New story! I just randomly thought of this story while I was chopping potatoes at work. Random right? Anyway. Here it is.



I am Haruno Sakura. I am a kunoichi from Konoha. I was trained by the slug sannin, Tsunade. She is also the Fifth Hokage. The great Godaime Hokage. I was her top student. I excelled in everything she tossed at me.

During my training, my parents died. I never knew devastation until that day. True, the day Sasuke left was hell, but I lived. Naruto was there to comfort me. I cried for hours when Sasuke left.

I cried for weeks when Naruto left.

I cried months after my parents died.

But as I sit here in this crowded white waiting room, I found no tears. I was at peace. People of many different ages surrounded me. Babies with out mothers, children playing without toys, adults just staring into space, old ones just smiling. All was fine. But in the back of my mind, my inner self was screaming at me. Oh, that's right.

I was Haruno Sakura. I was a kunoichi from Konoha.

As I sat there, I began to recollect my memories. Suddenly, I remembered why I was there.

I, Haruno Sakura, am dead.

Now, don't go round panicking. I feel nothing. Nothing but bliss. How did I die, you ask? Well, here is my story...

"Wake up Sakura-chan!" Naruto's voice sounded from the darkness. I grimly opened my eyes to see a smiling Naruto.

"We need to get going. Here is your breakfast!" He shouted ecstatic. There was his fake smile. We were on an assassination mission. We knew we could both die today. We knew we would encounter Sasuke, and we would fight him. I sat up, keeping my anger in check. I yawned and began to munch on my meal.

Rice cakes. Oh, the wonders of rice cakes.

We quickly packed up and set off. It was just me, Sai, and Naruto today. Kakashi got held up in Konoha.

Surprisingly, Naruto was made captain of this mission. So far, the Baka was doing good.

Around noon, we reached our targeted destination. We set up camp and took a good rest. Sai disappeared to scout for Sasuke. So Naruto and I sat and talked about little nothings. That was, until Naruto got a very serious look on his face.

"Sakura-chan, you are aware of what we are to do, right?" He asked. I simply nodded. "Can you handle it? I love him don't you?"

I could hear the pain in Naruto's voice. I knew Naruto loved me, and I knew I loved him back. Sasuke meant nothing to me anymore. He's killed so many. Naruto stopped asking me on dates months ago. I sorta missed them. He quit preaching his undying love for me too. I really missed that. But, I can't just tell him I love him. I'm to proud. That is my weakness. Pride.

I shook my head. "Naruto, Sasuke has broken my heart to pieces. I forgive him. I know about his childhood. But, I just don't have that...feeling I used to get. I have moved on. I'll nicely ask him to return, but I won't hold back." I said proudly. Naruto stared into my eyes, searching for my true feelings. He seemed to settle with my confession, because he smiled warmly before turning serious again.

"Sakura-chan, I think you should stay out of this fight."

"What? No! Baka! I won't let you charge into this alone! I'm going with you!" I bellowed, brandishing my fist. Naruto didn't flinch.

"Sakura-chan, your my most important person. Your more important to me than becoming Hokage like my father."

Yes, Naruto is related to the Fourth. We were shocked to hear it, but now it was old news. He moved into the Namikaze mansion and was living comfortably now. "If something happened to you, I don't know what I would do." Naruto finished. I blushed in embarrassment before retaliating. "Naruto, I won't leave you and Sai on that battle field alone! Your important to me too!"

Naruto thought for a moment before reluctantly agreeing. "Fine, but you will stay as safe as you can." He murmured sternly. I rolled my eyes.

We were just about to start talking when Sai messaged us on the radios. Sasuke was waiting for us. Apparently he knew we were coming for him. Naruto and I quickly gathered out things and traveled to Sai's location.

When we arrived, we saw Sasuke standing in the center of a crater. Apparently Sai had already attacked. Sasuke glared at us with hate.

"So, my old team is sent here to kill me. How delightful." Sasuke mused.

"Can it Sasuke! Last chance! Come back with us or be killed!" Naruto declared. I had looked at him in shock. I never would have thought then Naruto would ever say that.

Sasuke broke out in insane laugher. "No. I'll kill you all and enjoy the sight of your deaths!"

Before I could react, Sasuke and Naruto had exchanged a few attacks.

