Chapter One

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Harry had spent the last five days wondering around in this god forsaken forest. At first it had just been another detention with Snape. Now not only was he lost but he had been attacked, trapped, and starved. The night of the detention had sounded easy. Find three simple herbs that only grew in the forbidden forest. But that had all changed when the centaurs had flipped there lids and chased him into a meadow. Not just any meadow oh no. The only meadow in the whole world apparently that liked to randomly transport people to random places of the world!

On day one he had run into a giant crow like bird that tried to literally eat him! Though it had been easy to chase it off. Apparently birds no matter the size or origin, they did not like fire so one quick spell and Harry managed to get away with only a slice across his shoulder, which even now was beginning to ache with the lack or care and time to heal. Luckily with his magic still working he could keep it clean and uninfected but he was not skilled in the ways of healing spells.

Luckily day two and three where better off. He had managed to find a stream to bathe in and after purifying the water it was very refreshing and soothing. He even managed to find a few things to eat from berries to more normal looking apples and what looked to be like a red pear. However filling they were did not do much for a constant sustenance. Even now the lack of other main food groups and proper nutrients was hard on his already malnourished body.

Day four had not been the best either he had somehow managed to get his foot stuck in a twisted gnarled root of a tree. After much fuss with said tree he was finally able to get free with only a sore twisted ankle as a reminder of the event. So that not only was he tired, hungry, and lost he was limping to.

Finally we reach Day five the current day of his time in this strange area. Still just limping along eyes dropping he didn't even notice as someone approached him from behind. However when a hand landed on his shoulder the reaction was probably not what the bystander had expected.

Whipping around the teenaged wizard brought his hand up back handing the person behind him. Calming slightly he looked to see a tall tanned male looking down at him in confusion.

He was covered in what looked to be brown fur clothes and slightly worn chest armour. He had long black hair tied back into a high ponytail, but probably the most amusing feature was the lone wolf tail hanging down from his waist swishing back and forth lazily.

The strange fur dressed man lifted a hand to rub his cheek, "I was going to ask why you're in my territory but from your reaction and appearance am I to guess you're lost?"

With a growl Harry took a step back reaching for his wand in his arm holster, "What's it to you?"

The man held up his hands in a show of peace, "I am Prince Kouga of the Wolf Pack of this area, this is my territory it is my right to check all strangers and intruders upon my lands."

Harry relaxed slightly and he gave a slight bow of the head his eyes never leaving the Wolf Prince, "I am a stranger to these lands and apologize for trespassing upon your territory. I will make haste in leaving your territory."

Kouga frowned and examined the young human male in front of him. He was clearly malnourished and sleep deprived. Judging from his sate and stature it was easy to tell for a demon anyway that he was injured in both shoulder and leg. The wolf prince inhaled a deep breath of the boys sent and smiled lightly the boy smelled of power and strangely enough wolf.

"No need you may come and stay at my pack caves for the evening then I shall escort you safely to the nearest human village tomorrow."

Harry looked up at the man before him his eyes slightly wide at the prospect of a bed and perhaps proper food, though if this man was Prince of a wolf pack it was probably the same as Remus' pack. Where beds were furs and the food uncooked and raw, "Thank you it would be an honour."

Kouga gestured for the human to follow him back to his home only a mile to the south from where they were now. The opposite direction Harry had been going. Said wizard was currently falling behind the faster and longer stride wolf prince.

Kouga did not lesson his pace but instead decided that such a pace was much too slow glancing back he saw the human struggling to simply not trip. With an amused grin the wolf demon swept the younger wizard up into his arms and took off at the speed only he could muster.

Harry clung to the broad muscular shoulders of his current companion a small giggling escaping his lips. It had been so long since he had gone at such a speed. He missed his broomstick but with Umbridge's ban on his broom he couldn't even look at it.

Kouga glanced down at the giggling male in his arms a smile spreading across his face. So the little human male liked to go fast did he? With a yip of joy the wolf demon sped up using the power of the Shikon shards in his legs to blur the world around them.

The smaller wizard squeaked as the wolf demon sped up even faster and another bubble of later erupted from his chest as he closed his eyes at the force of the wind pressure.

