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Chapter 25

Marco, Daisy, and Luke rushed into Annie's apartment. They had tried Jimmy's cell several times but had gotten no answer. "Jimmy," Daisy yelled as she entered the apartment.

"I don't see him," Marco yelled back.

"Bedroom," Daisy said quickly as they made their way towards it. They both had their guns pointed inside as they pushed through the door.

"Oh my God," Daisy exclaimed as she took in the scene. Then she felt all of her breath leave her as she seen Jimmy's feet sticking out from the other side of the bed. She rushed to him, Marco close behind her. She couldn't see any wounds on him but he was deathly still and his eyes were closed. Daisy slowly knelt, placing her fingers on his neck and praying for a pulse.

She felt the tears streaming down her face as she looked back up to Marco, "He's alive," was all she could say.

By now Luke had joined them, and both men let out the breath that they had been holding. Daisy pulled her radio out and called for an ambulance. Then she looked back at Jimmy and said his name loudly, not wanting to shake him in case he had an injury that she couldn't see. After what seemed like forever she seen his eyes start to flutter open.

"Daisy?" he asked as he tried to focus on her.

"Yea, it's me," she smiled.

He reached for the back of his head painfully, and then suddenly he looked back to Daisy. "What about Jessica? Is she alive?"

Daisy furrowed her brows, "Jimmy…her throat is slit. She's gone."

Jimmy shook his head as he sat up. "She was alive," he said angrily. Then his hand flew back up to his head as he felt the room spinning.

"Jimmy, take it easy. You took a hard hit," Daisy said.

"Daisy, he's right…the body's still warm," Marco said as he felt of Jessica's skin.

"Damn Jimmy…what the hell were you thinking. They could have killed you. I don't really understand why they didn't," Daisy said angrily.

Jimmy shrugged, "Neither do I. I can't believe I let my guard down, but I seen her chest rise and fall and…everything was so quiet. I thought she was alone. How long has it been since I called you Marco?"

Marco looked at his phone, "Nineteen minutes and counting."

Jimmy nodded, "There's a security camera at the front door of the building. We need the footage along with the footage of the ATM machine across the street. We may be able to track what direction they went in and use traffic cameras to try and follow them. They may not be far from here right now. They could even still be watching the building."

Luke nodded, "I'm on it."

A minute later several sets of sirens were heard outside. Against Daisy and Marco's advice, Jimmy had went into the living room and sat down on the couch. He still felt really dizzy but was adamant about not going to the hospital. He was more worried about Annie than anything else. "Mr. Godfrey, we really need to check you out," one of the EMTs told him.

"Give me a minute," Jimmy told him. He looked around for Daisy. He went to stand up and had to sit back down due to a bad dizzy spell. Daisy rushed over to him when she seen this. "Jimmy, you need to go to the hospital and get checked out. You probably have a concussion."

"Daisy, can you go back to Annie? She needs someone with her that knows about her situation. I know Bouf is there if she needs anything but I'd feel a lot better if you would go," Jimmy pleaded.

Daisy nodded, "I'll go to Annie, you go to the hospital and make sure all of your brains are still there."

Jimmy rolled his eyes, "I'll go get checked out, just because maybe they can give me something to help with the dizziness, but I'm not staying! Call me if Annie starts hurting. And, unless it's completely unavoidable, don't tell her about any of this yet. I'll be there as quick as I can."

"I'll try, but Marco called Bouf on the way here and told him to check on Annie. I'm not sure what else he said so Bouf may have already spilled some of the beans," Daisy told him.

Jimmy nodded, gently rubbing the back of his neck. His head was throbbing and the room would spin every time he would try to stand up. It seemed to be getting worse instead of better, and the light really hurt his eyes, all classic signs of a concussion.

