Welcome, my veiwers, to my first fanfiction crossover!


I have nothing of too much importance to say, other than, since this is my first time writing fanfiction, I beg my audience for critique, as it is essential to improve my writing skills. I have a fairly standard attitude towards my own writing in the sense that I fell it is inadiquite compared to other stories I have read, so improvement is what I need most at this moment.

And here is the disclamer for the story: Team Fortress 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, and their characters rightfully belong to Valve and Sega (although I'm not read up on the politics of it, so I'm not sure)

Shadow was pissed

There was just no other way to go about saying it. Even as he was deliberately striding down the sidewalk of downtown, late in the day, he wore an angry grimace on his face that tells the citizens to stay well clear of his path. Since the start, his day has been unsatisfactory to the note. Woke up late, spilled scalding coffee on his chest, found out the shower of his semi run-down apartment was broken (his chest fur is still clumped together and reeks), was giggled at by a passing trio of ditzy schoolgirls on his way out, which really grinds his gears, and arrived late to work to top off his morning shit-list.

Shadow worked part –time at a small business that runs errands and delivers parcels for people. Since Dr. Eggman hasn't been up to anything dastardly for months now, the pace of his usually adrenaline-fueled, violence-filled life slowed down to the point that he realized he had no way to sustain himself financially. At first, it was difficult to find food and a place to sleep. He had to call in favors from Sonic and some of his friends.

"That damned blue menace will never let me forget that…" Shadow thought to himself as a mother saw the scowling red-and-black hedgehog, pulled her child closer to her, and walked briskly past, trying not to meet his gaze.

Thankfully, a close friend of his offered him work with the aforementioned small business. With a modest wage he's been able to sustain himself without resorting to digging through garbage cans for food. Life for the past few weeks has been genuinely dull for him. He'd sometimes pray for Eggman to send a giant robot to destroy the city, just so he could have something to shoot at.

A thought came to him, "How the hell does that fat-fuck have the money to build robot armies when I can't even get a decent apartment?" Shadow stopped his loathing for a moment. He was made aware that people were visibly frightened of him at this point in time. It was not his current intention to traumatize everyone with his presence right then.

"I guess I need to calm down and forget my shitty day." Shadow mumbled to himself. He considered visiting Rouge for a moment, and then cast the idea off immediately. The only way I'll hold her attention, he mused to himself, is if I'm juggling a handful of gems while riding a golden unicycle. He was ever aware of her interest of all that glitters. As he pondered, he discarded the notion of any social confrontation today, as it would more likely make his day worse.

Shadow strolled to a lesser populated part of Station Square. Here, the neighborhood was less friendly as well. People here could lose everything from their cars to their life as crime runs through often. Most would stay clear of this area, as they would like to keep their possessions, material or otherwise.

"If I do run into trouble, I'll just have a good reason to kick some ass." Shadow smiled a bit at that prospect. He then discontinued his forward motion.

"I think I'll just go for a run." He said to himself. Using his Air-shoes to propel himself, he took off at blistering speeds. Rather than him running, Shadow uses his shoes to sort of "skate" along the ground. These mysterious devices on his feet save him a lot of energy compared to Sonic's method. As he raced along the street, his mood improved a bit. High speeds, wind on his face, and his day already behind him, "This is what I live for." He thought. He took a turn into a narrow alley and slowed his pace down a bit. He approached another turn within the alley and said to himself: "This day is only gonna get better from here…"


"Had to open my goddamn mouth…"

Shadow lay there on the ground, vision and consciousness fading fast from him due to a metal bat striking him in square in the head. He couldn't see his attacker's face, but he did hear his voice.

"You're like a car crash in slow motion, I can actually SEE you flyin' through the windshield!"

And everything went dark…