, singing 'Happee Birfday' to Damien. After his mother left Miss Garnet decided that after they had finished with the letter of the day, they would sing a song.

"Let's all sing a song, shall we?" She suggested over the wild chatter of the children.

They agreed with earnest and excited expressions.

Miss Garnet took up her small guitar-like intsrument and lead the five-year olds with the first tune.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree-e,

Merry merry king,

of the bush is he-e,

Laugh! Kookaburra laugh! ,

Kookaburra gay your life must be.

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree-e

Eating all the gumdrops, he can see-e

Stop! Kookaburra, Stop!

Kookaburra, leave some there for me!

Kookaburra sits on the electric wire,

Tears in his eyes,

And his pants on fire,

Ouch! Kookaburra ouch,

Kookaburra, hot your tail must be.

At the end of the school day, Miss Garnet sighed, if only my other job was as easy…

She started to pack when the principal of the school walked into the classroom, "Ah! Lily. Good… you're still here, you see I have had some sudden arrangements over past hour over the phone and I just came to tell you that we will be taking two new students, that will be in your class. This will be there first time at school-"

Lily looked more or less shocked, "Pardon? It's almost the end of the year! Surely they have come from a different school! (The principal shook her head)-- I'll have to pay attention to them then… I'll try to spare "

"Their parents told me that they are fast learners and I am quite sure that with you. Lily, teaching them they will do fine." She reassured Lily. "Their names are…" the principal started to rummage through her pockets; they were empty " I will give you your new roll tomorrow, OK?"

Lily nodded, "All right,"

The principal nodded and smiled at her then walked out again.

Once Lily made sure that the coast was clear she took out her wand and whispered, "Transportio" and disappeared in a blue flash.

She appeared in a city filled with tall buildings, she made her way in between the tallest of the buildings and walked straight ahead to the small cottage between the skyscrapers.

She knocked on the door and a man's voice answered her, "State your name and password" he boomed.

Lily sighed, "Lily Laetitia Evans, Undercover name, Lillian Garnet… code: 3564758 password: Caringbah."

The cottage door swung open and Lily stepped inside she looked at the voice who opened the door for her but found someone else, "Hello Hagrid… why are you not at Hogwarts?" she asked him.

Hagrid didn't really meet her in the eye and said, "Oh! Jus' 'Ogwarts business!"

"Hogwarts business?" she echoed with curiosity. "Here, of all places?"

Hagrid looked away from her face guiltily, "Well… Prof. Dumbledore sent me to you know…" He waved his arms about, "This … 'n' tha'!"

She scrutinized his face and said, " Hagrid… you haven't told anyone have you?"

He looked down at her with confusion, "Say wha'?"

"Hagrid," she repeated slowly, "you haven't told anyone about me, have you?"

Hagrid looked at her curiously before realisation beamed on his large face, "No! No… o' course not!"

Lily sighed, all built up anxiety washing away. "Good. Sorry to have doubted you… I'll see you around Hagrid!" she said as she walked off waving to her old friend.

She looked at her surroundings, they were so familiar to her now but if you were a stranger, it was nothing like you would imagine. Even inside the tallest building you wouldn't find a bigger place than in here, walls of marble drapes of velvet, it looked more like some grand palace than a place where the Parliament House of Magic held their headquarters of their most promising members.

Wonder what's waiting for me, she thought as she pressed the shield on the wall, the lift opened for her. 109, she concentrated. She glanced up to see that her destination had been programmed. She wondered if she was going to have to do a report. Or send a message… Write a letter or maybe catch some Death Eaters or maybe if she was lucky…get killed by some!

DING! She had arrived at her level.

Lily was already getting tired from the kindergartens and now she had to work again! She walked out of the door and into a huge round room, straight ahead was big French doors, which opened as she walked up to it.

She walked in to a huge room with a long table in the middle there were two people sitting there, and sitting at the head of the table was the Minister of Magic. Lily was shocked. She had never met the minister on any occasion what so ever.

