-Part One-

The next morning it did not take much for Harry to awaken his dreams had been haunted by the very same mournful cry he had heard the night before. Everything within him told him to go to the howl. To find the person who had howled such a sad cry and hold him close to him. Setting his small pup on the ground he quickly dressed before heading down to the dining hall not surprised to find his two adopted fathers to meet him half way and he embraced them tightly.

Looking up at Fenrir he whispered gently, "Did you hear that howl last night papa?"

The gruff wolf nodded, "Aye, that I did pup. Did you recognize the howl?"

Harry frowned, "It sounded like Kouga's, but in the time that I got to know him I have never heard him howl so sad. I almost wish to think that it wasn't his."

Halting in their steps Remus turned and knelt before Harry, "Look the war as you know is getting worse, and Dumbledore wants you to fight The Dark Lord within a week's time! Harry my cub, I dread loosing you to that monster. You know as well as we do the prophesy is complete bull. If you wish it. You can leave and go back to Kouga! We wouldn't mind cub!"

The wizard shook his head, "I could never leave you to fight this war alone dad. You and Papa are all I have left in this world. I admit I have fallen for the wolf alpha I will not deny it. But I could never leave you two!"

Fenrir ruffled his hair, "Then let us plan to finish this war. But till then I think you should return to your little Alpha love. We will summon you the night before the final fight. Please. Do this for us pup!"

Harry sighed deeply and nodded, "Alright, I will go back; But only till the night before the final battle, Howl for me to come home and I will."

The teen smiled and picked up his small wolf cub before taking off at full speed toward the small rip in time that allowed him to pass from one to the other. He didn't stop running till he had bounded through the barrier and to greet him where two wolves sat.

Grinning at the two wolves he gave a small howl of his coming long accustomed to the ways of his two father's lives. As he broke through the last bit of foliage he wasn't surprised to find himself caught against a bare chest and surrounded by the lovely scent of one Kouga.

Looking up he smiled at the male who held him so tightly and slowly lent up even as Kouga leant down their lips meeting in an almost fragile caress. Neither noticed how the pack around them began to howl in excitement or how the Beta seemed to clap his hands together and then turn to order a few of the pack members into actions.

Breaking from the kiss the two nuzzled lightly and Kouga leant his head back letting a bright cheerful howl escape from his lips as he held Harry tightly to his chest. The wizard could feel the howl vibrating through his chest like a deep rumble and slowly he leant his head back as well and allowed his softer howl to join in with Kouga there songs merging together like a waltz of magic. Howls sounded from all around then combining and rising into the air. It sung of love, longing, and a mating to come.

The howl sloped down and ended before Kouga lifted him up bridal style and carried him into the cave barking orders for the wolves and pack mates to leave and guard the den. Laying Harry down on the soft bed of furs he kissed the young wizard deeply tearing the shirt from his body carefully.


Outside the pack howled once more knowing the mating was complete. The Beta hushed them all before slipping inside covering the now two alphas with another fur before returning to the rest of the pack barking out orders for them to hunt and prepare the celebration feast. Smiling he knew already this feast was for more than one reason. Already he could sense the separate life forces within Harry. Oh wouldn't he be in for a surprise!

Within hours the two males where awake to smells of cooking meat and warm bread being made. Harry yawned and stretched wincing as his lower back and bum resented the movements. Laying back down Kouga laughed lightly and nodded in understanding motioning for a certain red haired wolf to come forward. Murmuring things into the males ear there was an exchange of words before Kouga stood completely donning his furs to head toward the feast leaving the beta and his new alpha 'female' to their things.

Harry watched as Shiver pulled a curtain closed around them and slowly made him lie on his back, "Lay back young alpha let me tend to you before you go join the festivities."

The young wizard nodded and allowed the young beta to examine him and clean him up somewhat. It wasn't till he felt something cold touch his lower back did he look back only to see Shiver rubbing in a light yellow cream into his lower back. Relaxing he simply let the Beta do his job relishing in the numbing of the pain. Soon Shiver helped him stand and while the pain was still there it was surprisingly very dull.

Smiling up at the beta he slipped on the soft white furs that he was handed and followed the Beta out into the main cave and over to a small pillow next to Kouga's raised one. Sitting in his customary seat he was soon handed a large plate of food and a howl was given and the festivities began but not before a soft whisper was sent into his ear by the beta, "Do not partake in alcohol it will not sit well with you."

Blushing he turned to face the beta his eyes wide with a single question in his mind. When he received a nod he smiled and turned back to the festivities a new revelation easing his mind and a surprise he could jump on Kouga later.