"My My! Sakura is still weak. She's just standing there. Haha!" Sasuke yelled.

Naruto growled. "Sakura-chan is not weak!" That's when my brain had kicked in. I charged to attack.

Sasuke avoided all my punches with ease. After a few minutes of battling, I drew back on Naruto's orders.

I had to rest. I was practically out of chakra.

All was going smoothly until Naruto got caught in one of Sasuke's genjustus. As Naruto was watching what the genjustsu was showing, Sasuke moved to impale Naruto on his sword. I didn't the only think I could do. I put myself in between Sasuke and Naruto.

As I felt the sting of the sword percie my body, I knew this was my place. Stopping Sasuke from killing the man I cared about. Dare I say it? The man I loved.

Sasuke sneered as I winced. The sword exited out of my back. Sasuke saw an opportunity and used it. He canceled the genjustu.

Whatever Naruto was seeing vanished, and he got a good view of my back covered in blood. The sword poking out. And Sasuke sneering in pride.

Sasuke jerked his sword up. I was lifted by it. I managed to hear a shocked gasp from Naruto before Sasuke used the sword to toss me like a doll. I felt myself flying before I felt my body crash to the ground. I was laying face down so I couldn't see anything. But I heard everything.

"Sakura-chan! NO!" Naruto screamed as I was flying. Sasuke began to laugh.

"You Bastard! I'll kill you!"

I heard metal clangs, chakra whirls and chirps, cries of pain, and crashing.

"Dobe! Now what! I just killed your crush! Do you hate me?" Sasuke teased.

"It wasn't a crush! I love her! And I'm going to kill you!" Naruto yelled darkly. No way! He still loved me after all this time?

I heard a loud squealing noise.

"Whoa! Hey Naruto Wait! Can't we talk about this?" Sasuke said suddenly, his voice filled with fear. I was very curious, but had no strength to look.

"I don't think so Sasuke. I'll miss you brother."

There was a crash and screaming. It seemed to last forever. The next thing I knew, Naruto was panting and rolling me over.

"Sakura-chan. Can you hear me?" he whispered in fear.

I opened my mouth to speak, only to cough up blood. Eww. I saw Naruto's eyes widen in terror.

Shit, I gotta say something to calm him.

"Yeah...I'm...I'm okay." I tried to say it normally, but it was all wheezy. Naruto stroked my cheek gently.

"Sakura-chan..." His voice broke. "'ll be alright. I'll take you back to Konoha, and Granny will heal you. Hang in there."

I then heard Sai's voice. "Dickless, we shouldn't move her. Also, Konoha is two days away."

"Shut up!" Naruto snarled.

"Na...Naruto" I managed to force out weakly. Naruto's head snapped back to look at me. "I..."

Man, I'd hate to say this to him. But I couldn't lie to him. I had to face the truth. "Naruto, I'm...I'm not going to make it."

Naruto's eyes began to water. "Sakura-chan." he sounded like a lost child. "You can't. You'll be fine."

Tears began to roll down his face. I looked around.

"Did we complete the mission?" Trying to change the topic. Classic me.

Naruto made a noise. "Yea, Sasuke is dead."

"You did great Naruto." He smiled weakly at me.

"It thought you would show some sadness." Naruto said choppily. I scoffed.

"He staked me like a skibob. Besides, I already told you I don't care about..." I began coughing. Blood began pouring from my mouth.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled in fear. He was pale and crying freely.

Damn it! I need to say this!

"" I forced out heaving.

His eye's widened in shock. I began coughing again and I felt my heart stopping.

No, damn it! Let me say this!

"Na...Naruto...I" Naruto leaned forward. My voice must be fading. "Naruto...I...I...lo...l...lo" Damn it! I need to say this!

Naruto's eyes softened in understanding. " you too, Sakura-chan."

I felt my heart stop beating. I only had moments of consciousness left. I tried to smile.

Naruto picked me up and cradled me.

"I will...always love you Sakura-chan." He whispered as he sobbed. My vision became fuzzy. Naruto leaned down and kissed me.

Shoot! My first kiss is my last kiss! What are the freaking odds!

The last thing I saw was Naruto breaking the kiss to stare into my eyes. I was lost in his watery blue eyes. Those eyes that I loved so much. They belonged to a man I loved so much. The next thing I knew was...