A man sitting next to the minister stood up and spoke up, "Ah! Lily… right on time! Minister! Please allow me to introduce to you one of our best agents in this building no as a matter of fact she is the best of the best, Miss Lily Evans, she has just graduated from Hogwarts a few years back, she is only 23 and she is also one of our undercover agents."

The minister stood up and smiled at Lily as they shook hands.

"Yes, of course Ernest, I have heard a lot about you Miss Evans… but please, pray tell… explain to me why you had received this highly dangerous job in the first place?, I understand that you have, by accepting this job, have left your home, family and friends-" the Minister started before Lily stopped him.

"I'm sorry Minister for the interruption but I have no family nor home to leave…I haven't any since my family perished at the hands of Voldemort just after I graduated, which is basically why I joined the society in the first place. It was an action that I had done impulsively, almost." She added with faltering confidence.

The Minister looked thoughtful for a moment then with a small smile, he spoke again, "I must greatly imagine that you have gone through quite a lot these past few years but how now about your friends you left behind?"

"I have no family nor home, even though I live in an apartment in Hogsmeade, it's not the same. But indeed, by taking on the job did many great things for me…" She paused to look at Ernest Banks, who smiled, "Great things you can't learn anywhere else…"

The Minister gestured for her to continue, "Yes, go on."

"But I had to leave the dearest friends of mine, taking this job took a lot of thinking" She paused for breath and scolded herself, A lot of thinking my ass.

"But I love my job, thought at times I hate it I don't think I would give up my time here working for Mr. Banks for almost anything. I get through my day by the strongest emotions, love and hate. I get my vengeance seeing all those poor and misguided Death Eaters thrown into Azkaban cells;

"Wisdom comes from experience, not age" The old Minister commented pensively.

Lily smiled, then frowned, "Minister, my friends that I left -- I know they had searched for me but are- " thinking about the times when her friends from Hogwarts would have almost seen her.

"Yes, Miss Evans, I thought you'd ask me that question sooner or later, your friends indeed are still looking for you after the years you have not contacted them. When one of my ministers reported that they are attempting to grant permission for your case to be kept open, I allowed them to. Although now…"

"Pardon me for asking Minister, but why did you leave my case open? Aren't you giving them false h-"

"False hope?"

"Yes, Minister…" said Lily with a hint of anxiety.

"I had thought that so at first, but what makes you think that what I have given them is 'false hope'?"

She shook her head slightly in bewilderment, "You gave them hope to keep searching for me, didn't you? Though they'll never find me…"

"And does that make it false? Does that make their given hope wrong, Miss Evans?"

"Minister, "Lily started slightly frustrated, "They're- My friends… are not about to find me. Not under the Ministry…"

"But Miss Evans, you are the Ministry. Do you believe that I made a mistake by granting them to keep your case open?"

Mr. Banks watched the conversation nervously, he opened his mouth to stop the Minister but saw the Minister holding up his hand as to signal him to keep his mouth tightly shut.

Lily fiddled with her hands and thought about the Minister's question. Did she think he made a mistake?

"It…" She started softly, "It depends. Yes, it depends on whose point of view. I can't stop personal opinion, no one can. But in a general perspective, namely mine, I do believe you may have made a mistake by granting them the open case."

The Minister nodded, "Is that so? Well… please elaborate on that."

Lily took a deep breath, "It was a mistake on your behalf Minister, as you gave my friends the support to keep looking for me. My case should have been closed long ago, it pains me to know that they will continue searching when they should of stopped long ago. It pains them with every search becoming a failure, their hope is constantly dying. They haven't done a thorough search in such a long time, even thought they have permission from the ministry, they will soon (if they don't already) know that their search will be in vain. Instead of dragging out their last piece of hope you could have closed the file and let them really move on. I mean, really move on. They have to know that they'll never find me. That I'll never come back to them."

"I know…the past few years would have been easier if I had them, but there is no turning back on my job, as Ernie said I am the best of the best here, I would never let you down."