The EMTs got Jimmy down to the ambulance and finally convinced him that the only way they could help him was to take him in and let a doctor do a CT scan to make sure there was no permanent damage. Then they would give him some pain medicine and if everything checked out he would probably be able to leave. "There is no probably about it," Jimmy exclaimed. "I'm leaving there as soon as they make my head quit spinning." Jimmy laid back and tried to relax while the EMTs monitored his blood pressure and checked his eyes. Just then a thought crossed his mind. He should probably text Annie and tell her he would be there in a little bit so at least she would know he was okay if Bouf had told her anything. Come to think of it, it kind of seemed funny that she hadn't called him by now. He reached down in his pocket, and then he understood why…his phone was gone.

Annie laid in the bed and tried to concentrate on her computer screen. The pain had picked up a little since earlier. However, instead of the sharp stabbing pain she had felt last night, it was the dull constant cramp from the endometriosis that she knew all too well. Laying down like this may help keep the cyst from leaking, but it made the endo pain worse, or at least much more noticeable anyways. Her phone vibrated, jarring her from her thoughts. She picked it up. It was a message from Jimmy.

"How r u?" it read.

She smiled as she typed back, "B btr if u were here."

A few seconds later she got a response, "That can be arranged." She rolled her eyes but before she could think of a response her phone buzzed again. "What would you do if I was there?"

Annie smiled a little. There was plenty of thing that came to her mind, all of which were not included on the list of things she could do on bed rest. There was no rule against teasing though. She laughed a little to herself as she typed, "Well, if we could find another bathtub…"

"Sounds like someone's a dirty girl…" he replied.

She laughed again, "U have no idea…"

A few moments later he replied again, "How r u really?"

She sighed and began typing, "A lil pain but it from endo not cyst. I wish I could get up n I'd feel btr."

Her phone buzzed again. "I c…still having bad dreams?"

She furrowed her brows a little, "Cant dream if u dont slp."

After a minute Annie sat her phone back on the table beside the bed. As soon as she turned back to the computer it buzzed again, but this time it was ringing. She looked at the caller ID and seen Jimmy's name on the display. She hit the answer button, "Yes dear," she said in a sexy voice.

For a minute no one spoke, "Jimmy, are you there?" she asked.

She heard a breath, "Jimmy's not able to talk right now," an eerie voice said.

Annie felt like her heart stopped beating as she immediately recognized the voice. The hairs on her neck were standing on end and her voice shook when she finally spoke. "How did you get that phone?"

"I pried it out of your boyfriend's cold hands."

Annie felt the tears stinging her eyes, "You're lying you sick son of a bitch."

"Am I," Diablo said on the other end. "Why don't you call one of your friends and see. They'll tell you otherwise. Sweet dreams Annie." Then he was gone.

Annie's hands were shaking as she dialed Marco's number. Bouf walked in right before she hit send. He immediately noticed how pale and shaken she was. "Annie…are you okay?"

She shook her head violently as she put the phone to her ear. It went straight to voicemail which just made her panic more. Bouf had never seen her like this before. He rushed to her and sat down on the bed. "Annie, talk to me…"

"Jimmy…something happened." She threw the covers off of her and pushed the sharp pain away as she jumped out of the bed.

Bouf jumped up with her and grabbed her arms, forcing her to be still. "What makes you think that Annie?"

"Diablo…just called…from his phone," she cried as she jerked away from him. "I have to go."

"Annie, the rest of the team went to him. Let me call one of them," Bouf took out his phone and started to dial.

"They aren't answering…and I'm not waiting." She rushed to the door, but before she got there she put her hand over her mouth as she felt the bile rise. She quickly grabbed the trash can and heaved into it. Before she could put it down and get out the door, Maya rushed in.

"What's going on? I heard you yelling from down the hall," Maya noticed the tears streaming down Annie's face.

"Jimmy…I have to go," Annie tried to push through but Maya stood her ground.

"Annie, stop," she said sternly. "What happened to Jimmy?"

"I don't know," she cried, finally crumbling. Maya caught her before she went to the floor. Bouf helped Maya get her back to the bed. "Please, just let me go," Annie cried weakly.

Maya looked at Bouf, "What the hell is going on?"

