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Confessions: Sakura and Zuko

Anime crossover: Naruto and Avatar the Last Air Bender

Setting: On the bus


Sakura tapped her foot nervously against the platform as she looked out for the train. After that prep talk from Naruto the other day, she was once again optimistic and felt a sense of courage. That is until she came to the station. As the minutes ticked away, she felt herself grow more anxious.

"Come on now! Where could that train be?" She muttered under her breath.

As if to answer her question, an announcement came from the loud speakers. "Attention passengers waiting for the arrival of the east bound train. There has been an accident on the track a few stations back. Due to this unforeseen occurrence, The trains will be out of service for the rest of the morning. Please aboard the shuttle bus that will take you along the route. Thank you for your service."

Sakura looked up at the speakers and her eyes began to twitch. She could have easily boarded a bus a few moments ago rather than wait to hear that announcement. Of course she wanted to see Zuko but she also had a very important test to take that morning. The last thing she want was to be late to class! As she made her way to the bus, her heart dropped when she saw how long the line was. It was as if everyone waiting on the platform with her magically came down stairs at once. She sighed deeply as she stepped in line. As she inched closer and closer to the bus, an obvious thought came to mind. If she received that announcement, it was likely he received the same announcement as well. What were the chances of them getting on the same bus? A smile came across her lips. It didn't hurt to be a little hopeful.

And that hope quickly vanished when she stood squashed between two people. Every time the bus moved, all of their weight would be applied to her. It was going to be a very long ride indeed. Just then she looked up and noticed that they were coming up to Zuko's stop. She knew she would most likely not get to talk to him but the thought of being on the same bus as her made her somewhat happy.

As she looked out the window she noticed him waiting at the stop for the bus. Her smile widen and much to her luck she caught his eyes. He smiled warmly at her and waved as the bus zoomed right by. Sakura continued to wave back smiling long after the bus passed his stop.

"Eh?!" She cried out when she realized that the bus all together passed him. A deep blush crossed her face when she felt annoyed glares in her direction.

"I..I'm sorry." She whispered sheepishly as she looked down. The bus kept moving and people kept swaying back and forth onto her. She sighed deeply. Just her luck, but at least she got to see him this morning and he did wave hi to her. Even though it sucked that she had to wait for a train that wouldn't show up, hop on a bus that passed her crush at least she would make it in time for school to take her test. She smiled at the thought, it wasn't perfect but when life throws you lemons make lemon custard pie! As she looked back out the window her smile melted away and a confused and horrified look passed her face. The bus had just passed her stop!

"Driver! Stop the bus! You just passed my stop!" She cried out over the crowd.

The bus driver ignored her as he continued to drive. A frown crossed her face. Was he ignoring her? Annoyed, she pushed her way to the front of the bus and stood by the driver seat. "Excuse me sir, you just passed my stop. Actually now that I think about it, you haven't stopped at any of the stops!"

The Driver after a long pause released an agitated sigh."Did you not read the sign before you came abroad? This is the express bus. No local stops until the last stop. Please return to your seat."

Sakrua's jaw dropped. Express bus? Last stop? No local stops? This had to be a joke! "This has to be a joke!" She echoed her last thought. "This is supposed to be a shuttle bus for the train station! You're suppose to stop at the local train stops!"

This time it wasn't the driver who responded but one of the passengers. An older woman in her mid to late 30s. "You got on the wrong bus young lady. This is the city bus line. The bus you are talking about was suppose to pick up passengers at the end of the block. That bus left shortly before this bus came."

Sakura looked at the woman in disbelief. She was thankful she got a kinder response out of the woman, but it didn't help to heal the blow that she was going 45 minutes out of the way. She cringed at the thought of missing that test. Maybe if she explained to the teacher about the crazy morning she had…

During Lunch with Naruto

"I can't believe he laughed at you when you told him what happened and still refused to give you a make-up test." Naruto said as he took a sip of his soda. He shook his head in disbelief.

Sakura banged her head against the table as she mumbled some in cohesive jiberish. "It doesn't help that he wanted me to write a 10,000 word essay on the importance of paying attention."

"Well on the upside, you did get to see Zuko and he did wave high to you. There's always tomorrow so it's not too late!" She looked up in time to see a warm assuring look on his face.

A warm smile came across her face as well. Maybe tomorrow would a little bit better then today. Minus the essay, she needed to have a positive outlook on something. Right? Besides, it couldn't possibly get any worst…