The minister nodded knowingly, just before he left he handed Lily a leather-bounded book, with an envelope tied to the book with some rope and said to her, "Here; this is your next mission."

As the Minister left she turned to Ernie with a questioning look, he just smiled and shook his head.

When Lily went home to her Hogsmeade apartment and took off her transfiguration spell from her face and body, her body grew a good 3 inches and short blonde hair and blue eyes turned into long wavy auburn hair and emerald green eyes. She sat down with her peppermint tea and untied the rope and started opening the envelope holding the next instruction for her next mission. Her eyes quickly scanned the parchment and swallowed hard.

Her eyes burned with anger.

Lily ran to here telephone and hurriedly called up the Auror station, "Hello? Ah, yes, can I please speak to Ernie- I mean Ernest Banks please? It's very urgent! My name is Lily Laetitia Evans, Undercover name, Lillian Garnet… code: 3564758 password: Caringbah… he's busy? Well then tell him who is calling! One moment? Fine!" she said all of this very quickly.She played with the telephone cord half angry and half nervous.

"What is the meaning of this, Lily?"

"Is this some kind of sick, sick joke?" Lily screeched into the phone.

"You mean your assignment?"

"You think this is funny?!" Lily fumed slowly, "This is far from it Ernie, This is straining my pride, my honour, my self-esteem, my principles! Merlin knows what else… I've been a great asset to you since I left my friends, I deserve at least one chance to turn down an assignment. And this is it!"

"Calm now Lily… Evans, look. If I didn't think you were able to do this then I wouldn't give this mission to you, but you are the best we have! There is no other Auror that would be better for this mission. Now I-"

"I have another call." She interrupted menacingly. Lily pressed 'recall' then '2' and answered, "Hello, Lily Garnet speaking?"

"There's no fooling me… I know who you really are, I know what your doing this very second, I can see you, I can hear you, you can't run forever flower…" a raspy voice said from the other line.

"Look here! It's 2 am in the morning…some people are trying to sleep! People like you are so darn sad, wasting your money on prank calls-"

"Oh but this is definitely not a prank, Lily…Laetitia…Evans"

Lily's face grew pale and her irritated expression fell.


Lily hung up, her heart was racing, no one had called her that ever since her old Hogwarts days, with the exception of Ernie and the minister.


Someone had found her out…


Lily rang Ernie back up, "Ernie, oh god! Someone's found me out! I have to leave…now!"

"What? How? Lily get out of the apartment as fast as you can! We'll send some people over there okay? Lily? Lily? Are you there?"

Lily ran up the stairs, leaving the phone hanging (she had a huge apartment!) to try and get some of clothes for her job tomorrow.

She ran to her room conjured some clothes into her suitcase, summoned all her jewellery into a small velvet bag along with her records and along with her all important essentials.

She was just about to run out of the room but an arrow shot out of nowhere ever so close to her head and made it's way to a graduation portrait from Hogwarts.

Lily's blood boiled, she turned her head to where nowhere but saw no one.

She heard the front door creak open and the same raspy voice, "Hello?"

Lily shivered at the voice.

Apparate Lily!!! I can't…I can't apparate when I'm nervous, I takes a lot of concentration!! Just concentrate… Oooh! I can't

She heard heavy footsteps running up the stairs.

Lily locked the door.

Knock, knock.

"Just concentrate Lily…then you can apparate!" Lily muttered under her breath.

"What? No welcome?" the raspy voice said.

"Oh god! I can't do it!" Lily silently cried



It had been 5 years since they had last saw her…

They were all huddled up in a tight circle, in the middle were a collection of photos, some muggle and some not, their tight circle with one of them missing never felt as lonely as they did now…

"I'm so unbelievably hungry at this moment, I cannot tell you…" Sirius said softly.

Adele glared at him, "Just wreck the whole moment!" she said as she stormed off.

Calista stared after her for a moment before muttering, "I'll go after her" and walking off after her.

Remus looked on the ground and James looked at the once tight circle broken once more.

Peter looked at a muggle photos of Lily and Sarah when they were babies; and chuckled a bit.