Bouf half shrugged, "All I know is Jimmy called Marco from Annie's place and requested back up. Marco called me when they were on the way and told me to check on Annie in the bunks. They had tried to call Jimmy on his cell and they couldn't get him."

Annie tried to get up again but Maya pulled her back down, "Annie, you have to calm down…I'm sure he's fine."

Annie shook her head again, "He has his phone…"

"Who?" Maya asked confused.

"Diablo," Bouf said.

Maya squinted her eyes, "The guy they are trying to catch? The one that is after Annie?"

"Yea," Bouf confirmed.

"Maya, please let me go," Annie cried. She didn't have the strength to physically win the fight, but she was still giving all that she had.

"Annie, calm down and I will see if I can find something out. Can you do that?" Maya asked.

Finally Annie nodded. She sank back on the bed and pulled her knees to her chest. She buried her head and sobbed silently.

Maya took Annie's phone and just as she found Daisy's number she heard someone coming down the hall. Daisy rushed in a second later and immediately went to Annie. She pulled her into a hug as she sank down on the bed beside her. "He's okay Annie. He's okay." Daisy rocked back and forth as Annie cried.

"Where is he?" Annie asked.

"He went to the hospital. He took a hard hit to the back of the head but he's going to be fine. The only way he'd go get checked out is if I came here to you," Daisy told her.

"Diablo called me…" Annie sobbed, "from Jimmy's phone. I thought he was…"

"Sshh, I know. He's okay. I promise," Daisy soothed.

"I need to go to him. Please Daisy," Annie pleaded.

Daisy shook her head, "He will be here as soon as they clear him. He wants you to stay put. Luke and Marco are getting security footage from your apartment right now. He left less than fifteen minutes before we got there so they are going to try and see which direction Diablo was headed. Jimmy wants you to stay put because for all we know Diablo is sitting outside waiting on you to make a move."

Annie felt nauseas again, "I'm gonna be sick."

Maya grabbed the trash can and quickly handed it to her. Annie heaved painfully but she didn't have anything to throw up. When she was finally finished Maya looked at her closely, noticing how her eyes and cheeks were sunk in. "Annie, when is the last time you ate?"

Annie shrugged and shook her head, "Nothing stays down over ten minutes. I can't help it…I've tried."

Maya shook her head, "Have you drank?"

"Jimmy left a Gatorade on the table, but it hasn't stayed down either," Annie ran her hands over her hair. She was more worried about Jimmy than she was about herself at the moment.

"Annie, you're dehydrated, not to mention that your blood pressure is probably through the roof. Are you hurting?" Maya asked.

Of course she was hurting. Throbbing actually…but she hadn't noticed until now. "Maya I can't do this right now. I can't talk about how I'm feeling. I just…I need to talk to Jimmy." Annie's mind went back to the text messages that she had received before Diablo had actually called her. She had thought she was talking to Jimmy…she grabbed her phone to see what all she had said.

One text stuck out…he had asked about her bad dreams. Annie looked at Maya horrified. "Was anyone else able to get into your clinic last night?"

Maya thought for a moment, "I guess that it's possible. Why?"

Annie held up her phone to show her the text. "He knew about my dreams."

Daisy was confused, "What are you talking about Annie?"

"Last night…at Maya's clinic, I had dreams…nightmares actually…all night," Annie said quietly, not comfortable sharing personal information like that.

Daisy nodded, "You think he was in the clinic?"

Annie shrugged, "How else would he know?"

Maya pulled out her phone, "I will call and have the security footage pulled."

Annie's mind went back to Jimmy, particularly how close she came to losing him. "What the hell was he thinking? He knew there was a risk or he wouldn't have called for backup. He must have had his weapon drawn…I don't understand how Diablo overtook him. Why didn't he just shoot him?" She was filled with questions that only Jimmy could answer, and her fear had quickly turned to anger.

Daisy looked at her, "I'm sure it was more complicated than that Annie." Daisy knew Annie would understand once she knew the whole story but Jimmy had asked her to keep the details to a minimum so she was doing just that.