It wasn't long before both of them came to a halt and Harry's eyes widened at the beauty of the den.

A large crystal clear lake shimmered gently and was only interrupted in its peace by the roaring waterfall that fell over the cliff face feeding it fresh new water. Several wolves lounged about the lake as well as a few other men and women all dressed similar to Kouga all with the same yet unique wolf tail behind them.

Slowly Harry was lowered to the ground and Kouga gave a short commanding bark causing all those present to turn and stare at him intently. He watched as several others slipped from behind the water fall. Must be a hidden entrance how genius.

Kouga cleared his throat, "This human was travelling through the lands he is to lodge with us this eve. His shoulder and ankle need tending to and he needs to be led to the bathing chambers and given fresh clothes and a good meal. Ginta ask one of the women inside to prepare him some sleeping furs as well."

A tall male with light gray hair and a black streak nodded and disappeared as another shorter male walked up his reddish brown hair was cut roughly at the shoulders. Gently the red head ordered him to sit before examining his ankle carefully as he had lost his shoes days ago.

The red head frowned, "Just a minor sprain we will wrap it after you bathe but you should be fine with some rest. Let me see your shoulder."

Harry grumbled before removing his outer robe and peeling off his damaged almost tattered shirt revealing the claw marks caked in dried blood. The wound itself was large and jagged almost identical to the dragon claw marks on his other shoulder. The only difference was this one was left to fester on its own. The flesh around the wound red and swollen with bruising around the outer edge of the yellow puss filled centre.

It was worse than Harry thought as he gave a laugh which caused him to wince, "Worse than I thought it seems."

The wolf smiled and nodded, "Yes it needs to be scrubbed clean then most likely stitched and perhaps some salve will help as well," The wolf demon gently touched it causing another wince and the man sighed looking at Kouga, "You sure he is all human? This hit a major artery this boy shouldn't be standing."

Harry blushed and dropped his head his magic had done more than he thought. Shit they were going to kill him.

Kouga blinked, "He does have some kind of wolf scent to him."

Harry blinked in confusion then groaned and dropped his head into his hand, shit he forgot that Remus and Fenrir had adopted him into the pack. Of course he smelt of wolf.

Kouga looked down, "I guess you know why you smell of wolf?"

Harry nodded no use lying, "My Godfather and his mate are Alpha of the Silverbacks. They adopted me into the pack when I turned 13 that, would account for the wolf scent?"

Kouga nodded, "Yes it would so, not wolf but raised by wolf. Makes sense. Which means you know the hierarchy! I am Alpha Male there is no other Alpha here I am unmated. Ginta and Hakakku are my second in commands, while Shiver here is my Beta and healer he is also unmated. The rest of the pack you will meet over time. For now follow Shiver he will be your guide for now. As you are a guest you are not required to call anyone by their ranks."

Harry bowed his head, "Thank you Alpha Kouga."

The wolf demon snorted as Shiver laughed lightly watching said Alpha stalk off toward the hidden cave entrance.

Shiver glanced at the smaller human and frowned. The boy was a complete mystery from his shoulder wound to the other scars tracing up and down the kinds chest and back. His other shoulder also looked to be clawed and more recent than the rest of the scars. Where did this kid get so many marks? Helping the boy up he led him to the hidden bathing chamber around the side of the cliff walls.

Stopping before a bubbling hot spring the red haired wolf turned and gave a polite smile, "Ok just strip and get in for me please I will go and fetch bandages and the rest of the things we require. Do not worry of being harmed no one would dare harm a guest of the alpha", before slipping off to gather said things.

Harry frowned before removing the rest of his clothing the mark on his back humming warmly telling him his pack Alpha's were well at home. That pleased him greatly He hadn't gotten a chance to worry about Remus and Fenrir lately having been so stressed of being in this strange world.

Smiling one last time he slipped into the warm waters. They were soothing and there was a smooth ledge he could sit upon. It came up to his shoulders and he hissed as it caressed his shoulder. Undoing his hip length hair he let it drift along the top of the water lightly the dark raven black locks turning an inky black as they grew wet.

It wasn't long before Shiver returned removing his fur in order to slip into the water as it only care up to his mid chest. Harry smiled at him and the red head dragged him over to the ledge sitting him down. He gently pulled out a course piece of fabric from the basket dipping it into the water before trying to gently clean the wound on his shoulder.