When Adele came back with Calista, Sarah spoke up, "It's been 5 years, 5 years since she's disappeared. My, my, does time go fast or slow?"

Her question was met with silence. They hadn't really realised how long it had been since they had found out that Lily was gone one morning and wasn't coming back. When they left Hogwarts, they were all happy and they hadn't seemed worried about the rising evil who named himself "Lord Voldemort".

They left with ambition, but somehow over the years of failed searching, they declined themselves of their full potential. They lived simple lives.

Remus worked at his uncle's bookstore in Diagon ally, Sirius and James played Quidditch professionally. They're pay was Ok, considering they were reserves.

Adele worked at a prank shop called, Zonko's, her parents died when she was young and she was fostered into Calista's home and family, Calista and Peter, being the sheep of the group worked at Zonko's as well following Adele. Sarah, best friend of Lily, didn't work, she was adopted by James' aunt and uncle when she was a baby, and in 7th year found out that her real dead parents had left her a large fortune as well as her being a Potter, James also had more money than he needed and didn't have to work, but he wasn't lazy like Sarah so he applied for jobs like Sirius. Calista and Adele were best friends ever since they were four years old and never went anywhere without the other, they had their own apartment in a wizarding town called Queens Ville, and Peter still lived with his parents. He never spoke much of his family and had been distant recently.

Sometimes one of them wondered what had happened to them, what was so devastatingly torrential that made their ambition and hope somehow crumble. One of them occasionally thought that perhaps they had hoped for too much. Just a bit too much.

"Adele, this isn't the time…" Calista said as she saw Adele glaring.

"I'm leaving," Adele said as she got up and left. "I'll see you all when I see you."

One by one each friends said their goodbyes and left James', Sirius' and Remus' Hogsmeade apartment, everyone but Sarah.

James was still sitting on his spot in the circle, Remus was in the kitchen, and Sirius was reading a motorcycle magazine.

Sirius looked up from his reading, "Sarah? Not that I'm rude or anything but… when do you plan to leave?"

Sarah looked at Sirius, but remained silent.

"James? Are you going to let Sarah stay here?" Sirius asked.

James looked up, " Sarah...go home"

"James, she isn't moving"

"Sarah… move"

"Ok!" she said as she stood up.

Sirius looked smug but then he saw a blur of Sarah run around.

He tried to get up but his legs were glued together, "Damn you ho" he hollered.

Remus thoughtfully shook his head.

James stood up and showed Remus some of the pictures of Lily and Adele being hung by their legs with rope from a tree , the two laughed.

Sirius reached for his wand and did the counter curse for his legs, "Does nobody care that Potter's positively insane cousin has now locked herself in my room?"

James shrugged, "She's just acting stupid again, Padfoot…" he said as Sirius began to pound forcefully on the door.

"Sirius, give up. She did the exact thing to my room last week" Remus said. "She turned it baby pink…"

James laughed, "Is that why you were locked in your room for two hours straight muttering things under your breath? Well maybe if you hadn't eaten her meat pie-"

Remus' face turned sour, "Are you telling me that she turns people's rooms pink just for eating her food!?" he half whisped.

James nodded solemnly, "I suppose I am, that and calling her names." He added looking at Sirius.

"Oh… I called her a 'ho' didn't I?" Sirius looked shocked with himself, "Well… Shakespeare used the word 'ho' quite a lot, you know… here and there. Wasn't it casual language?"

"Shakespeare also made Lord Capulet tell what's-his-name Tybalt that he was a 'saucy boy' without much reason." James quipped.

"Smartarse!" Sirius muttered while he half heartedly glared at James, "You'll be next, Potter…"

The door opened and Sarah was standing in the door way with a cross bow in her arms.

"Sirius! Where on earth did you get this?" Sarah asked aiming at random things and making little POWS in the process.

"Uh… that's not mine, dear. But you can have it if you want… seems like you aren'- er… Sorry for calling you a 'ho' Sarah. I didn't mean it, but it looks like you aren't angry with me-" Sirius was cut short. He started to choke as he saw a glimpse of his room.