Annie shook her head, another tear escaping and gliding down her red cheek, "He could have killed him Daisy. Honestly, I don't know why he didn't." She was crying again now.

"Neither do I, but all that matters is that Jimmy's going to be okay. We will figure the rest out as we go," Daisy told her.

The ambulance finally made it to the hospital with Jimmy. His head was still spinning but all he could think about was Annie. "I really need a phone," he told one of the EMTs.

"I understand sir, but we need to get you checked out before you do anything. We can call your emergency contact if you want," the man told him.

Jimmy shook his head, "I NEED a phone. NOW!" He was starting to get irate as he was being taken from the ambulance.

"We will see what we can do," the man finally told him.

As soon as a doctor met them and the ER doors the EMT told him about Jimmy's desperation to make a phone call. The doctor nodded and turned to Jimmy. "Sir, I understand that you want to call someone, and I promise that as soon as we get you situated we will bring you a phone." The doctor took out a small flashlight and tried to check Jimmy's eyes.

Jimmy swatted at the light, "I don't think you understand doctor. You are not checking me out until I get to make a phone call."

Finally the doctor nodded, "Okay sir. Let me see what I can do." The doctor disappeared and was back a minute later with a wireless phone.

"Thank you," Jimmy said as he grabbed it and dialed Annie's number.

Daisy answered the phone. "How is she?" Jimmy asked immediately.

"Worried, hold on and I will put her on," Daisy said.

"Jimmy?" Annie asked, her voice cracking.

"Hey Boots. You doing okay?" he asked, trying to keep his emotions in check.

"No Jimmy…I'm not. Are you okay? What the hell happened?" she cried.

"I'm fine. I just have to get checked out really quick and then I will be there. Don't worry though…I'm fine." Jimmy took a breath, "I lost my cell phone so I couldn't call you sooner"

"Yea…I know," Annie said simply. "He…he called me Jimmy. I thought you were…" she couldn't finish.

"Boots…I'm fine. Really. I'm gonna let the doctors do their tests and then I will be there. You concentrate on staying calm and taking care of yourself and my baby until I get there okay?"

Annie took a breath to try and stop more tears from coming, "Okay."

"Let me talk to Daisy for a minute," Jimmy said.

Annie handed the phone to Daisy. "Yea Jimmy," she said into the phone.

"Daisy, she said he called her. I'm sure she didn't think to see if Bouf could trace it," Jimmy told her.

"I'm on it Jimmy," she said.

"How is she really? Is she hurting?" he asked.

Daisy sighed, "Honestly Jimmy…I'm not sure. Maya is here though. You just get checked out and I will call Luke and Marco and tell one of them to pick you up in little while."

After Jimmy disconnected he turned back to the doctor. "How long as this going take doc?"

The doctor shrugged and pulled his light back out. He checked Jimmy's eyes, "Your pupils are equal and reactive. I want to get a CT scan just to be safe and on account of how long you were out I would really like to keep you here for observation for a few hours…but I see that last part may be a problem. Tell you what…if the scan looks good and you aren't experiencing anymore dizziness I will release you if you promise to come back if you have any problems."

Jimmy nodded, "That sounds good…let's get started."

Back in the bunks Daisy was telling Bouf about the phone call and that he should be ready to trace any more calls that Annie may receive. He went on his way to see about tracing the call she had already received.

Daisy walked back over to find Maya with her little ultrasound machine out. Annie was quiet, but there was something about her that was making Daisy uneasy. Daisy also noticed how worried Maya looked. "Is something wrong Maya?"

Maya looked to Daisy and shrugged a little, walking over to her so that she could speak without Annie overhearing. "I'm just surprised that she's not in a substantial amount of pain at the moment. Considering how much stress she has went through in the last hour or so, and that's usually when the pain flares up"

"She's probably in shock," Daisy said. "She's never been this close to losing him before. It's usually her that takes the stupid risks and nearly gets herself killed."