-Part Two-

A week had passed and Harry's life was as normal as it could be in his strange life. He had been able to be himself among people who loved him and adapting to the role of Alpha Female was rather easy in his opinion. He helped with tending to the furs and meals; the children were always a joy to watch. He knew his life was meant for something like this. Yet, there where night when he laid with Kouga that he thought of his family and the people he still had on the other side. He knew that Kouga would come with him when he was forced to finish the war. He knew Shiver would follow just as quick and it worried him to think that he would never see either of them.

Looking up at the stars he laid a hand upon his stomach almost wishing that he had not conceived so quickly. What if he miscarried during the fight? What if Dumbledore found out? He whimpered lightly rubbing his stomach almost roughly. His thoughts were so wrapped up in questions he almost missed the calling howl in the distance. The call to go to war!

Sitting up he ran towards the den only to be met halfway by Kouga and Shiver. Smiling at them they turned directions and shot toward the gate. Giving back a small yip of excitement they were rushed through the gate and into a war zone.

Blood invaded their noses and before them was a sea of bodies dead and alive. Green lights, red, yellow, orange. Charred skin and burning fabric, blood was simply everywhere. Shiver turned and emptied his stomach from the sheer smell of it and Kouga patted his back gently.

Harry shot into the fray pulling his wand from within his furred robes. Sending a confundo towards a random death eater he was awarded with a cry of pain and a thud. Looking back he saw Kouga and Shiver tearing there claws through the flesh of the death eaters and a few of the still feral wolves. Quickly they were all split up and facing their own battles. Magic, Tooth, Claw, and Sword. Nothing but screams and yells filled the air!

Harry screamed as he was struck from behind by a ?crutatius?. Turning his eyes met those of the dark bloody red of Lord Voldemort. Fighting ceased around them as everyone turned to watch the fight. Even Kouga and Shiver paused and turned to watch as Harry and Voldemort stared one another down.

Voldemort grinned darkly, "Well Potter time to die it would seem."

The green eyed teen smirked, "Oh please this is going to be you're what seventh time? To try and kill me? You have tried before and you have failed before just like you will today!"

"DIE! Avada Kedavra!"

Harry's eyes widened and he rolled out of the way just as a bright green light arched where his shoulder had just been. Rolling onto the ground then up onto his feet he turned and fired a small binding charm only to have the Dark Lord throw it off his shields.

"Potter you won't beat me with such childish pranks!"

Harry mimicked him before sending a stunning charm watching as the Dark Lord once again threw it off before sending another bolt of green light toward him. Grinning he dodged out of the way only to be hit by a tripping charm landing roughly in the bloodied ground below.

Laughing Voldemort slammed a foot down onto Harry's chest holding the tip of his wand against the younger male's stomach, "Say goodbye! Avada Kedavra!"

Screaming Harry's mind was ripped from his body into a whirlwind of bright light. Throwing up his hands in a final attempted Voldemort was thrown back into the air the light engulfing his form as it folded and shifted into the shape of two white wolves tearing into the flesh of the once great Dark Lord. Leaving him stone cold dead on the ground.

Standing up Harry looked down at the two white wolven forms as they seemed to touch his stomach and melt back into him. Shiver and Kouga howled in victory as one by one the Death Eater fell to the ground clutching their arms before falling over as corpses. Remus and Fenrir joined the three howling wolves with their own sweet song and as one they howled into the night. The Dark Lord was dead and their freedom had been won!

-Seven Months Later-

Kouga and Fenrir paced outside of a closed off cave. Both seemed to be at wits end about something. The two looked at each other and sat on the ground. Waiting was never either of their strong points and this was simply killing them. Shiver came running out from behind the curtain grabbing a few furs from behind.

Kouga before bolting back into the warded area. It was for several long minutes of silence was a scream heard on the other side with words of encouragement. Both Alphas' sat up on their knees as another high pitched cry joined the first long minutes passed again and another scream and high pitched cry filled the air.

Kouga whined at not knowing what was going on and when Remus stepped from behind the now silent area covered from hand to elbow and blood the two feared the worse till Shiver appeared with two small fur wrapped bundles in his arms.

Shiver smiled brightly, "Girls! The both of them!"

Kouga yipped in joy as he took his two beautiful daughters in his arms smiling down at their pale skin and short white hair. Frowning he looked up at Shiver who simply shrugged.

"I don't know. They are perfectly healthy I'm guessing it's a side effect from the explosion of magic during the fight but worry not they are fine!"

Smiling the Wolf Prince nodded before slipping inside the curtain carrying them to where his smaller mate lay with a pile of furs. Lying down next to Harry he whispered gently, "Well my love what should we call our two beautiful little girls hmm?"

Harry laughed, "Lily and Luna."

Kouga gave a soft chuckle as he peered down at the two small bundles in his arms, "Welcome Lily and Luna to the Pack."

Leaning back his head he let forth a howl of joy and love to let everyone know that his family was complete and his heart full.

The End