"B-bright y-yellow? Merlin you.know.I.hate.yellow." Sirius choked, his shocked expression soon turned into quite a hateful one. "I hate you, so much," He growled.


At around 1:50 am Sarah woke up in a cold sweat, "It's just because this is Sirius' room, he really stinks." Deciding she could not get back to sleep, she paced the carpet.

She took the crossbow and aimed at all the people sleeping in their apartments, not because she wanted to hurt them, the cross bow had a magical little telescope at the end for better aiming. She was just spying on people…

Sarah saw a little girl sleeping, a bald middle-aged man doing karaoke by himself and two old ladies chattering. It was surprising to see what people did at this time in the morning… because it was really boring. Sarah's ears perked up when she heard yelling, she turned her focus to it. She saw a young lady with dark red hair screaming into the phone. Sarah did a double take. Once the lady stopped, Sarah tried to focus the lens more to see a better look of the woman.

Oh hell! she looks like Lily! realisation dawned on Sarah, "Shite!" she muttered fumbling with the cross bow.

Sarah tried to focus a bit more and saw the Lily-look-a-like turn pale and run up some stairs. She tried to follow but the weight of the crossbow prevented her from doing so. She finally got the crossbow up and whooped inwardly. Then cursed loudly when she accidentally triggered the bow, which caused an arrow hurtling towards the woman.

Later on, Sarah would have most definitely remembered this as one of the most idiotic things she had ever done in her whole life. She couldn't help to think that if the woman was really Lily, she'd dodge the arrow. It was just her wild imagination playing up again, her wild antics that were so full with hope of finding her again. But if she got hit? What if the woman died? She would be a murderer… She paled.

Lily-look-a-like thankfully dodged it and Sarah's mind went crazy, "I've found you, Lily."

It was then that Sarah's world went a total blank…

When Sarah woke up, with out sitting up she looked out of the window, the early morning events made her sit up fully, and as her eyes gazed over Lily's apartment, she let out a scream…

She scrambled to the window and not knowing what to do.

Remus, James and Sirius dashed into the room.

"Whoa! Where's the fire?" Sirius said.

James rushed toward his adopted cousin, "Wha-?"

"Holy… Look out the window!" Remus muttered pointing towards the window.

Sirius looked out side and saw an apartment across the street in blazing flames with a dark mark in the sky. He looked back at the girl and gave a her questioning look. "Merlin…"

She just ignored them, but they could hear her muttering. James grabbed her by the shoulders, "Did you know them?"

"James…" She whispered, "Let me go."

Without another word she raced out of the apartment.

Oh Merlin! Oh God! Oh no…

Sarah ran across the road and into the building, she put on some sunglasses and looked at the door that said, 'Landlord.' She made her way up the stars trying to be quiet.

She crept on to the landing and saw a Ministry Wizard patrolling the area.


She breathed in and out. And breathed in and out. Her breathing became so fast her face was flushed and she thought she was going to faint. She broke through the corridor in a flurry, only to be caught by the shoulders, again, by the Ministry Wizard.

"What do you-"

"Sir, get your paws off of me!" She cried, as she pulled away and stalked down the hallway.

Pretty stupid plan there, dork. She told herself. What exactly did she just try to pull?

She made the right noises to seem as if she was running up the stairs but she was still watching the man.

She saw another man approach, "The blokes are ready, but we have to keep the area clear for a good half an hour before evidence can be collected. Got that? No magical interference. Then we'll know who tried to attack her."

It seemed like an age before the coast was clear.

She ran up and opened the charcoaled door and looked around, there were black piles of ashes and furniture, after a while of going through ash, she spotted a dusty frame, with an arrow through it.

Paling slightly, she picked it up and wiped the dust off it and gasped, there was a younger version of Lily, Sarah, Calista, Adela, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter waving, looking happy and excited that they had just graduated.