Annie sat up in the bed with her back against the wall. Her stomach was in a huge knot and the pain from earlier had tripled. She was doing good at hiding it though. The last thing she needed right now is for Maya and Daisy to know she was hurting. If something was wrong with Jimmy and they didn't release him she was going to him come hell or high water. She knew they could stop her, and they would if they knew about the pain. But she also knew she could throw a big enough fit that they would let her go as long as they thought she wasn't hurting.

Daisy sat down beside her, "Annie, are you okay? Can I get you anything?"

Annie shook her head, "I'm fine," she said shortly.

"How about pain…are you hurting?" Maya asked.

"No," she said a little too quickly.

Maya sighed, "Annie, don't lie to me. I see how tense you are. I'll make you a deal. You tell me the truth, and if Jimmy has to stay overnight I will personally take you to him, even if you are hurting."

Annie was shocked on how Maya had figured her out so quickly. She still stuck with her lie a moment longer, "I'm fine Maya…really."

Maya pursed her lips and shook her head, "No…you're stubborn. You may be able to hide from everyone else, but I see pain every day. There aren't many people who can hide it like you, but I have seen a few. I can see it in your eyes, in the way you subtly clench your jaw, the way you rock back and forth every few minutes. It's my job to notice these things, just like it's your job to try and hide them. We are both great at our jobs, which is why I know that you are hurting pretty damn bad right now. Otherwise, these subtle signs wouldn't be there at all."

Annie slowly nodded after a few seconds, "Okay, but it's really not that bad. It's the endometriosis, I'm pretty sure. It's been building up all day."

Maya turned on her small machine, "Let's check it out and make sure." She applied some gel to the small wand and Annie laid down and raised her t-shirt. Maya looked at the cyst and then listened to the baby's heartbeat before she smiled, "The cyst look to still be sealed up, and this little one's heart is beating perfectly. Annie, right now everything looks great. That doesn't mean you're off the hook yet though. We are going to stick with the bed rest for a few days and make sure everything stays like it is now. As for the endo pain, there's not much I can do and I hate that. I don't like that you're hurting at all."

Annie shook her head, "I can handle it. I'm use to it by now."

Maya's phone rang suddenly. She flipped it open after glancing at the caller id. "Hello…yea I'm with her…she's fine and the baby's fine, she's hurting but it's not the cyst it's the endometriosis…okay that's great, thanks so much for calling." Maya hung up and looked to Annie and Daisy, "That was Natalie, she heard that Jimmy was in the ER and checked on him. She said he was worried about you so she called to check on you for him. She also said that his scan was rushed and came back clean so after about an hour of observation he should be headed here. She told his doctor that she and I would keep an eye on him. He is going to need to be woken up every few hours tonight and checked, just as a safety precaution. His pupils needs checked and he will need to answer a few simple questions."

Daisy nodded, "I can stay and handle that."

"I can do it Daisy, I'll be here anyways," Annie said. She really just wanted it to be her and Jimmy. She needed to be able to fall apart in his arms. She needed to feel him against her, to feel him hold her. She didn't like showing how vulnerable she felt, especially in front of anyone but Jimmy.

Daisy smiled, "I think you need to rest as much as does. I don't have anything better to do anyways."

Maya cut in, "I really think that's a good idea Annie. If something was to happen with you or with Jimmy and you need to get to the hospital, someone needs to be here to drive."

Annie finally nodded. She knew she wasn't going to win this argument so she may as well give up now. Her stomach was still in knots and a little on the queasy side and her head was starting to hurt, probably from the lack of food. She ran a shaky hand through her hair and laid down onto the bed.

Maya noticed her shakiness and went back to her bag. She pulled out a bag of IV fluids and came back to the bed. "I'm gonna hook you up on some fluids since you can't keep anything down. It will help for now but I still want you to try and eat every time you feel up to it."

Annie nodded and closed her eyes as Maya stuck her with the needle. All she wanted at the moment was to see Jimmy. She was so tired but she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep until he was here with her. 'One more hour', she thought to herself. She would just have to keep it together one more hour and then he would be here and hold her and tell her everything would be okay.

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