Hissing Harry bit his lip to keep from whimpering as the demon attempted to be gentle. He could tell the red head didn't mean to hurt him but it was bound to happen with this kind of wound. He watched as the dirt grime and other things were removed from the wound revealing the swollen gashes on their own.

Gently Shiver began to smear a green paste over the wound being careful not to run it in to deeply before folding two large leaves over it holding it down till they stuck together causing a temporary fix.

The wolf smiled, "That will hold till we are done cleaning you properly, come you won't be able to do so completely by yourself as I won't let you move that arm. I have yet to bather today as well so no harm no fowl."

Nodding turned allowing the demon to soak and wash his hair and upper body before sitting back and allowing the other to wash as well. Yawning Harry laid his head back slowly closing his eyes. He was tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep but he knew that was not happening any time soon.

"Alright Harry let's get you up and out and dressed so that I can stitch up your wound."

Harry opened his eyes and with some help was out of the hot spring and dried in a jiffy.

Slowly the wolf demon hummed and helped him into the furred clothing. A kilt like skirt much like the other wore the only difference being his was in a soft honey colour fur and went down to his knees. He smiled and nodded his thanks before lifting his hair and turned his back to the wolf as he roughly put it up best he could with one hand not hearing the gasp of the wolf behind him. Turning back around he was met with a wide eyes and open mouthed wolf.

Frowning he asked cautiously, "Is there something wrong Healer Shiver?"

The red head shook his head, "I was unaware you were pack heir of your home pack."

Harry raised a brow, "What do you mean?"

Shiver coughed, "The silver paw at the base of your spine symbolizes that you are Heir."

Smiling the wizard responded, "Only if Remus is unable to bear children. Once Remus has his first child he said it would turn green."

Shiver nodded, "Which means Beta and Healer. Are you trained?"

Shaking his head Harry responded, "I was not to begin training till my seventeenth birthday which is in three weeks."

The wolf nodded before patting the spot next to him. Doing so he turned his head as the read head set about his task. He felt a slight pinch as he closed his eyes.

It wasn't till he was patted on the shoulder and heard a whisper, "Sit a moment I am done but the stitches need to sit a moment."

Harry opened his eyes and looked at his now stitched shoulder. The swelling had gone down and the wounds where closed even the pain was gone. That salve must have had a numbing agent in it. How ingenious.

Smiling he slipped closer to his things pulling out his discarded wand holster he strapped it back onto his right calf having to adjust it slightly since no material no hindered it. Patting the comforting presence of his wand he gently pulled out his necklace Remus had given him, a white gold wolf howling at the moon, its eyes a bright emerald and the chain a tough solid white gold. It was charmed to never break or tarnish; smiling he slipped it around his neck before looking up as Shiver returned carrying a silver band in his hands.

Shiver knelt before him carefully holding it out, "While here you are required to wear this arm band it is to tell the others of your pack rank. Alpha Kouga has approved it. Come leave your clothes there they will be discarded with."

Harry stood and followed the red head through the hidden den entrance and Harry smiled breathing in the sweet scent of Furs and fire. Pausing he placed a hand over his heart looking at the high walls and the furs spread out along the cave floor. Catching up he was brought to a raised pedestal were several furs lay covering it completely. Kouga propped up on a pillow in the centre.

Kouga stand quickly and smiles crossing his arms, "I do wish you had informed me of your pack position at first hand, would have made things much simpler. Your furs will be set up near mine as your rank demands. Do you wish for your food to be cooked or raw?"

Harry frowned, that was new usually he wasn't given a choice, "Matters not, I'm accustomed to both."

Kouga nodded and gesture to a small pile of furs directly to his right. Harry gave a short bow before sitting himself carefully upon them his hair falling into his face as it fell from his poorly done pony tail. Frowning he fiddles with it before sighing and giving up tossing it over his shoulder, sometimes he hated his hair but Remus loved it long and so did he…when it was taken care of. He smiled as the food was brought and he ate his fill before yawning and curling into his furs as the fires were dimmed and the den went silent; sleep claimed him.