Her hand flew up to her mouth in surprise. She was surprised. She hadn't expected- no… actually she knew that woman was Lily… didn't she?

Rubbing her temples she tucked the frame under her arm. This was what she had, this was what everyone had been waiting for. Only the eight of them had this portrait. Unless some stalker stole- wait! What was she thinking?

After all these years… bloody hell. So what was she going to say to the others? Say that she had found a portrait of the gang af-

She sighed. Feeling slightly ill, she swayed. She had forgotten to take her dose today, hadn't she?

She was just about to leave when.




A whole lot of Wizards started to apparate everywhere.

Trying not to lose her balance, she ran past the door and quickly disapparated before any of them could notice her, desperately fighting the urge to be sick.



The door had flung open but Lily disapparated but she wasn't sure where to, a gust of suffocating heat came over her. She opened her mouth to gasp but soon something grainy flew in and she choked.

Her hands were gripped around her neck but she still had her wand.

"Transportio" she shouted.


James and Sirius were on their way to an interview with the head of an Auror's society in the city. Both had looked spick and span, all dressed up handsomely. They decided that they would at least try to make some kind of impression, specifically, a bloody good one. Unfortunately; they also decided to travel by the muggle vehicle, namely-- a suspicious looking car.

"Sirius! Honestly, you bint! We are supposed to turn left not right on the last intersection! We are going to go around in circles!" James shouted trying to control the wheel.

"James let go of the bloody wheel! I'm driving!"

"No! Let-me-drive!"

"Well, I don't think so James! When YOU were driving you almost crashed my car!"

"Sirius! This isn't your car! It's Sarah's effing mug!"

"That's not the point! You almost crashed her bloody mug, you are that daft James!" said Sirius while elbowing James in the face successfully getting his hands off the wheel, " Anyway, I transfigured the mug into a car in the first place and you, sir, cannot drive! I don't even think you got your license!"

"Neither did you… you effing wizard!"

"At least I drive on the right side of the road 'Mr. these-people-don't-know-how-to-drive-they-seem-to-be-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road!' but you never would have thought that it was you that was wrong!" Sirius roared.

"That is… not the point!"

"Oh! Yes, it is!"





"Why the hell did we want to come by car in the first place? We both can't drive!"

"Because we wanted to impress them!"

"Oh, yes! I can just imagine there gazes of absolute awe once they realise we've crashed a mug into their bloody building!"

"Sirius! Bloody oath! Look at the road-" James shouted but he was moments too late.

Sirius had driven the car/mug well into a pole.



Adele was working quietly with Calista and Peter when Sarah barged into the store.

"Sarah? Hey-" Adele started.

"Be quiet will you? Look, can you talk to you alone?" Sarah asked.

Adele put the books down and looked at her friend with concern, she noticed Sarah was wringing her hands slightly "Sure… outside?" she suggested.

Sarah nodded.

When they were outside Sarah shoved an empty bottle of butterbeer into her hand, "Here."

Adele looked up sharply, "Wha-" but then you stopped herself, as she felt the familiar pull at her navel, pushing her forward.

Adele and Sarah fell on a wet, cold floor. Adele tried to stand up but her world went black.

When she woke up she felt sore all over, her vision was blurry, she tried to call out; her voice couldn't make it.

Adele looked around; it was pitch black with the exception of only a spot of dim light near her. She saw a blurry body with mop of black tousled hair face down on the floor, Adele rushed towards it and began to turn Sarah over, "Sarah…" her voice was surprisingly croaky, Adele swallowed, trying to get rid of the sharp pain coming from her dry throat. "Sarah! Wake up!"

Adele paled when the body beside didn't even make so much as a twitch. Her breaths became sharp and Adele had to haul Sarah on to her back, who seemed to be at dead weight. In desperation, Adele hurriedly placed her shaking fingers to her friend's neck; nothing. Panicking, she grabbed her limp wrist beside her, searching for some pulse; nothing.

-the end-

Hooray for the end of chapter [one] that was originally the middle of chapter [three]. Got anything to bug me about? *stares*